Michelle Royale

The Basics

Name: Professor Michelle Royale
Nickname:  Psyche
Species: Vampire, White Court
Gender: Female
Age: Apparent: Mid 30's.... Actual: You ask? How Rude!

The Physical

Height:  5ft 7in
Weight:  120 lbs
Hair Color:   Thick rich Auburn, bordering on black
Eye Color:   Dark Amber
Distinguishing Features:   Vah Vah Voom!

Physical Description:

Slim built, Michelle is five feet seven inches tall.  She has a ripped, light musculature clocking in at one hundred and twenty pounds.  Her hair is a thick, rich auburn, bordering on black.  The tresses fall in a natural wave down to her shoulder blades.  With a dress size of four, she has a 32-23-32 body shape, with an A cup.  Her eyes are a dark Amber, set above high cheekbones.  There is an air of the regal in her poise and looks.

Alternate Form Description: Ooh! Lah! Lah!

Under The Hood


Michelle is very companionable, with a cultured manner about her. She carries herself with aplomb and assurance. Professor Royale is very focused and sometimes a little edgy in her researches.  Psyche, on the other hand, is extremely versatile and can build you up, or fuck you up - depending on the circumstances of her interaction with you.  This triumvarate of personalities are a natural mix, that lends itself to the complexities of a White Court Vampire lifestyle.


It is hard to actually believe, deep down and unknown to her, is that kitsch answer of beauty queen statements - World Peace.  What she works towards is something more like acceptance, tolerance and a respect for boundaries. What you do in your sandpit is up to you, don't foist it on others. And don't mess around with other peoples sandpits.


Falling in Love.
Being forced to take sides.
Single minded, bullying Dipshits


Mundane Skills:

Professor Royale:
Professor (PsyD) of Experimental and Research Psychology
Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Psychiatry

Conniving Courtier
Manipulative Socialite

Crafty Courtesan
A versatile and exclusive Playgirl, in high places and low.

Loves motorcycles, excellent skills.
Practices Gymnastics and Dance as a venting mechanism. Good enough go professional.
Goes shooting/hunting once a month, for "group" therapy.  Fairly good shot.
Does the whole poison and small pointy object thing rather well.
Loves doing Performance Art Magic tricks for quiet times at the office, or at boring soirees.


All those lovely White Court Vampire Powers.


Just the usual vulnerabilities of her Vampire Kind.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York:

Michelle (Psyche) Royale has been in New York for a decade or three, quietly establishing herself and surreptitiously performing social engineering.


Complicated isn't it? How nice! Is what you see what you get?  Isn't What on Second? Then Who's my boss? Isn't Who on First?  I don't know.  Perhaps I-don't-know is on third?

Professor Royale is a tenured Professor at a Private Research Institute associated with the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD program of Cornell University; part of a large biomedical center extending along York Avenue between 65th and 72nd Streets on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Michelle is a socialite; who is often on the 'A' list for smaller, more exclusive, social and entertainment gatherings of shakers and movers in NYC.

Psyche is the Playgirl who moves through all strata of Society, on the shady and seedy side.


The Royale Family are one of the Kindred of the Vampire White Court.  Michelle has been presented at Court over a century ago, but that is about all Court activity she has been involved in.  Michelle is way down the pecking order of her own family, let alone the Court politics.

1. What are you doing in New York, and how have you fared since arriving?

Professor Michelle (Psyche) Royale has come to NYC to distance herself from family and Court intrigue.  Most of her time she spends studying, researching, experimenting and socially engineering the various populaces in the Big Apple.

Between her three major personas she has done fairly well in creating a social pattern to make it easier not to fall afoul of the White Council rules, or the various Accords.  At least on a personal level, although there are some benefits that are spreading out across the whole spectrum of interactions.

2. You've just spotted a human getting mugged across the street. Before you can react, the victim suddenly begins to shift, changing into what can only be described as a werewolf and assaults the mugger. What do you do?

That would depend on many other factors beyond the given parameters.  Other situational circumstances, "political" considerations, contending agendas etc. etc. etc. So, my answer is: Depends on what Michelle knows or suspects beyond what the question posits.

