Jake Laust
Name: Jake Laust

Nickname: J or Cub (only by his foster dad: Frank Lionhart)

Species: Thinks he's human, but is actually a Scion (half-wolf demon) of Marchosias.

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Height: 5ft 10in

Weight: 210 lbs.

Hair Color: Salt and Pepper hair

Eye Color: His left eye is a very pale blue and his right eye is an Emerald green.

Distinguishing Features: His eyes, his slightly large canines, a scar that goes from his left top lip to lower part of his right chin, and if his shirt is off (which he doesn't do ever) there a few scars on his body but the biggest is a deep ripped up scar going down his right shoulder to his right hip.

Physical Description: He is tall and lanky (but well toned). Is always wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts, cause he is hiding from everyone that he was a cutter (but he longer is cause of his foster dad) and the fact that his bio-family was abusive. He usually wears Purple because itís his favorite color.

Alternate Form Description: (When he finds out what he is) He is a giant wolf (fur is the color of his hair and his scars are not covered by his fur), with curved demonic horns and small balls of purple flame at the space just above the back parts of the pads of his paws (Similar to Kilala from Inuyasha).

Personality: He is kind, generous, and has a great sense of justice. He is also smart (good in school and in studying to either to become a Detective or a Paramedic), very nurturing, and a caring individual. He believes that all life is precious, and it would hurt him to have to take any life even in a life-or-death situation.

Goals: To either to become a Detective or a Paramedic, and to find a place that he feels like he belongs.

Fears: Being alone and being useless (though he'll never admit it), Getting hurt/abused again (mentally and emotionally), and spiders.

Mundane Skills: Smart, Charismatic (when he wants to be), Strong and a Good-Listener.

Powers: (when he finds out what he is) He can summon and control small balls of Purple flame. He can also fly, but not for very long and not very high up (it's more like a hover than a fly).

Vulnerabilities: Extreme Heat (cause his body generates a lot of heat, and so in the summer his body basically over heats itself), Physical attacks (he is tougher than the average human, but he is not bullet/stab proof), Psychic attacks (it's because of his abuse).

Length Of Time In New York: He has lived there for 12 years.

Occupation: High School Student (Senior)

Organizations/Factions: He doesn't know about Factions or the Supernatural. So he wouldn't belong to one.

4. What does your day-to-day look like? What can you be found doing on an average day?

His weekdays starts with him getting up, and doing some workout routines before taking his meds and taking a shower. Says hi to his foster dad before his dad heads off to work. He then either walks, takes the bus, or subway to school (whatever he feels like in that day). Goes through his school (bullies, reading/studying, etc.) day. Once he gets home, he works out and then does his homework. He then studies, takes his afternoon meds, and (if he has time) he play video games.

His weekends usually consisted of him working out in the morning, then studying and finishing up any homework that is assigned on the weekends, then going to the library or helping out at the Police Station or working at the florist near his house (he has always liked flowers), and then playing video games.

Jake was born to a very religious family, and they always punished him for every little thing. They were constantly saying that was sinful and that he need to pray to cleanse his soul. Jake tried to be a good boy and do everything his parents told him to do, but it was never good enough. They first started physically abusing him when he was 5, and it was when he had gone outside to play with the neighborhood kids in the snow. He took off his jacket cause he was too hot, and when he took off his jacket he wasn't cold at all. Then he somehow started to slightly melt the snow around him. The neighborhood kids thought it was cool, but his parents were furious. He didn't understand why and he asked what was wrong?.... and that's when they beat him.

A year later they moved away, cause the families near by started to take notice of how they treated him and the fact that his mother had gotten a new job there. He endured the abuse for the next 8 years, and then one day when he was walking home from the library late one night and heard a scream. Instead of running away like a typical kid would do, he ran towards the direction of the scream. Then he found the source of the scream, a man was screaming for help while a woman lies on the ground in pieces and a man with a chainsaw standing over the corpse. Without thinking Jake attacked the chainsaw wielding man, and his vision went black.

When he woke up he was in a hospital room, his body hurt and there was an officer (Frank Lionhart) siting in the chair near him. Apparently he was hurt in the fight (with chainsaw ripping almost through his right shoulder and hip), and then all of a sudden the murderer burst into purple fire and died (told by the eye witness, and the hospital staff just chalked it down to stress). The officer asked him a series of questions and Jake answered them honestly. Then officer Lionhart asked if he was being abused.... and Jake after years of suffering... spilled everything to the officer. His parents were taken into custody, and he was put into foster care. For a year, he and officer Lionhart got closer, and one day Lionhart asked if he would like to live with him. Jake agreed happily. He has now been living with Lionhart for 3 years, is no longer cutting, his scars are healing well, and he is acing his classes. He is the happiest he has ever been, but he still feels like something is missing... maybe someday he'll find what that is.