Ferrovax is a dragon. He is also known as Mr. Ferro.

Appearing as a man of indefinite years, his eyes are an odd, deep green. He likes to wear Armor to parties because chicks dig it. However, being a Dragon, he can appear however he pleases.

Ferrovax is the eldest of his kind, and the strongest (by his own estimations). He displays immense magical power with only a wave of his hand, and claims he can do much more. If he felt like it.

"Suffice to say that you could not comprehend the kind of power I have at my command. That my true form here would shatter this pathetic gathering of monkey houses and crack the earth upon which I stand. If you gazed upon me with your wizardís sight, you would see something that would awe you, humble you, and quite probably destroy your reason. I am the eldest of my kind, and the strongest. Your life is a flickering candle to me, and your civilizations rise and fall like grass in the summer."