Quentin McAllan
Middling height, sturdy build, white hair and beard, clear grey eyes. Usually dressed in rough leather hunting costume. Superb rifle shot and effective with revolver and hunting knife. Expert tracker. Fluent in Coastal and Desert Indigene and can make himself understood in Lacustral.
Came to Marland when a youth about 40 years ago in the earliest days of the colony. Made a sparse living by hunting and guiding and trading with the Indigenes ever since. Known and respected by most Coastal and Desert Indigenes and even some of the Fierce Firth Folk, mainly the older chiefs. Served in the First Lakeland Expedition and got them safely across the desert and back. Thereby known to a handful of the senior Lakeland leaders. Devout Scots Presbyterian and also knows Scots legends and folklore. Known to sing ballads etc.