Physical Description:
Amelia is a tall and powerfully built young woman with short cut blonde hair and a rather boyish appearance. She has tanned skin hardened from a life of training and hard work, pockmarked with various scars and callouses. She tends to wear one of several outfits. When riding or working on the ranch she wears a long sleeved tunic along with a pair of trousers and leggings to protect her legs and a cloak to keep her warm and dry. When training or participating in battle, she wears an additional coat decorated like chainmail over it along with a helmet and spear. During more formal or more peaceable occasions, she wears a long dress with a smaller, shorter underdress underneath it. There are several colorful pieces of clothing or jewelry on her person regardless of outfit, most commonly her belt.

Demeanor and Mannerisms:
Amelia is exceedingly polite and formal most of the time, as befitting a daughter of a thane. She ensures that she has outward shows of great passion and desire to serve the clan. However, inwardly, she is actually much shyer and more insecure, believing both that she is undeserving of her position and she may not have ended up on the right path. She represses these feelings as much as possible, desiring to be a true member of the Coburn family. She shows her softer side around horses, especially her trusty steed Dusty, and enjoys riding almost more than anything else. Growing up in such a male-focused family has given her something of a complex about her femininity as well, she is bashful around other women and worries that she is ugly. She is also religious, albeit with a somewhat fatalistic bent.

Horseback Riding
Hand Weapons
Animal Husbandry
Shield Use

Two Handed Weapons
Outdoor Survival


Commonly Carried Equipment:
Horse (Dusty)
A bag of carrots and oats
Traveling Gear (Flint and Tinder, Rope, etc)

Family and relationships:

Coburn Family
The Coburn family has always been the leaders and defenders of the Raven Clan. It was said that even in the time of the great mutiny they fought to defend and free their brothers and sisters, and to this day they have served loyally and dutifully as Thanes and Carls. Each member of the family is expected to train as warriors and serve to defend the people of the clan. Their ownership of the breeding grounds for the horse and cattle herds has kept them wealthy and powerful, while their skill at arms is well renowned and respected. They like to have as many children as possible to grow the family and replenish their numbers.

Eadmund Coburn - Father: The Thane of the Raven Clan, a skilled and gregarious warrior with a big busy beard. He cares about all of his children in his own way, but also can be a little forceful in how he pushes them down to what he thinks is best for the family and clan. He leads the Raven Clan with a tighter hand than most Thanes.

Sofia Coburn - Mother: The Matriarch of the Coburn family and an able fighter, Sofia is a powerful and strong willed woman. She is actually doting in her own way, but is also incredibly strict with her children. She understands how important it is that they be brought into shape, and she can be a harsh disciplinarian.

Godric Coburn - Eldest Son: Godric is a dutiful son, with special skill at managing diplomacy and other factions. He used to be a renowned swordsman, but was injured fighting off enemy skirmishers, forcing him to walk with a cane. He is expected to inherit the title of Thane, something which he is more than prepared for. He is a little colder towards Amelia, but respects her regardless. He was wed, but in a fashion that was against tradition.

Cuthberht Coburn - Second Son, Twin of Sigeweard:  Cuthberht was actually thrilled to realize that he was not really in the line of succession, since it grants him more opportunities to go on gallivanting adventures around the moors. He volunteers most often to lead the trading caravans, and is excellent with an axe in battle.

Sigeweard Coburn - Third Son, Twin of Cuthberht: Sigeward is a canny archer, and far more pragmatic than his twin brother. He holds more jealousy towards Godric, but still does his duty for the most part. He is also a talented hunter, and gets pelts for the clan when off the field of battle. He travels with Cuthberht often, partially to keep his brother out of trouble.

Hilda Coburn - First Daughter: Hilda was born a daughter of the Coburn, and is the most pious of the Coburn family. Although she is skilled in the art of battle, she finds more care in serving the gods. She is close to the lorekeeper, and some think she will inherit the wizened woman's position. Hilda is something of a role model to Amelia for obvious reasons, and the one she was closest with.

*Amelia Coburn - Second Daughter: The main character of this tale.

Leofric Coburn - Fourth Son: The youngest son of the Coburn family, still growing into his next role.

There are others in Amelia's life outside of her family, even if the former dominated her social life.

Old Cyneburga: The Lorekeeper of the tribe, a wizened and friendly old woman who is very serious about keeping the traditions of the clan alive. While she often offers council to the Thane, she is more open about her services in general, and speaks to whoever she wishes.

Lucille: One of Amelia's childhood friends, a cheerful, feminine girl who works at the clan's brewery. She is one of the few people that Amelia confides her secret shames and insecurities with.

Eadric: Another old friend of Amelia's, the son of a rich Carl Family. Their friendship drifted off over time though, more than partially since Eadric is something of an arrogant jerk. Their families are close though, so she still runs into him from time to time.