Valfreyja Odinsdottir
Name: Valfreyja Vanir Odinsdottir
Apparent Age: 30-something
Actual Age: 200-something
Occupation: Monoc Security Consultant
Current Assignment: Covert Surveillance, Employed by the White Court
Height: 6 ft 1 inch
Distinguishing Features: Small scar by left eye.

Appearance: This is a tall, lithe woman, who clearly keeps herself in good shape. She has what could be called "Nordic Beauty" - a well chiselled set of cheekbones, and a set of dimples that seem utterly incongruous on such a sculpted, almost aristocratic face. Her hair looks like it probably falls in loose curls when let to hang freely, but is usually tied back in a complex French plait. Her outfits tend towards expensive business suits, but they are worn in a manner that could easily conceal one or more weapons. She often carries a briefcase, and a pair of frameless spectacles occasionally balance on her nose. Her voice is rather low for a lady, but not low enough to make her gender in question. She walks with firm purpose, and exudes a confidence and charisma that implies that she knows her own mind, her own abilities, and is not afraid to use both whenever necessary.

Personality: Valfreyja is best described as a Cool Cucumber. She seldom gets angry, and her usual expression is one of almost serene calm. She shows very few emotions, although her speech is often flavoured with some exceptionally dry humour. When working, she is the consumate professional, efficient, crisp, and calm. It is not that she feels no emotion - she does, as much as anyone else. She has simply trained herself to appear confident and collected, as a true professional always should.

Assumed Powers:
Superhuman Resilience
Inhuman Strength
Rune Magic
Valkyrie Combat Abilities