The White Council
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General Description

The White Council is a large worldwide organization of human wizards, and is seen as their governing body.

It is controlled by the Senior Council. The goal of the White Council is to protect mankind from the abuses of magic as outlined in the Laws of Magic.

The Council began as an advisory body to the Roman Senate until the Fall of Rome, when the Original Merlin founded it in order to prevent a situation where multiple wizard kings would fight each other constantly.

A number of formal roles exist within the Council, some of which are more secretive than others. These roles were assigned as the Council grew, in order to fulfill a particular need.


------- Senior Council -------

The Senior Council is the ruling body of the White Council. In theory the Senior Council is comprised of seven of the oldest wizards in the White Council. When a member dies, the next several eldest members of the White Council are put forth as candidates and one is selected to join. In practice this tenet is not always held to. Political skill and personal connections among the White Council might also be an important and unwritten requirement.

The Merlin is the leader of the Senior Council. When members of the Senior Council are absent without declaring a proxy, the Merlin is endowed with their votes. The position is named after the wizard who founded the Council.

The Gatekeeper is a position in the White Council. The Gatekeeper's job is to scan warriors returning through the Outer Gates for infection with Nemesis or other influences. In this position, he works closely with the Faerie. The details of the position are not widely known in the Council; most consider the Outer Gates a metaphor.

------- Blackstaff -------

Not a ranking in the Senior Council, nor an official position within the White Council, the Blackstaff is the sole person who can violate at his own judgement any of the Laws of Magic without retribution. The Blackstaff is also the keeper and wielder of a special staff, the Blackstaff, after which the position is named.

------- Wardens -------

The Council's police force for wizards and practitioners. During times of war, they are considered a military branch of the Council.

------- Wizards -------

A Wizard is a practitioner exhibiting the fullest range of magical abilities known to mortals. They are considered to be the upper levels of power in comparison to mortals.

Although they make up the majority, a Wizard has to have a certain level of power and ability to become a member of the Council.