Alias: Xolotl
Secret Identity: Garcia?
Age: 30s.
Gender: Fluid (They/Them unless otherwise stated)
Occupation: Supervillian
Theme: The Snake in Dallas

Who is Xolotl? Now that is the question. Known in the criminal underground as a stout, well dressed man in a luchador mask, they take on numerous personas (both men and women) in the field. They are commonly known for being Fantasma's current arch rival, and Xolotl has a nasty habit of slipping away in the nick of time. Both the HPD and Fantasma Co. are baffled by who Xolotl is and why they are being such a nuisance. Whoever they are, they are most certainty (a little) insane. You would have to be to face the city's mightiest heroes with nothing but your brains and brawn. Although, they seem to have weaved a very intricate web of spies and informants to help them with their numerous schemes. Mostly involving the public humiliation of Fantasma's not-so-secret identity, Anthony Cortez. For this cause, Xolotl spares no expense. They are quite the showman and fancies themselves Houston's Top Supervillian.