Mariko 'Malun' Lunesby
Bio: Japanese-American girl who has skipped grades to be a junior in High School at the age of 13. She lives in a doublewide trailer with her father, Marcus Lunesby, a would-be mad scientist and well known conspiracy theorist who builds weird stuff on his lot and has lots of visits from the police about strange lights and sounds. Marcus manages to do enough independent troubleshooting and fix-it jobs to keep the lights on, but they eat a lot of instant ramen and needless to say he can't afford to get his daughter the kind of education that her gifts clearly deserve. But they make do with what they have until he invents something truly awesome that will change the world. Should be right around the corner.
(Malun's mother got tired of waiting for the world changing invention that never came and exhausted of the various other ~issues~ surrounding Marcus. She left to go back to Japan to be with her family 5 years ago, losing the very bitterly fought custody battle for Mariko)

Description: Small, even for her age, Malun still manages to stand out due to her...distinctive style. Wearing over-sized glasses(she doesn't need them to see, but they have "other functions" she will laugh mysteriously about without ever explaining) and a lab coat she has personally trimmed down to her size and embroidered cartoon dragons on over whatever brightly colored outfit of the day she's chosen makes her rather hard to miss. Perhaps the most distinctive thing of all is her "Portable Console", a keyboard and trackpad converted into a heavy bracer she wears on her left arm. According to her, it functions as a full computer she can carry around with her. Sure, it has no visual display, but a genius like her doesn't need to see her screen to know what's on it.

In school she carries a "Beakman's World" backpack with just her boring school supplies, but outside of school she lugs around a re-purposed gym bag that is WAY too heavy for her, full of the latest experiments, tech books she's reading, her stuffed dragon "Mega Bite" and God only knows what else.