Emberlyn Crowley
Name: Emberlyn Crowley
Nickname: Emmie
Age:  20 (Birthday is October 30th)
Abnormality: Median and Shadow Manipulator
Weakness:  To know the weakness, one must be familiar with Emberlyn's abilities.

First, she can manipulate shadows, which is another 'gift' that she was given after the accident during her adolescence.  This means she can shape and manipulate shadows (even making them into a solid substance when she needs to.)  Recently, she has learned how to travel through the shadows but this specific ability has proven to be very difficult.

Where there is light, there is no darkness. Therefore, during the day her abilities are not easily accessible.  She has to work extremely hard to pull shadows during the day and, at times, it is impossible.  She can NOT create darkness, she can only use what is already there.

Things that go bump in the night tend to be drawn to her as if they can sense her connection to the darkness and things beyond a regular humans realm of understanding. Unfortunately, this is not always welcome and, at times, has put her life in danger.

Second, she is a median *(see history). This means she has one foot on the realms of the earth and one beyond, because of this, she can hear the whispers of those that have gone before and even see them if they wish to show themselves. Normally, it is to request help from the young woman which she can't always do but she tries, even if it risks herself (this is something Archer has addressed).

There is really not much weakness that comes with this ability unless you count chronic anxiety and insomnia from constantly being haunted by those that have gone on before.

Time With Archer: 5 years
Theme song:   Sound of Silence
Face Claim: India Eisley
Physical Description: Emmie's physical appearance really depends on how active the whispers have been.  The more sleep has had, the more put together she appears.

Her long,  dark chocolate colored hair is usually pulled up in a loose bun on top of her head or in a high ponytail but when she does allow it to hang loose it frames a face that is as smooth as porcelain and the same color as fresh milk.  There are no blemishes on her face which adds to her 'doll-like' appearance.

Her thick lips are often stained with pinks and reds, which stand out against the color of her skin.  Her almond shaped eyes are framed by black, tattooed eyeliner and thick lashes that some people 'would kill for.' Together, these two things bring out the depths of her stormy-gray eyes.

Like her mother before her, she was not blessed with much height. Instead, she stands at a mere 5 feet 4 inches. Her height and the smoothness of her features give her a youthful appearance, but the shape of her physic reveals a young woman that is shedding her adolescence and moving into adulthood.

Her taste for clothing changes like the wind but there is one thing that remains the same - she will wear black until a darker color comes out. To her, the color goes with everything and it is easy to assemble with different jewelry, scarves, etc. You can dress it up or down.  She also likes the way it contrasts perfectly with her palor.

Distinguishing Features: Her pale skin.  It is one of the first things that people tend to notice about her which often leads to jokes about her not getting enough sun.  She usually laughs them off or ignores them altogether (which she is good at) because it is hard to get sun when you are up all night listening to the darkness.

Personality Description: Emberlyn Crowley was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  From the beginning, her parents were grooming her for a life in the spotlight. Everything from how she articulated words, to how she walked, to how she stood, was all instilled in her.  Today, that is a lingering part of who she.

Other than that, she is a stark contrast to the person she once was.  The immature mean girl that stemmed from being raised getting everything she wants died the day she did.  Where she once craved attention, she now craves solace and the friendship of a few close friends.  The obnoxious girl that wanted to stand in the spotlight and be applauded for simply being a Crowley, desires nothing more than to hide in the shadows and forget the people that wouldn't believe her.

Silence often befalls her lips but when she does talk it is with a delicate, placid tone that harbors no malice (unless you have really angered her.)   Normally, Emberlyn is a calm individual that is slow to wrath, but woe to those that step over that line because she does not hesitate to lay into someone (both verbally and physically.)

What are some of your characters likes? Silence: Emmie finds solace in the silence. Why? Because when there is silence, there are no whispers from beyond or the darkness beckoning at her to toy with it.  It is a quietness in her brain that she does not get often over the past five years. So, when it does happen, she tends to embrace it and hang on as if her life depends on it.

Caffeine: She is addicted to caffeine. It can be in the form of coffee, tea, energy drinks, whatever will give her that jolt of adrenaline that she often needs on the nights when she has been up all night listening and talking to those that visit her.

Music: When she needs to drown out the noise in her head, she turns to music. It can be from the radio, her thousands of songs on her iPod or her piano and violin (both gifts from Archer.) The sound of her playing can often be heard throughout the home and there have been times when she has played so long and so hard, that her fingers bleed.  She was introduced to music at an early age but her love for it did not blossom until she reached Archer's home. Her parents always hired teachers that did not mesh well with their daughter and she began to hate sitting at the piano. Over the past four years, she has advanced her skill.  Sometimes she will sing when she plays.  Recently, she started singing and playing at Delirium (much to Archer's disapproval.)


