Katherine Leukai

The Basics

Name: Katherine Leukai
Nickname: Kat
Species: White Court Virgin
Gender: Female
Age: 35

The Physical

Height: 5'8
Weight: 135lb
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey/Green
Distinguishing Features: Pale skin, noir style, phoenix tattoo on her back.

Physical Description:
Kat generally gives the impression that she could have stepped off a catwalk somewhere, her slender frame is made to look even taller than her recorded height of 5'8" by four inch heels. Although a good portion of the supernatural community are still taller or at least larger than her, Kat projects and aura of confidence and seems capable of looking down on someone who towers over her by a foot or more. Her skin is pale but never seems to burn, indeed it struggles to take on more than the faintest hint of a tan even in the warmest of summers.
Kat's dark hair is long, falling almost to her waist, but she keeps it braided much of the time – the plait twisted and pinned to keep it away from her neck and shoulders. The sun picks out blue highlights in among the raven tresses and any adornments tend toward silver or sapphire blue to enhance the colouring. Her eyes have a hint of green to them which shows in the right light, or when she is happy. In quiet or thoughtful moods they tend towards darker shades, and anger turns them palest silvery grey.
In terms of fashion, she leans towards a vintage style, a mix of '20s 'modern' and '40s screen siren – in fact she has been heard to cite Katharine Hepburn as one of her icons and inspirations. She certainly does not seem afraid to show skin, often wearing backless or low cut dresses which show an intricate phoenix design tattooed across her back.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York:
Kat grew up in LA but moved to New York around 15 years ago. She took over the running of the Paper Tiger 8 years ago (although the deeds to the place are in the family’s name, not hers) and made it a priority to seek Accorded Neutral status, succeeding three years ago. She is quite a well-known face both as the manager of the bar and a relatively skilled potion maker.

Bar owner and alchemist. Technically the manager of the Paper Tiger, Kat still spends some time behind the bar. It runs as a rather bohemian coffee shop and bar at the front, attracting artists of all stripes – the downstairs portion, accessed from either a secondary doorway or a well glamoured trick bookcase from the building’s speakeasy days, is reserved for supernatural clientele.