July Coates
July was an awkward kid. She hit her first growth spurt in third grade, and has towered over all the other girls in her year since. Cripplingly shy and riddled with anxiety, she simply did her best to keep her head down and bring home the straight A's her parents expected.

In fourth grade, her school offered an orchestra program, and July's parents pushed her into playing cello. To their delight, July took to music like a fish to water. As her natural talent was nurtured, she found a small measure of confidence.

Middle school brought even more pressure from her parents to excel, but it also brought Noel Meza, a drummer, and her new best friend. Bonding over a shared passion for music, he introduced her to the ska-punk scene that quickly consumed her whole world. His older brother generously gifted her a bass guitar, and July fell in love. Practically inseparable, the pair spent every moment of July's (admittedly limited) free time together. Through Noel, July finally found her people and started making friends. Emboldened by her favorite music, she faked a bubbly confidence that eventually became almost real.

In their sophomore year, Noel and July put together a band, The Shoulda Woulda Couldas. July's parents were indulgent--and exceedingly clear that should her grades slip or her extra-curriculars suffer, they would revoke that support. So far, July has managed to balance the workload of her honors classes, track, orchestra, and her band, but that pressure has driven a wedge between July and her parents. They expect her to go to a good college and put her music behind her. July is counting down the days to graduation so she and her band can move to LA to try and make it big.

At six foot tall, July has given up on trying to fade into the background. She bleached out her bangs to platinum blonde, and her wardrobe features lots of plaid pants and skirts, overall shorts, flannel, cropped band shirts, and, of course, her trusty checkerboard vans. July is known for her relentless cheer and is well liked in her circles, making friends wherever she goes.