Tamsin Colletta
Name: Tamsin Colletta
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 29 years

The Physical
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 117 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Physical Description: Tamsin is a beautiful, blonde detective, with long, flowing hair and although she can often be seen dressed in professional attire, she isn't afraid to let her hair down once in a while, and dress for an occasion. Her piercing eyes often encourage those she questions to tell her things they maybe shouldn't, and that has been a benefit she's taken full advantage of her entire career.

Tamsin enjoys the benefits of being a detective, but as a person, she's mostly seen wearing jeans (or in the summer jean shorts!), and form fitting tops. She doesn't like the thought of not being able to move, or catch somebody running, so she's always dressed to work, even though quite often she wears heels, and that might slow her down a little bit (usually only in a professional setting, however, so its normally not an issue).

Being slender, and athletic in shape, Tamsin hasn't had much of a problem keeping herself fit, running miles daily, and keeping her body light and limber. Yoga, running, and a moderate weight lifting program keep her in tip top shape for her career, and keeps her feeling motivated as well.

Whenever dressed for work, her belt holds multiple magazines, the standard in her firearm being ordinary hollow points, but the other magazines contain all manner of specialty bullets: iron, silver, wooden... etc. IF she needs to deal with a supernatural creature, she needs to know she can at least defend herself, or protect the public, if she has to.

Alternate Form Description: No alternate form

Under The Hood
Personality: Tamsin is a very hard working detective. She's been working at the department her entire adult life, and she takes her work very seriously. Despite all of her hard work, Tamsin knows a bit about the supernatural elements... although admittedly, she'd rather not!

Working with those people with a supernatural gift has opened her eyes to the fact that not all 'magical things' are terrible, but she's still distrustful of them, and prefers to stick to what she knows works: guns, handcuffs, and rules. Good old fashioned police work isn't lost on her, and its something she prides herself on being ruthless at... driven and motivated beyond her closest peer.

Goals: To become police chief, to really turn this city around for the better

Fears: To fail those close to herself, or end up captured (secret fear)
Talents: Athleticism (very athletic for her work), Persuasion (she knows just what to say to open doors), Analytical work (Can put clues together rather quickly)
Mundane Skills: Above average martial arts (judo), Excellent marksmanship (handguns), Bureaucracy (good at navigating the yellow tape), Investigation skills

Powers: None, though at times, given her knowledge of the supernatural, she has charms, silver and iron bullets, and all manner of tools to combat the supernatural, if necessary in the pursuit of her crimes.

Vulnerabilities: Magic - she has no immunity of any kind to magic. Even if she is stubborn enough that sometimes she might resist weaker mind-control effects, she isn't supernatural, and as such is very susceptible to spells

An old police chief of Tamsin's, Derek Rhodes, was also very influential on her during her early days. Chief Rhodes was like a father to Tamsin, and she strove to make him proud. Late in his years, he asked for Tamsin to "play dirty", a bit, and although she never speaks to anybody about it, it really shook her. She refused, and it put space between them, but she tried to close the gap again, and the Chief perished under mysterious circumstances. She never felt the closure she wanted, and it has bothered her to this day.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York: Entire life

Occupation: Detective

Organizations/Factions: Police Department