Sally Martinez
Name: Sally Anne Martinez
Nickname: Sam
Species: Werebear... there bear...
Gender: Female
Age: 27-32

The Physical
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 186
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: blue
Distinguishing Features: Her eyes - they seem to reflect her mood, growing darker when she's angry lighter when she's amused.  Other than that, she tries to look as undistinguished as possible.

Physical Description:
Sam is on the large side of things, but not too large.  She tends to dress in loose-fitting clothes that help confuse her size.  She is muscular, but it's clear she loves food.

Alternate Form Description:
if it is possible for a bear to look sardonic, that would be Sam.  She looks like a very well fed brown bear.

Under The Hood
Personality: Sam is easy going, slow to anger and prefers sarcasm to aggressive behavior.  She seems laconic almost oblivious to people's reaction to her, but she has a very keen sense of the ridiculous.  If something big and bad shows up, she'll opt to first try and serve it something to eat-- failing that she'll sit on them.

Goals: Make a living and keep the peace in her neighborhood.

Fears: Losing control - not being able to do her job.
Mundane Skills: Good listener.  Barrista, cooking

Powers: Can become a bear and sit on people.

Vulnerabilities: Small, not aggressive, tries to avoid conflict - has a weakness for the underdog/smaller guy.  Sucker for a sad story.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York: 10 years.

Occupation: Barista

Organizations/Factions: Neighborhood watch