3. You've been accused of a crime you didn't commit, and are currently being interrogated by one of New York's finest. How do you go about convincing them of your innocence or, if all else fails, breaking free?

A. Mind control. The detective won't believe me, so I'll make them believe me.
B. Force. Break free with sheer strength of will and, potentially, the use of magic.
C. Do nothing. Refuse to answer any questions and request an attorney.
D. Use my silver tongue to simply convince them.
E. Any, all, some, or none of the above. Possibly something else entirely.

4. What does your day-to-day look like? What can you be found doing on an average day?

It all rather depends on the day, or time of day.  After all a girl has got to eat; especially when the Hunger strikes.

Professor Royale:
Researching, Experimenting, Tutoring, participating on Medical and Planning Boards.

Michelle; Socializing, entertaining, subtly manipulating others for fun and social engineering purposes from a top down angle.

Psyche:  Fun and frolics, with conniving social engineering from a bottom up angle.

The Juicy Bits


Way back when, in the 25th year of the 19th Century, Michelle was born on a Royale family estate in Massachusetts.  A ritual for her first feeding of the Hunger occurred when she was presented at the White Court; just before the South fired upon Fort Sumpter at the start of the American Civil War. This feeding has been the only kill Michelle has made as a Vampire.  It is also the only time she has actually attended White Court itself.

Being a minor scion part of the Royale Family has kept Michelle very much out of the limelight since then.  The family only calling upon her service now and again.  And that calling has usually only been at times of great strife.  Other than that, Michelle has been allowed to follow her own course; particularly so because her activity has been such that the Family has benefited from her general activities.

The White Court is barely aware of her existence due to the fact that the Royale family is only one of the minor Kindred factions at the Court.  In general, the Royale family support the Court as an institution, with their loyalties very fluid depending on who - or which family - is in the ascendant at Court.

After World War II, Michelle came to NYC mostly to create further distance for herself from the influences of Court and Family.  No one really cared about her absence; because of her level of activity in the politics of Family and Court.  By the 1960's Michelle had begun on her own personal crusade to find peaceable equability across the races.

By virtue of study, careful maneuvering and quiet interaction Michelle manged to establish a solid position for herself.  The study of medicine and mind, she found, was a key factor in changing minds and social tolerance - even acceptance.  By now, she no longer has to actively hunt to assuage her Hunger. Society, as a whole, is now so open-minded that fodder comes to her, without the potential to run afoul of White Council laws.  In short, Michelle just has to show up somewhere and let "them" initiate contact and compliance from their own desires.

Writing Sample:

Professor Royale waited patiently until the last of the post Graduate class had left her office.  As usual there had been plenty of questions, some quite valid, after the presentation.  She was quite used to this attention, simply because most of them were attracted to her and hoped for the off chance of private tutorials.  Those tutorials were rare, but really nothing more than a rumor among the students.  Once alone, she called in one of her interning assistants, "Miriam, be so kind as to prepare lab room X for tonight's appointment.  You will be assisting me in that therapy session. In fact, you will be conducting the work, I want to make an assessment of you. If all goes well, I may offer you a more permanent residency."

Miriam gulped, nodded and managed to squeak out an answer.  The girl had been assessed before, as a subject.  Her predilections took over, and she had really enjoyed that tiring assessment. "Yes, Ma'am... umm... can I... umm... you know..."

Michelle smiled at Miriam, "Oh Yes, Miriam... I fully expect that... given who the client is... And, before you ask, the answer is... yes... If you do well... The assessment interview will occur...during the session... Would you like that?"

Miriam almost wet herself with delight, barely able to nod her assent.  Psyche again smiled, and touched Miriam's hand, exchanging a moment of Hunger feeding with the young intern. With the snack of lust enjoyed, Psyche jerked her head towards the door, "Then get on with it sweetie."

Miriam made a wobbly exit form the room, mumbling out an almost breathless, "Yes, Ma'am, Thank you Ma'am"

Professor Royale, returned to her open files and made a series of notes.  Closing the documentation and filing it securely, The Professor headed off to her apartments.  Michelle needed to change clothing for the upcoming appointment. And Psyche really needed to come into the ascendancy for the session.