Philip Tsochatzopoulos
The Basics

Name: Philip Tsochatzopoulos
Nickname: Bloodclaw - only a few vampires call him this.
Species: Hexenwolf
Gender: Male
Age: 29

The Physical

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Hazel
Distinguishing Features: Scarred hands and knuckles.

Physical Description: Philip is a tall, athletic man in his twenties.  He's broad-shouldered, with a v-shaped torso, long legs, long arms, big hands that have more than a few scars on the knuckles.  He wears a massive gold ring with laurels, ravens, and particular wolves, but a person would have to study it up close to see that.  Otherwise, it's just a shiny ego ring.  He tends to dress in power suits, including cufflinks and a tie pin, and nice leather boots.  He goes through clothes pretty fast, though, because with a word he can become...

Alternate Form Description: A thousand pounds of wolf monster with gray fur and golden eyes.  Almost always, a second after this transformation, the thousand pounds of wolf monster is splattered with blood and gore.  A few seconds later, the blood and gore have saturated its fur.

Under The Hood

Personality: Doom haunted.  He's sure his life is going to end badly, but he keeps true to his patron and his sister, hoping for a place in the Elysium Fields when it's all said and done.  He hides his doom-haunted nature with humor, often dark.

Goals: To somehow save his sister - though he'd be hard pressed to say what that even means.

Fears: Not being able to save his sister, failing in his duty to his patron, dying alone and unloved.


Mundane Skills: He can kick the crap out of a person, he's good at emotional manipulation, cold reading people, and because of his devotionals to Apollo - he can use a bow and crossbow, hunt, ride a horse, and play a mean electric guitar.  He has also studied quite a lot of medicine, though not formally.  He is overall athletic.

Powers: As the wolf monster, he is filled with supernal power from the Nevernever - though Philip would insist it is a divine inspiration, divine fury - which gives the beast great strength, speed, and toughness.  He can tap into some of this divine fury when in human form, but his human body can only handle so much, and it exhausts him physically and mentally.  As a devotee of Apollo, it is possible his patron gifts him with oracular sight from time to time, guides his hands when he's using a bow, or when tending sickness or injury.

Vulnerabilities: He can only transform if he possesses his ring.  He's mortal.  The talisman is addictive, and using it generally corrodes the spirit and identity of the person using it (though he would disagree with this interpretation, saying he grows closer to his patron through its use).  While transformed, he has very low inhibitions.  And he's broken one of the laws of magic, so the White Council isn't inclined to treat him very well.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York:  He's a native.

Occupation: Fixer for some Black Court vampires

Organizations/Factions: He is affiliated with the Black Court

Questions: (meant to help further immerse you into the world)

1. What are you doing in New York, and how have you fared since arriving?

Answer: He's a fixer for the Black Court, and he has particularly loyalty to his sister, who is a member.  As an associate of the Black Court, he's treated pretty well, so long as he gets the job done.  By any reasonable standard, he's rich. Not super-rich, but not worrying about money.

2. You've just spotted a human getting mugged across the street. Before you can react, the victim suddenly begins to shift, changing into what can only be described as a werewolf and assaults the mugger. What do you do?

Answer:  It is none of his business.  He has his own problems, and he doesn't feel responsible for strangers or obligated to get into more supernatural trouble than he is already in.

3. You've been accused of a crime you didn't commit and are currently being interrogated by one of New York's finest. How do you go about convincing them of your innocence or, if all else fails, breaking free?

C. Do nothing. Refuse to answer any questions and request an attorney.

I mean, the Black Court is full of mind-controlling vampires.  It'll probably get sorted out in the end.

4. What does your day-to-day look like? What can you be found doing on an average day?

Answer:  He's a fixer for vampires.  He's always looking into something, finding someone, solving some problem or the other.  He's on his phone, in his car, talking to people, leaning on them, bribing them, and occasionally turning into a wolf monster and tearing them all to bloody shreds and hiding the remains.  When not doing that, he spends a fair bit of time propriating Apollo, primarily through becoming the kind of, well, and this is meant in a very ancient, classical sense, the kind of hero (which is not to say he's a good guy, Apollo doesn't mind if a person's a sonofabitch) that pleases his divine patron.  He does not see this as a burden.