James Urquhart
Senior Airman (E-4 USAF, active) James Urquhart, 58th Rescue Squadron Nellis AFB Las Vegas, Nevada

Born:  October 19, 1996 at Seattle Grace Hospital in Seattle, Washington

Parents:  Sergeant (E-5 USMC, retired) Jacob Williams , Krystal Urquhart (deceased)

Height:  6'0"  Weight:  163#  Hair:  Brown  Eyes:  Brown

James broke with his family's tradition of service by enlisting in the Air Force instead of the Marines like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him.  He's had no contact with his father other than a few visits before the Glasgow Incident (though he knows little about his father's work with INTERPOL and nothing about the events leading up to Glasgow).  His parents separated when he was 7 after his father was placed on administrative leave from the Bossier City Police Department following a nasty but inconclusive investigation into a bizarre incident that occurred at a retirement party for a fellow officer.  His father was recruited by INTERPOL for a special taskforce shortly after.  James had hoped for his parents to reconcile and that they'd get back together after they'd had some time to sort things out but their relationship deteriorated further until they officially divorced shortly before the Incident.

James grew to resent his father's absence afterward, even though they had been extremely close before Jacob left for Scotland.  This resentment led him to have his last name legally changed from Williams to Urquhart, his mother's maiden name.  Though James and his mother remained close with his grandparents (Thomas and Patricia Williams), Jacob's complete absence combined with the heated argument Jacob and Krystal had shortly before left a wound that couldn't heal.

On his 17th birthday, James signed his enlistment papers and shipped off to Lackland AFB a week after graduating high school.  He finished BMT at the top of his flight and started "Superman School" immediately after.  He further distinguished himself both in training and in his first deployment, he earned both the Bronze Star and Combat Medical Badge for his role in saving the lives of marines critically wounded in an ambush in Syria.

James is self-confident and reliable, but reserved except around his closest friends.  He recently lost his mother to an aggressive cancer and has taken some leave to visit his family in Louisiana.