Name: Wolf
Nickname: Marrok Blumenthal (Alias)
Species: Spring Knight, Classic Werewolf
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Age: Estimates he was born sometime in the 1700s, since the first century he served as the Spring Knight was the height of his notoriety. In the mortal realm, he appears to be in his early 20s.

The Physical

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray

Distinguishing Features:

Without a glamour, Wolf's mortal face is heavily scared. The scars appear to have been made with a knife, and stretch from Wolf's mouth, over his nose and stop just under his eye. One particularly nasty scar has torn away a part of Wolf's lip, exposing a sharp canine underneath.

Physical Description:

Wolf's appearance has changed since crossing the boarder between the Spring Kingdom and the mortal one. Wolf looks no older than he did when he left, a handsome youth with long, black hair. He does, however, look touched by the wild now. His black hair is untamed and free growing, his body hair left unchecked, giving him a faint mustache and thick eye brows. At first glance, this wild man is not what comes to mind for a Spring Knight. Yet there is something fair and delicate about Wolf's dangerous looks. Like a vibrant rose covered in thorns. Wolf cleans up well, when he has the mind to, but finds it bothersome. Wolf still retains some of his vanity and will usually hide his scars behind a glamour. If he doesn’t clean himself, plants and animals try to make a home of him

Alternate Form Description:

Wolf's form seems to have changed in the Nevernever along with his self-perception, a side effect of spending years deep in the wylds, dinning on magical beasts like an animal. Wolf has become a svelte man with piercing gray eyes and graying hair. After all this time, his facial scars remain. When he lets go of what humanity he has left, and gives in to the lusts of a beast, he takes his truest form: a monstrous wolf. He usually hunts with the pelt of a wolf draped over him, and the armor gifted to him by King Oberon has a wolf's face molded into the helmet.

Under The Hood


Wolf was once a kind and vibrant youth who's been hardened by tragedy and necessity. That is not to say Wolf is without his charms. While the man is certainly uncouth and possesses little manors, Wolf is witty enough to make good conversation. So long as you don't mind the crasser joys in life. Wolf treasures his isolation, but he is not without social needs. He's just not the best at them. Often Wolf comes off as tactless and for all the walls he's put up to protect himself, he disregards the boundaries of others. Although Wolf makes social missteps often, he is genuinely remorseful when his jaded words and actions hurt others. Having disappeared in the Nevernever when he was in his early 20s, he still retains a youthful wonder for things, especially considering most mortal technology and customs are beyond his understanding. For all his curiosity and excitement, Wolf hides it behind a thick layer of cynicism.

Wolf no longer cares about silly things like beauty, temperance or likability. Those things never won him anything but tragedy. His only care is preserving his personal happiness and his true self, no matter how ugly, loud or opinionated. He takes great pride in his skill and is too competitive for his own good. Once Wolf starts feeling himself, it's hard to reign that pride back in. He is also a terrible loser, and doesn't know when to quit. His amazing stamina might be run on spite alone. Wolf is certainly rough around the edges, but he has had to sacrifice a lot to obtain the power to protect himself and the things he cares about. And what he cares about may be more than he lets on. Perhaps there is a white knight in there, after all.


Find the Heir of Spring and convince them to return to the Spring Court. Hopefully before any of the other courts interfere...


Wolf hates feeling trapped, be it under the pressure of duty, or more literal prisons. Such as becoming lost in the mortal world or loosing himself to The Wolf. In its own way, even his Knighthood is an imprisonment he often finds contempt with.


Mundane Skills:

The Huntsman - Since becoming trapped in the enchanted forest of the Spring Kingdom, Wolf has resorted to hunting game to survive. But this is no ordinary forest, but one filled with terrible beasts and monstrous Wyld fae. Wolf's stealth, athleticism and iron clad wits have allowed him to flourish where most mortals would meet their doom. Even though Wolf is very slender and not overtly strong, he uses his agility to his advantage in most situations. Just like a true wolf, you usually don't see him coming until its too late.


Classic Werewolf - Living off the flesh of fae beasts, as well as living in the Spring Kingdom for centuries has morphed Wolf. Desperation and survival gave Wolf a feral side, which manifested itself in Wolf's true form, over time. In the world of the Fae, and other realms rich with magic, he can take the form of a large and powerful wolf, at will. This power is somewhat diminished while in the mortal realm. He does, however, retain the traits of a wolf, including an impeccable sense of smell, hearing and sometimes… fleas.

Spring Knight - Wolf is able to perform magic that fits Spring's essential nature: Growth, Change, Restlessness, Air and Lust. Wolf is also imbued with spring magic. So long as his feet are upon soil, grass grows and flowers bloom where he walks (the concrete sidewalks of New York are a blessing, though when his power surges, plants may burst through the cracks). Animals are drawn to him and are more willing to do his bidding, his most loyal familiars being canines. Wolf can also perform minor miracles without much preparation, like casting subtle glamours. His voice is laced with a certain... charm. Sensitive creatures (especially werewolves) may notice he gives off an otherworldly pheromone. Not quite animal. Not quite flower. Spring magic seems to flow best through song, able to cast vales over the eyes of mortals, monsters and fae alike with music and weaved words. Woe is anyone around him with allergies.


