Nicodemus Brady

The Basics

Name: Nicodemus Alexander Brady
Nickname: Nick (to his family and friends), colleagues on the force just call him Brady.
Species:  Human (Scion)
Gender:  Male
Age:  40

The Physical

Height:  6'1"
Weight:  220 Lbs
Hair Color: Black, starting to grey at the temples
Eye Color:  Brown, almost black
Distinguishing Features:  Bushy eyebrows, goatee, and his mouth is always tilted up to the left as if he is smiling at a joke only he gets.

Physical Description:  While Nick has tried to maintain an athletic build with regular workouts and runs, he has started to gain a gut that he just can't seem to loose.  Not classically handsome in the way of models and movie stars, he is attractive with high cheekbones, aquiline nose, deep set eyes, and dimples .

Under The Hood

Personality: A lifetime of seeing the thread of tragedy in life, Alex has developed a rather macabre sense of humor. Its not that he laughs in the face of death, but laughs at the absurdity of choices that led to a fateful encounter.  While on the job, he is no non-sense and by the book.  Generally, he is easy to get along with, but he has a sharp edge when needed.  About the only people he doesn't get along with are the artsy, creative crowd, though he seems to always be in their company.

He keeps his personal life...personal.


Mundane Skills:
Nick is an amazing investigator, and regularly passes all of the tests required by the NYPD.  None would accuse him of being the best shot or an expert in hand to hand.  As an investigator, he has an uncanny knack of piecing together the story of a crime and is good at reading people.  Academically he is a jack of all trades, and master of none, having taken classes in classic history and literature, languages, religion, art history, drama, folklore, anthropology, archeology, psychology, and criminal justice.  He is amazing at languages, and is fluent in Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, and Russian.  He is a capable translator of Ancient Greek, Latin, and Etruscian.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York:
All of his life.
His mother was in a production of Macbeth off Broadway when she met a struggling playwright, Brian Brady.  She would later say, "Our love blazed, but such intensity can only burn."  His father wrote an award winning play, then died of alcohol poisoning the day before winning the Tony for best new play.  Nick was two.
He lived with his paternal grand parents on Staten Island, but his mother's side does visit on occasion.
He attended CUNY, bouncing around various campuses with different majors on the eight year undergrad plan.  After finally graduating, he joined the NYPD.
NYPD Homicide Detective