Ulissa Audet
Name: Ulissa Audet
Nicknames: None
Species: Human
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Age: 19
Theme: You & Me

The Physical

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: Ash Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Physical Description:

Ulissa was considered a great beauty even in her youth, enough to gain her several pageant titles. But a stressful upbringing has stripped some of this youthful beauty from her. Although Ulissa is not yet 20, her features are hard and tired. Her health has improved drastically since leaving home, and her lithe frame now possesses a little muscle. Like her hair, her skin is pale enough to see the veins underneath, and does little to hide blemishes, bruises and scars. Her features are severe yet feminine, with gaunt cheek bones and pouting lips. Her eyes are wide set and narrow, lacking any crease or hood, giving her the look of a maiden coyly peering through her eyelashes. Her eyelashes and eyebrows however, are sparse, making the stare more haunting than alluring. She tends to wear makeup to hide these imperfections.

Under The Hood

Ulissa can be described as a gentle person. She is soft spoken and thoughtful. She goes out of her way to be kind to those in need and has a great capacity for empathy. Her voice and gestures all have a soothing quality to them, and is a careful listener. She knows what itís like to face despair, and canít help but carry the weight of what sheís seen and had to do. Each day she has to do her best to improve herself and find value in her accomplishments. However, childhood conditioning still affects her self worth. The impossibly high standard looms over her. She struggles with self-imposed guilt and suppressing her emotions until they overflow. Especially her anger.


Violin - Much of her childhood was spent perfecting the violin. She is currently applying for Julliard at her family's behest. While she loves the instrument, she grows tired of the competitive world of classical music and would like to pursue her passion on her own terms.

Composing - Having always been involved in music, Ulissa has dabbled in writing her own music. She has a poor man's set-up for recording in her dorm room.

Singing - Her voice is good enough to carry a lot of the songs she performs and composes.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York: 2 Years

Occupation: Student at CUNY Queens College

Organizations/Factions: None