Mortal World - Oberon's waning power is even weaker across the boarder. New York, a vast concrete jungle, is also a difficult place for the power of spring to take root. Being in the mortal world also affects Wolf's form. On top of returning to the body he first left with, all those centuries ago, it is also more difficult for him to control his wolf transformation. He can no longer turn into the great monster feared throughout the Wylds, only plain wolves and dogs. Usually scraggly ones at that. If bolstered with magic, he may be able to reclaim some of the power he possessed while in the Spring Kingdom.

King Oberon - Much of Wolf's power comes from the King of Spring, Oberon. His power, which fades more every day, is intimately linked to Wolf's. Without him, Wolf will loose his Knighthood, and all the powers associated with it.

Transmongrification - There is no one person to blame for Wolf's curse. It was simply the potent magic of the Spring Kingdom, a magic imbued with change and rebirth, one that consumes the souls of mortals who wander into its clutches. Wolf fears that the wild beasts that roam the Neverever were once mortals too, but have since lost their minds and their humanity. While Wolf has so far kept this permanent transformation at bay, the curse has already taken root in his soul.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York: Day one and I already hate it.

Occupation: I am a hunter and a knight, but your every day Joe just thinks I'm a dirty bum.

Organizations/Factions: The Spring Court and I suppose the Summer Court by association. I feel most at home amoung the Wyld fae. They know when to leave me the fuck alone.


1. What are you doing in New York, and how have you fared since arriving?
This place is ugly, smells bad, and the metal death carriages are worse than ever.

2. You've just spotted a human getting mugged across the street. Before you can react, the victim suddenly begins to shift, changing into what can only be described as a werewolf and assaults the mugger. What do you do?
If I'm feeling kind, I'll subdue the werewolf with a song. Hopefully I can snag the wallet in the struggle. I'm dying to try one of these "Big Macs" I've heard of.

3. You've been accused of a crime you didn't commit, and are currently being interrogated by one of New York's finest. How do you go about convincing them of your innocence or, if all else fails, breaking free?
Play dumb. I'm just a bum, after all. What would I know? My charmed babbling will likely turn the interrogation in my favor.

4. What does your day-to-day look like? What can you be found doing on an average day?
I used to spend my days tending to my cabin and prowling the forest for the next hunt. Now, I hunt in the concrete jungle, but my methods, and the result, will be the same...

The Juicy Bits


Once Upon a Time, Wolf was a mortal. With the waning of the Spring Kingdom’s power, the boarder between the mortal world and the Nevernever becomes thinner and thinner.  Like many poor souls before him, Wolf was a foolish youth who wandered in the woods one day, only never to return. Yet this young man, who had turned his back on the world of humans, came to embrace the land of rebirth, and it’s monstrous wylds. With enough time and solitude, Wolf would have been lost forever, permanently transforming into a beast of the twisted realm. But he saw himself in his prey’s feral eyes, and wondered if they had been a lost, mortal soul, like him. And he feared for his future. Wolf chose to retain his humanity, and built a cabin to lead a peaceful life in. Still, the kingdom's primal song called to him so long as he stayed.

Wolf could not hide forever, even in the sparse Spring Kingdom. Tales of a mysterious huntsman and a wolf, larger and fiercer than any other, spread among the Wyld and Spring fae. These rumors eventually reached the King of Spring, Oberon. Such a creature, unbound to any court, could only lead to trouble. Wolf was summoned to the Spring Court and offered a deal. Wolf could hunt the Spring Kingdom's wylds, and live among the fae. However, he must pledge his loyalty to the Spring Court and to Oberon. Wolf reluctantly agreed and was given the Mantel of Spring. Forever more, he would be the Spring Knight, enforcer of Oberon's will.

There was a time where Wolf was an active agent for the King, traversing between the ever changing mortal realm and his wild kingdom in the name of his lord. They were often petty quests, for the fallen king did little more with his power than entertain himself. The Spring Court was not what it once was, and as the centuries past, their power continued to wain. For many years, Wolf was left alone, no mission or cause calling him back to the mortal world. Then, one day, Wolf received the call.

Oberon's son, Herne the Stag, was slain in the mortal world, leaving the Spring Court without an Heir. But there was one hope. An heir still existed in the mortal realm. Oberon had laid with a human woman, a secret he kept from the fairy Queens, else incur their wrath. The changeling was meant to remain hidden, but now that Herne was dead, the power of the Heir would have been passed on to this child. Finally, after all these years, Wolf had a quest, find the Heir of Spring in the concrete jungle known as New York.

The Spring Court:

King Oberon - Ruler of the Spring Court.

Herne the Stag - Former Heir to the Spring Court. Deceased.

Amalthea - Court Lady and warden of the Spring Territories. Deceased.

Song: Young Bride