Rowan is petite, standing just shy of 5'3" but anyone trying to jostle her will discover that she seems far more solid than her height and build would suggest. Her skin is creamy pale and seems reluctant to tan or burn despite her habit of spending time outdoors in all weather. Her hair tends to change colour with the seasons, green in Spring, white in Summer, shades of red or orange in Autumn, and black in Winter. If she dyes it she has a fairly regular schedule and maintains it well, certainly no one has ever seen her with roots showing.
Her eyes are a deep brown and often hold a spark of humour, people have described them as 'hypnotic' but she is careful not to allow anyone to fall too deeply into them. Some have sworn that they can see a glimpse of red deep within them. Her face is striking, with high cheekbones and almond shaped eyes, but there is something pixieish about the sharply pointed chin and the hint of points to the tips of her ears, it stops most people from considering her beautiful, stopping short at merely 'pretty'. She doesn't particularly care and is fond of telling people that she does not spend hours in front of the mirror trying to sculpt her face into a form pleasing to them. Few know just how literally she means it.
Rowan almost never wears makeup and when she does it is usually glamour rather than actual pigment on her skin. Her clothing tends towards a style best described as hippy meets grunge - long flowing dresses or skirts paired with sturdy ankle boots and multiple necklaces. Combined with her appearance, she generally ends up looking like a teenager from the mid 1990s although her ID says she is 23.

Rowan owns and runs a small herbalist shop not that far from Bowling Green Park, just off the end of Broadway. She doesn't employ any staff so the opening hours depend entirely on when she is home, it is a labour of love rather than something she needs to make money. She can more often be found lounging in one of the parks, 'people watching'.