Niamh Ceallaigh
Name: Niamh (p. Ne-iv) Ceallaigh
Nickname: None yet
Species: Human - Wizard/Warden of the White Council
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Distinguishing Features:
Wrist tattoo
Numerous scars on her back

Physical Description:
Niamh is about five and a half feet tall with shoulder length dark brown hair and green eyes.  She speaks with a Irish brogue that tends to get thicker the more excited or upset she gets.

Generally, Niamh can be seen wearing a long leather jacket over a t-shirt and jeans with a pair of black high-top Vans sneakers on her feet, or some nice leather boots if she's feeling fancy.  A gold bracelet of trefoils adorns her left wrist and on her right is a trefoil tattoo stylized into three waves.

Her Warden's sword is a silver bladed cavalry saber.  While on duty, it's a fair bet that the sword is under her jacket, or otherwise nearby unless a situation makes that impossible.  As a Warden of course, she's hardly ever not on duty.  In addition to the sword and her personal magical arsenal, If Niamh thinks things might get particularly hairy, she'll add a double barreled sawed off shotgun to her inventory.  Because even a wizard never knows when a shotgun will come in handy.

Niamh is proud of her grey cloak and wears it whenever "Warden Business" comes up.  But otherwise keeps it in the closet to avoid attracting attention.

Niamh is neat, almost obsessively organizing things even to the point of occasionally shifting items on supermarket shelves.  Even though this is her first solo assignment since beginning her training, she takes her work as a Warden very seriously.  That being said, she hopes she will never be called up to be the one to actually execute a warlock after seeing it done twice during her apprenticeship as a Warden.  Outside of her duties, she'd like to someday to just relax, maybe even wear a dress and go out without having to worry about someone trying to take advantage of an unsuspecting Warden.  Warden Morgan had warned Niamh at graduation to always be vigilant, a careless Warden was a dead Warden.

Though not part of her instruction, Niamh feels that people are good are driven to do good.  Maybe if she could catch a wayward wizard soon enough, she could prevent them from "going warlock" in the first place.


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Niamh was raised into wizardry by her mother on the coast of Ireland somewhere near Cork.  She didn't start officially apprenticing with her mother until she turned 13, but before then she helped around the lab, getting ingredient when her mother needed them from the shelf (eye of newt, depleted uranium, the usual) so she was already acquainted with magic before the started studying in earnest.

At the age of 17, she had the misfortune of catching the eye of a warlock who was looking for a worthy sacrifice for some dweller in the Nevernever.  He kidnapped Niamh and managed to hold onto her for almost a week before she was rescued by the Wardens right before he could begin the ritual.  Thanks to a good therapist, the mental scars from the encounter have faded, she still bears the physical ones on her back.

Grateful to the wardens that saved her, along with a bit of hero worship, she joined up as soon as she was able, beginning a second apprenticeship with a senior warden who taught her the more aggressive arts along with physical combat.

Now 25, Niamh is fully trained and ready for her first assignment.