Marlena Sampson

The Basics

Name: Marlena Sampson
Nickname: Marley/ Lena
Species: Human -
Gender: Female
Age: 19

The Physical

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green/Gray-Blue (Right eye is Green, left eye is Gray-Blue)
Distinguishing Features: Her eyes.  They sparkle with intelligence, almost as if she's evaluating everything she sees, and of course, her eyes are different colors.

Physical Description:
Marlena is a small woman who knows she is not intimidating.  She tries hard to blend into the background, but with red hair and mismatched eyes, it's hard.  She has a slight built and tends to dress in slacks with a turtleneck sweater
Alternate Form Description:N/A

Wears a St. Benedict's Cross/medal and a Buddhist mala on either her right or left hand.

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Under The Hood

Personality: Marlena has three distinct aspects
Marley - Shy, comes off as a high functioning autistic person.  She doesn't look people in the eyes, tends to defer to others, speaks quietly ( a 19-year-old on a sugar crash)
Lena - High IQ, wisdom not so much - she knows things - she needs to put them into context... and when she's confused, she calls on Marley for references.  (5 year old on sugar)
Marlena - Balanced, self-effacing sense of humor, Gentle  She is a surer version of the two - and the way she is when they are in balance. (19 year old who knows she has issues)

Marlena usually gets out of balance when Lena wants something/wants context for something/Sees something that needs to be dealt with, sees something she wants to figure out/when she's bored or Marley just wants Lena to go away... (they can be squabbling kids at points)

Goals:College... once she gets Lena under control (her parents think she has problems and they tend to try and protect her.  They are trying to have her declared incompetent so they can continue to protect her.

Marley - That maybe she really is insane.
Lena - that she'll never understand the world
Marlena - that she will be caught/committed to an institution and drugged up so much that none of them can do anything, or worse, Lena would take over...


Mundane Skills:
Marley - can work as a janitor, dishwasher, orderly
Lena - Spirit of Intellect
Marlena - Would be great as a mediator - when the twins are under control.

Marley - None
Lena - Spirit of Intellect
Marlena - access Lena


Marley - during bouts with Lena, she is fragile and distracted and talks to Lena out loud
Lena - All knowledge and no context. Naive
Marlena - Dealing with the twins.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York: 19 years

Occupation: Student

Organizations/Factions: Honor society

1. What are you doing in New York, and how have you fared since arriving?
Answer: Born here, she's reasonably all right - she was held back a year early on-- figuring she needed more time to adapt.  She can be brilliant or distracted - diagnosed as: ADHD, Bipolar, Personality Disorder, Asbergers, pretty much anything - she's been on meds, and it wasn't until Marlena exerted herself - Marley was on so many meds to suppress Lena.

2. You've just spotted a human getting mugged across the street. Before you can react, the victim suddenly begins to shift, changing into what can only be described as a werewolf and assaults the mugger. What do you do?
Answer: <snorts>
Marley - Run away
Lena - Observe... this is cool
Marlena - move very slowly and hide.

3. You've been accused of a crime you didn't commit, and are currently being interrogated by one of New York's finest. How do you go about convincing them of your innocence or, if all else fails, breaking free?
A. Mind control. The detective won't believe me, so I'll make them believe me.
B. Force. Break free with sheer strength of will and, potentially, the use of magic.
C. Do nothing. Refuse to answer any questions and request an attorney.
D. Use my silver tongue to simply convince them.
E. (make your own answer)

Marley - Cry
Lena - Question everything
Marlena would probably let Marley and Lena play and confuse the police.

4. What does your day-to-day look like? What can you be found doing on an average day?
Answer: Breakfast - reassuring mother that they're alright, Online classes, study, Lunch, online classes ... Lena gets bored... wonders off taking Marley with her. - Figure out where they are... get back home.

The Juicy Bits


Marlena is a chimera (genetically speaking) She was one of a set of twins.  one of them died (Lena) early on in development and the other (Marley) absorbed her twin's body/chromosomes into herself.  Hence the mismatched eyes.  The green one is Marley's, the gray/blue one is Lena's.  This is normal enough, but something odd happened.  Lena's presence is still there, and she became a spirit of intellect.

Marley can hear Lena (and Lena can be annoying when she wants to know something)... Lena pretends not to hear Marley and its part of why they talk out loud.

Marlena (the name given to the whole person) is the peacekeeper who tries to keep them under control.  The meds messed with all aspects of the twins.