Hong Yi Young
The Basics

Name: Hong Yi Young
 Nickname: Yi Na or Yi Young
 Species: Faerie (Fetch)
 Gender: Female but can take the form of Males as well as other beings, animals and creatures.*Conditions Apply*
 Age:22 (appears 35)

The Physical

Height: Natural Height is 7 feet, but her chosen form is 5 feet 4 inches.
 Weight: Natural weight is pretty light, probably 100 pounds, but her chosen human form is 140 pounds.
 Hair Color: The one thing she has in common with her natural form is that her hair is long and dark--appearing black.
 Eye Color: Naturally has large red eyes. Her chosen human form has coffee brown eyes.
 Distinguishing Features: Everything about her natural form makes her stand out as there aren't many fetches showing their natural from in New York. Her human form though does have a haunting smile--and always dons red lipstick. She has a birthmark on her back that appears in her natural form and human form though. It's a large black splotch, with a few specks of circles around it.

 Physical Description: Her human form, she has pale skin as well but not as stark white. She chooses to appear as an older Korean woman that looks about 35 even though she herself is only 22. She prefers to be treated as someone who is knowledgeable and feels that the older humans are looked at as so. The form she chose does have a haunting and eerie beauty, which she prefers as it can be helpful for feeding.

Alternate Form Description: In her natural form, she has elongated hands and legs, with spindly fingers, that are pale and sharp.

Under The Hood

Personality: At work she is a serious and hard working person, but isn't afraid to joke and have fun even in the darkest of times. But she respects her position as someone who helps save humans. Outside of work though, she is carefree, scary when she needs to be, but all bubbles and smiles when it comes to partying it up and having a blast. She likes to play with humans--they are fun. But she also has to feed, so she will be frightening when she needs to be.

 Goals: She has no goals in the human world other than to make enough money to stay in the human world and live a life she enjoys. She'd rather not go back to the Nevernever and has avoided other fetches and members of her own clan. Life in the Nevernever for her was... boring. She much prefers being 'human' on Earth.

 Fears: Returning to her clan in the Nevernever where she'd have to help torture and kill people.


Mundane Skills: She's really latched on technology despite her clans distaste for it. Yi Na loves to text, play video games and can do most things a normal college student can do when it comes to technology. She can use a microwave to cook meals for people, but when it comes to actually cooking she sucks. Like really bad. As an EMT she is able to function in uncommon situations. Yi Na has a basic understanding of stress response and methods to ensure personal well-being and understands basic medical needs and first aid. She's pretty good at following her responsibilities as an EMT and is a hard worker.

 Powers: As a fetch, Yi Na can teleport through mirrors and shape-shift into various beings. She can look like someone's mother, a celebrity, or even a cat. But she usually prefers to look like her chosen human form Hong Yi Young. She is physically strong in any form she takes on, stronger than even the strongest humans--without having to train for it.

 Vulnerabilities: She can not feed on those who are not afraid of her. *She has to have seen and made physical contact with whoever she mimics in appearance. So since Yi Young never met the president, she cannot transform into them.

Society Info

 Length Of Time In New York: 1 year. She teleported into Seattle when she first arrived on Earth 2 years ago. She's been traveling around since then and settled in New York when she realized just how many people there, and how much fear there was. It was so easy to get lost in everything.

 Occupation:  Newbie EMT

 Organizations/Factions: In the Nevernever her clan aligns with Queen Mab of the Winter Court.