Kostya Valentin
Name: Kostya Valentin

Nickname: Cheriour (Fallen Angel in the Coin)

Species: Human (Fallen Angel)

Gender: Male

Age: 30's (Over 480 years, Ageless)

The Physical

Height: 6'4

Weight: 220 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Distinguishing Features: Burn Scars on left arm

Physical Description: Kostya seems to exude animal magnetism. Long and ebony black, he wears his hair often ponytailed as he goes about his day. His eyes are a stormy blue shade and often looks about the world with a soft smile on his face as if he just heard something amusing. His teeth are two rows of perfect white, evenly spaced without any blemish. His movements are all about economy of motion, still he doesn't walk so much as he slides along. He is often adorned with jewelry made of ivory and leather. His clothing will reflect the weather, but other than that it will be the softest and most luxurious garments.

Alternate Form Description: Most Denarians have a battle form, first the blue eyes go totally black with the entire eye now just black orb sat in the skull. The teeth elongate, becoming sharp and jagged. His skin thicken and takes on a thick leather like layer and takes on a bone white hue. His frame bulks up even more adding on layers of muscle. His knees bend inward till his legs take on a digitigrade posture.  Two bull like horns grow from his forehead parting his hair. The hair gets longer playing down to his chest. His fingers lengthen slightly and end in ivory colored talons. The back of each wrist swells till a barbed ivory talon punctures through the skin. This weapon is connected to a long and thin whip like structure, razor sharp spines of ivory snap into place along the length. The talon on the end produces an extremely potent venom. Large black feathered wings unfurl from the back completes the transformation.

Under The Hood

Personality: One would think being the host for a fallen angel would make Kostya somewhat cruel or vicious, however he maintains a pleasant and engaging demeanor. He laughs often and seems to be high spirits. He always attempts civility even in the face of overwhelming adversity. However, he is very critical of rude behavior. He will always be polite, especially to the elderly, quite a contrast from what many would expect from someone damned.

Goals: First and foremost, Kostya wants a companion, someone who isn't afraid to embrace him, despite his damnation. He also is looking for the Cup of Raphael. This object is rumored to be able to cleanse the taint from the Black Denarii coins and restoring the fallen angel inside the coin to their rightful status.

Fears: Losing final control of himself to the fallen angel in the coin. He has kept control for all this time, but he has begun to doubt himself. He has begun to question if the other force in the coin is merely allowing him his head till it decides what it wants to do. His somewhat benign actions have moved him down the Churches hit list, as he doesn't generally get involved with anything too public. He has run in with the Sword Bearers before, and even killed one in the early 1600's.


Mundane Skills: Kostya is well versed in most combat skills, he is also fluent in over 12 languages. He has a keen mind and deductive reasoning. He is a smooth talker and expert poker player. He is also a classically trained pianist.

Powers:  Battle-shifting, Kostya's altered form gives him natural winged flight. He has razor sharp talons and a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. His wrists are equipped with whip-like appendages that can extend and retract, they will extend razor sharp ivory spikes that inflict tearing wounds when lashed against flesh.  He has venomous barbs tipping the whip like structures. The venom has several properties, firstly it is a paralytic. It interferes with conscious muscle control. The subject will keep breathing just fine as that is subconscious muscle control but they will be unable to do much else. It also floods the victims blood with compounds that increase the bodies production of oxytocin. The victim is paralyzed and all they can do is gasp in pleasure.

Pyromancy, also known as Pryokinesis, He is able to manipulate various aspects of fire and heat. This could be as simple as heating up his coffee to burning an opponet to ashes. His fire is capable of burning items that would otherwise not burn, because they are infused with hellacious power.

Cloaking: By subtle mental manipulation, Kostya can fade from sight. He isn't invisible per se, as he would still show up on cameras etc. This power simply convinces the mind of the viewer that he is either not there or simply vanished into thin air. This manipulation means he could stand in the middle of a hallway and someone coming at him would shift to go past him without wondering why they did so. He can also play tricks on a targets senses. They could see or hear something not there, he often will use this as a distraction so he can escape. The power is selective, he could be cloaked to everyone in a room except for someone he chooses to allow to see him. Finally he can use this ability to take on different appearances. However, he can not appear larger or small than he really is, and he is limited to a humanoid form. So while he could appear as another person or humanoid creature. He can't take on a purely animal form. He isn't really changed, it just appears that way to the viewer. Note: Any hostile action against another party will result in the cloak failing and revealing Kostya true visage. aka if he is hiding from some hunters and attacks one, they will all be able to see him.

Vulnerabilities: Kostya takes damage from blessed weapons, more so than just the weapon can do. He also finds it impossible to tread upon true holy ground, not all churches are true holy ground despite popular belief.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York: 14 years, this time.

Occupation: Kostya has plenty of money put away that he doesn't have to do anything for a real job, though he often partakes in heists and other small aspects of crime.



1. What are you doing in New York, and how have you fared since arriving?

Answer: Enjoying his independent wealth and freetime, he has fared very well so far, keeping his head has gotten him a good deal of leeway in many things.

2. You've just spotted a human getting mugged across the street. Before you can react, the victim suddenly begins to shift, changing into what can only be described as a werewolf and assaults the mugger. What do you do?

Answer: I let the werewolf handle his business, mugging someone is rude.

3. You've been accused of a crime you didn't commit, and are currently being interrogated by one of New York's finest. How do you go about convincing them of your innocence or, if all else fails, breaking free?

E. I give them a chance to retract their statements and go away, and if they continue to push, I beat them body soundly enough to leave them unconscious, unless they get rude..

4. What does your day-to-day look like? What can you be found doing on an average day?

Answer: Most often drinking or reading in a pub somewhere.

The Juicy Bits

Backstory: Kostya Valentin was a contempory of Ivan Vasilyevich, the first Tsar of Russia. It was during one of the uprisings of the boyars that Kostya found the tarnished silver coin that changed life. Cheriour, the fallen angel inside the coin, was once a foe hunter for the angelic host. He fell in love with another member of the host and refused to hunt them down. He was punished by being imprisoned inside one of the Black Denarii coins. Kostya found the coin clutched in the hand of a boyar soldier that it took more than seven men to kill. The moment he took the coin he felt the power from it roll into him and he was told about the various abilities open to him. He used them to rise up in the Tsar's court and achieve a position of power. He was one of the Tsar's right hand men until the Tsar's death.

 He left the night that the Tsar's died and began to wonder the world. He came to the knowledge of several different groups. He ran afoul of the Sword Bearers and was nearly slain several times. He finally gained the upper hand against them in the 1600's. He killed one of the bearers and then seemingly died onboard a ship that sunk. He used the shape shifting abilities of the coin to change his appearance and for the next 50 years he went quietly about and fell from the eyes and memory of the church.

 He arrived in New York in 1995, he was following rumors about the Cup of Raphael. This magical item supposedly would cleanse the coin of its taint, granting it angelic powers again, powers that serve him and he would no longer need to fear the spirit inside taking him over.