Freya Jameson

The Basics

Name: Freya Jameson
Nickname: Jay
Species: Part Valkyrie / Part Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23 (65 truly)

The Physical

Height: 5'9
Weight: 155
Hair Color: Golden blonde roots that slowly lighten up to a pale white at the tips
Eye Color: One blue and one hazel
Distinguishing Features: Eyes for one, but a scar running down from under her right (hazel) eye and ending an inch to the right of her mouth.

Physical Description: Standing at a cool 5'9, Freya has spent a majority of her life being taller than most of the women and many of the men around her; especially 50 years ago once she finally stopped growing. Her limbs are long and lean with subtle muscle that could easily misconstrue someone from her real strength. With wide hips and an appropriately sized bust, one she definitely couldn't complain about especially during the times of pin up girls and she was a hot commodity; before this whole heroin chic look of this decade. Freya could admit though, she did have a soft side for this whole grunge style and wasn't quite ready to give it up. Thick waves of hair start out golden, almost tinged with brown and end around her ribs in white, at the moment fully embraced in the 'I just woke up' look.

Her face the most striking, either because of her eyes and the distinct difference between the two of blue and hazel, or from the faded scar that runs from just under her right eye and almost down to her jaw, stopping just an inch from the corner of her mouth. It was a constant reminder of her past and Freya was completely thankful for being a woman or she was sure the Scar jokes would have finally killed her in this decade. Otherwise, she was beautiful, almost violently so as was her nature. Her kind, if she could even call herself one, a Valkyrie, being tainted with human blood was so far lost that she was surprised the qualities reflected in her from her mother even showed through. On many places of bare skin one will find select tattoos that she either did herself, or had a trusted (or at least someone she didn't think would run her through) needle onto her body. A valkyrie on her hip, the ganesh on her back, sunflowers down her arm, okay maybe they aren't all meaningful... One would have to see her fully nudey judy to find out the rest.

Alternate Form Description: Not a true alternate form. Freya does have some valkyrie qualities, including wings, and thank Odin for the fact that they can be released at will and at rest fold themselves away and are unseen by others.

Under The Hood

Personality: Can sarcastic be used? Most people probably thought she was insane, at least those who didn't know her, which due to keeping in a large part to herself, was everyone! Freya has a tendency to be stubborn and sarcastic in situations that make her uncomfortable and a large ability to do that dangerous thing that everyone was thinking of doing, but knew it would be insane to actually do. It didn't help that she would happily chat with herself and laugh out loud at the jokes and plentiful observations she made about others in her head. As stated, most people would find her insane, but loneliness begets those qualities, even if it is by choice. Distance is easier for Freya though, if she cares it becomes consuming. Her need to protect those that she cares about and the strength of her love only gives way to pain when they leave or they die. It happens a lot when you don't age and everyone around you does.

Goals: Get into the Nevernever and to Valhalla. To find the remainder of the Valkyries. To not drive herself insane slowly?

Fears: Pain. Never finding any others like her. Its a tough life to live when you don't die and believe me, Freya's tried. Humans in large part, in her mind they are the reason for her pain, though she isn't angry with them, just fearful of the damage they can cause for others like her.


Mundane Skills: Freya can make a WICKED cocktail. She is also a classically trained chef, food is one of her biggest passions and is so easy and uncomplicated, unlike the rest of the world. But working in a kitchen really takes the passion out of food. Most recently, she has opened up a tattoo shop in NYC. It allows her to make her own hours, hire her own staff, and pass the time as she figures out how to get from point A to point B.

Wings, duh! She is fairly strong, perhaps not as strong as some of the other full breeds out there, but she can hold her own. Doesn't age, heals pretty quickly too! Enhanced knowledge of combat and weaponry, especially when her mother taught it to her day after day as a child. Some people say that the Valkyries can harness the lightning of Asgard, of Odin. But seeing as she isn't a full Valkyrie and she knows of no others, Freya thinks that one is a pipe dream. The only other thing she can do, is see a person and know if they are a warrior at heart or not. She can't see the purity of their soul, just the fight in their heart or the lack thereof.

She can die. Say if someone peppered her up real nice with a gun or stabbed her enough. If she was hit by a train perhaps, anything that wouldn't allow her body to heal quicker than her heart could stop all gave the potential of her death. If she were to care about anyone, it would leave her vulnerable. She isn't good about not being protective and letting the chips fall where they may. Its the whole warrior thing. Her fears make her hesitant, her isolation makes her alone and though she could probably take care of herself one on one, she knows most beings could kick her ass to kingdom come.

