Alias: Babylon. GM.
Secret Identity: Lewis LaBelle
Age: Late 30s.
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Occupation: Entrepreneur + Scientist
Theme: Delta

Babylon Technologies was started by the robotics prodigy, Lewis LaBelle, who made a name for himself designing prosthetic limbs. After finding success at MIT, he moved back to Houston and opened the Babylon Laboratories to continue his research. Since, Babylon has grown into a Multi-Billion dollar company, catapulting Lewis to stardom. He is, however, from New Money, making him a black sheep among Houston's High Society. It might also have something to do with him refusing to play by the rules. Both he and Babylon remain controversial in the media, some praising the him for radical business practices, while his fellow capitalists remain weary. He lost his legs to a childhood illness and now sports prosthetic limbs of his own design. He currently leads a small, private team of Super Heroes. While on missions, he goes by the code name, GM.