Whitney Zabka-Cabot
Whitney Zabka-Cabot is the third son in a family whose wealth is exceeds the age and clout of some countries. His sister, the eldest child, has already begun her ascension to becoming the Head of the family in both standing and businessmen. His older brother, a middle child who refused to be overshadowed, is now attending law school with an eye to politics. Status, influence, and money secure, Mr. and Mrs. Zabka-Cabot have groomed their third son into a trophy. More accurately perhaps, they have raised a trophy winner.

From the moment he could walk, Master Whitney has been trained in every Olympic sport that shows off individual talent. For his part, the young boy relished in every challenge. Learning early on the failure led only to greater challenges, and the success was sweeter for it. Physically and mentally, he was pushed. One thought above all else, that his means meant he had greater standards. Whitney carried the weight of great expectations.

His family decided, in their lavishly eccentric fashion, that he was to not only spend his high school years preparing to qualify and enter the Olympics, but also to attend a public school. His family prided themselves on patronage, charities, and the progressive power they possessed. True wealth does not forget its roots.

Whitney has only two people in town whom he cares about. His butler and parental figure, Woolworth. And July, a peer who reached out to him despite his temperament. Raphael his horse, is also a notable companion. In return, Raphael is loyal to the next sugar cube.

In a word, Whitney is Haughty. Duty bound and relishing self improvement.