Garret Blake
Two years ago Garrett Blake was a very different kid. Coming from a single-parent home with an absent dad and a pile of problems, he was an acne-ridden ball of rage and delinquency. He was involved with the Black Diamonds, somehow. Or at least they know him, and don't like him.

You'd never guess it now. Maybe it was the athletics. He ditched almost all his extra-circular shenanigans at some point freshman year, started obsessively hitting the gym and going up for everything he could try out for. He shot up several inches sophomore year, the acne cleared up, and the fights became more sporadic.

The summer between Sophomore and Junior year was very kind. Garrett is now a tall, athletic boy with dark eyes and brown hair he wears cut short. Strong arms. Thin waist. Broad shoulders and a smile that's somehow warm and a little too focused for comfort. He plays baseball and football, and keeps himself absurdly busy with... things. It's hard to say? He's sort of a social floater. Blends anywhere, but doesn't really fit any one spot, being too detached for some, too intense for others.

And of course, some of that bad reputation just wont come off.