Theme: Sound of Da Police

Recent advancements in technology and weapons manufacturing has made the HPDs grip on the city tighter. They get hand-me-downs from the Military seasonally, meaning its not uncommon to see armored vehicles roaming the streets, packed full of enough fire arms to put the local Wal*Mart to shame. Any Hero worth their salt has an understanding with the HPD. And any who step out of line are looked upon with the utmost ire. Their personal "Hero" is loose cannon, Detective Frank, who doesn't play by the rules.

Affiliated Heroes

Detective Frank
Secret Identity: Frank
Age: 40s
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Occupation: Police Detective
Theme: She’s a Lady

The name's Frank. Just Frank. He doesn't wear a costume because that shit's gay. His badge is the only uniform he needs, and his trusty side kick is a shot gun named Blanche. He's the guy the HPD calls when the SWAT teams fail and the city's Villains need a good, flashy beat down. He's gotten into some trouble in the past, his methods a little extreme, even for the HPD. But those who are fans utterly adore him, making it hard to tell him no. His claim to fame is beating the Super Villain, Dark Knight, to death. Certain demographics find his way of crime fighting endearing. While he's found himself in a courtroom on numerous occasions, he's yet faced any legal repercussions. So long as he's on the HPD's good side, it's likely to stay that way.