Howard Rorn
Howard Rorn is a "fake psychic" who was working for the police in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Born in DC, he moved to Colorado Springs when he was 21, after dropping out of college. For the next 8 years, he bounced from job to job, being everything from a cashier and waiter, to a secretary for a psychiatrists office, to private security for a hospital.

He has an eidetic memory, trained from a young age by his father, an accountant, to be hyper-observant. However, he had a natural talent for it that he maintained well into his adulthood. He began his work unofficially, by calling in various tips about crimes committed in the areas around Colorado Springs that led, more often than not, to an arrest and airtight conviction. After the police ask him to come in one day, they revealed that he was a suspect in a number of these cases. Their reasoning was that he had information that was too good, too specific, to be explained by mere observation. To avoid being arrested, he frantically claimed to be psychic, and "proves it" by showing the police that a man they have in their waiting room is guilty of vandalizing his ex's car by showing them shards of taillight plastic in his boot; in reality, he watched the man surreptitiously brush it off of his sleeve, and accidentally down his boot. They bought it, reluctantly, and did not press charges. However, if they ever found out he was a fake, he'd be prosecuted as an accomplice in these crimes (assuming the statute of limitations isn't up) and for obstruction of justice. Having committed to the act, he opened an agency, and worked for the Colorado Springs PD for 5 years. He specialized in solving impossible-seeming murders and break-ins.

One day, he encountered a case that he simply could not solve: a rich, paranoid local man was strangled in his panic room, with no signs of a struggle or a break-in, no DNA, and all the security tapes showing that no-one had entered or left the house in days. His inability to solve the case led to a depression, and he closed up his agency and moved across the country to DC, working as an accountant with his father. However, his name was flagged on the ITU's list as a possible paranormal, and they approached him about joining to help investigate paranormal happenings.

Born September 16, 1984, he is 34 years old, 5'8", and weighs about 170 lbs, not overly attractive but not ugly. Aside from his eidetic memory, he learned to be a good shot with a pistol after a criminal he put away broke out of prison to try and kill him. His agility is also pretty good, too. He has a flair for the dramatic and theatrical, and prefers to deflect with humor in serious situations.