Tereza Raith

The Basics

Name: Tereza Raith
 Nickname: 'Tez
 Species: White Court Vampire
 Gender: Female
 Age: 28

The Physical

Height: 5'8"
 Weight: 125 lb
 Hair Color: Dark brown
 Eye Color: Blue
 Distinguishing Features: A pair of magnificent, sparkling and hypnotic... eyes

 Physical Description: Tereza is tall for a woman and built like a the best features of the last ten years of Playboy Bunnies all rolled into one package.  She is lithe, slender and athletic yet her body is curvaceous almost to the point of voluptuous. Her brilliant blue eyes gaze out on the world with amusement, curiosity and a sultry, burning hunger that can be masked but not permanently concealed as the Need takes her.

Her long dark hair flows in luxurious, shining waves down to the middle of her back.  She always seems to be perfectly groomed with just a tiny hint of makeup to polish what her nature as a White Court Vampire has perfected.  Tereza moves with the grace of a ballet dancer and the sensuousity of a stripper.  She exudes a sense of sensuality that runs far deeper than mere lust but rather affects something integral to both male and female.  While she can restrain or mask the influence of her Demon ultimately she is a creature of power and eroticism combined with an open curiosity and desire to experience life.

 Alternate Form Description: In combat Tereza is a blur of death and destruction.

Under The Hood

Personality: 'Tez is fairly newly found to her heritage as a White Court Vampire and so is still developing her attitudes to life and the herd around her.  Still young both in life and her heritage she is curious and adventurous.  Terza is starting to gain an appreciation for the bulk of humanity as prey but she is still close enough to her own unturned attitudes to have considerable respect for human life and free will. She abhors violence and overt coercion and would rather feed carefully when she can to maintain control of her Hunger.

She enjoys jokes, comedy and intelligence rather than cleverness at the expense of others.  Still a Vampire she must feed her Demon and regards herself as somewhat above the bulk of humanity.  The desire to Feed and the lusts that go with it are still a struggle for her as she learns to cope with her desires and yet maintain some degree of humanity herself.

  Goals: Survive and thrive as a newly created vampire in the larger world.  Prove to her sister and father that she is strong, capable and worthy of respect and a place at the family table.  Experience life in the Big Apple and take in all the physical, sexual and intellectual pleasures that the city has to offer.  Learn more of the wider world of Wizards, Fey and other creatures.  Find out just who she is and who she will be within the limits of her heritage as a Vampire.

  Fears: Turning into a mindless, callous killer like the Black Court Vampires or a sadistic and manipulative killer like the Red Court Vampires.  Losing control of her Demon and her Hunger.  Being found weak and unworthy by her family.

Society Info

  Length Of Time In New York: 12 months

  Occupation: Small scale actress off Broadway in musicals; Chef de Partie in a large French restaurant

  Organizations/Factions:  Tereza is a loyal member of the White Court and her family although she has largely cut off contact since coming to New York

  1. What are you doing in New York, and how have you fared since arriving?
  Answer: Tereza is in New York to experience life away from her family and their influence to better understand who she is and how she will come to grips with her Hunger.  She wants to be involved in a huge mass of people and magical creatures of all sorts to see not only if she can handle it but learn how she will live the rest of her life.  Tereza has thrived in the culture and passions of the city although she struggled mightily at first both fitting into the busy pace of life and culture as well as with the dangers of the magical inhabitants.