Society Info

Length Of Time In New York:

2 years.

Tattoo artist/shop owner
1. What are you doing in New York, and how have you fared since arriving?
Running a small, but profiting enough tattoo shop. Slowly desensitizing her fear of humans. Trying to track down how the hell to get into the Nevernever without alerting the Sidhe.

2. You've just spotted a human getting mugged across the street. Before you can react, the victim suddenly begins to shift, changing into what can only be described as a werewolf and assaults the mugger. What do you do?
Answer: Oh lordy, protect, attack, then get myself a snack? Really though, Freya would observe. If the werewolf went to attack the mugger, assuming the human predator wasn't scared shitless from the human changing into wolf thing in front of him(or her); she would most likely release her wings, drop into the alley, grab the mugger and drop him(or her) at the police station with a nice little scare. She isn't one for unnecessary violence, but death is a big sentence to carry out and for humans, its usually an end all be all. If the mugger continued the pursuit of the werewolf, she would let the werewolf defend itself (stepping in if it looked bad for the wolf, but lets be real here...) and turn a blind eye. We are all given choices, and the mugger would have chosen wrong.

3. You've been accused of a crime you didn't commit, and are currently being interrogated by one of New York's finest. How do you go about convincing them of your innocence or, if all else fails, breaking free?
C. Do nothing. Refuse to answer any questions and request an attorney.

4. What does your day-to-day look like? What can you be found doing on an average day?

Are you sure you want to hear this? It is pretty tedious... A normal day in the life of Freya would be pretty simple, tattoo, eat, go to the bar and give herself some giggles all the while scaring even the big biker playing pool with his buddies. Maybe hustle the big biker in pool and go home a couple twenties richer. Her night time is much more active. Thinking herself a bit of a modern day batman, Freya tends to creep around the city at night, in search of hearing something or some way to get into the Nevernever. Occasionally she hears a tad bit here and there, but its never helpful. Never a way that she could get in, without the Sidhe noticing and getting to Valhalla, if there was anything left of it.

The Juicy Bits


The stage is set, the world is ready and its 1934 when little baby Freya comes into the world; screaming and crying her bloody head off. Her mother Kara in the room and her father Harold(real anticlimactic huh?) out working for the local paper. Father's weren't really in the room back then when babies were born and Kara was a champion, and Freya was a little warrior. Freya grew up during WWII, that lovely point in history made her blood boil every time she thought of it. As she grew, Kara would tell Freya that they were different, and as she came into her abilities (the wings at puberty were a fun surprise) she realized how different they truly were from Harold. Kara had made it a point during Freya's life that they could never let Harold, her own father, in on the secret. Harold was everything Kara was not and it stifled Freya until one day she couldn't take it anymore and called him a coward. At 15 she couldn't quite control herself yet and her wings spilled free of their own accord.

Her father attacked her that day, the knife missed her eye though and instead left her with a scar and daily reminder of how much humans would hate her if they knew who she was, no matter how much she thought they loved her. Harold died that day, Kara would never let her child die from a cowards hands. Freya always wondered why her mom chose someone with a cowards heart. Freya's mother died that day too, whether it was karma or some other cosmic force, Harold was able to get one good stab into Kara before she killed him and for some reason, she didn't heal. Perhaps, the knife, as it was until this day, the only thing that scarred Freya.

For years Freya ran, and at 15 and then 23, when she stopped aging (lovely thing to be 1999 now, when nobody likes you when you are 23), Freya realized she would have to spend the remainder of her life, no matter how long or short running. When those around realized she didn't age she would relocate. If someone saw something or she said something she should, she would relocate. It wasn't until 1992, sick and tired of running and giving up those in her life or those she thought had cared about her leaving that she finally decided she needed to track down a way into the Nevernever and get back to the place of her bedtime stories.

Valhalla was all but a dream to Freya. Her mother had told her stories of the women, made by Odin who were warriors in themselves. Who would protect Asgard and gather the spirit of the warriors on Earth who had died and would train them, mold them into some of the fiercest warriors that had ever been. They had been a family, and then Asgard came tumbling down. Odin released the Valkyrie and her mother fled to Earth with a handful others. Generally infertile, Freya became a happy accident, the biggest joy of Kara's life and well the rest is history and Freya was sure if she could find the other's like her, she would finally be home.