Meaningless Conversations: Before the accident, Emberlyn talked..a lot. She constantly had something to say and enjoyed the sound of her own voice. Since the accident, she has felt secluded from a majority of the population and because of that, her conversational skills have suffered. Some times, it is hard for her to focus on what others are saying because the voices from beyond are so loud. Because of this, she hates chit chat, especially when it involves things like the weather.

Unbelief: She spent two years of her life being told she was a liar. No one believed her when she tried to tell them that she came back from death with more baggage than she left with.  Because of her parent's unbelief, she was sent to counseling, put on many different types of drugs that left her feeling worse, and was secluded from her peers because of her 'psychosis.'  The only one that believed her, was her younger sister, Adelyn.

Worst Fears:

1. That she will never be able to integrate herself back into society. Which means, she will always be dependent upon Archer to help her through life. She wants to get a job, travel the world, maybe even go to college, but will all of that ever be possible when the demons of the night seek her out and the spirits depend on her to avenge them?

2. It may seem trivial to some and, honestly, she would never admit it out loud but, she fears that she will never find her happily ever after. That love is lost and she will never be able to find someone that accepts her for who she is - creepiness and all.

3. The worst of them all is losing herself to the darkness. She has been part of the supernatural world for many years, she has read Archer's journals and the writing of others, so she knows that the darker parts of this new world call like a siren. Some are strong enough to shoot it down like a rabid animal but others embrace it like a lover.

Interesting facts not in rest of biography:

She has an obsession with shoes and has more pairs than anyone really needs. She often drags Daniel along with her to shop, even if it's just to try things on and look in the window with desire.  Emberlyn tends to favor a few specific pairs but every time she goes to clean out the others, she has a hard time throwing them away or donating them to the local thrift store.

Speaking of thrift stores, she also enjoys vintage clothing and taking old articles of clothing that people have thrown out and turning them into something new. This hobby first started when her parents sent her to live with Archer. She knew that her father and mother would be horrified to know their daughter was shopping thrift stores and wearing other people's shirts and jeans..and it exhilarated her. Since then, she has taken to using the sewing machine to repair and add to thrift store finds. She has also learned how to make her own clothing and jewelry, just for fun.

Does your character work outside of the Residence? Not 'outside' of the residence, but she does teach piano and violin to younger (and older) individuals. She also has a blog called 'Midnight Musings' that has a huge following.

History:   The Crowley family is well-bred and, for many generations, has dabbled in politics and other areas of society that would bring them wealth and put their name in the spotlight. Their smooth tongues and beautiful appearance made them likable and easy to move up the proverbial ladder.

Leonidas Crowley was bred to follow in his father's footsteps and he was groomed from the beginning to do just that.  From his childhood, his wife was chosen for him and their marriage arranged to benefit both families. Angelina Hawkins was beautiful, smart, and everything a man could dream of having. She did not speak unless spoken to and was only seen whenever he wanted her to be seen.

Three years after they were married, Leonidas and Angelina welcomed their first daughter (Emberlyn) into the world.  From the day she was born, Emberlyn had the best nannies, followed by the best instructors, and sent to the best schools (beginning at the age of four.)  Her father was determined to groom his children to be perfect examples. Perfection was something Leonidas strived for.

Unfortunately, was perfect on the outside was broken on the inside.  Like a majority of families in the spotlight, there were many issues whenever the cameras were pointed in a different direction. Including, verbal abuse and mental turmoil brought on by a man that viewed his family as objects instead of humans.  Their mother caught a brunt of it but it was in the home where Emberlyn learned to control others and lash out verbally, deeming and tearing down others that she saw as subpar.

Those continued until her 13th birthday.   On the large estate that her family owned was a pond that froze over during the winter, it was here that she and her sister (Adelyn) would go ice skating - away from their father and the secrets hidden within the walls of their home.   Unfortunately, this specific winter the pond did not completely freeze and the ice cracked beneath her weight. Within seconds, she was in the water and under the ice.

Fortunately, one of the girl's nannies was headed down to call them inside when he heard Adelyn screaming for help. He arrived in enough time to pull Emberlyn from the depths, but by the time the paramedics arrived, her heart had already stopped.  They spent the entire drive to the hospital attempting to coax her back, but to no avail.

Hours later, Emberlyn once again drew her first breath. She woke in the morgue of the hospital, confused, and convinced everything that had happened was nothing more than a bad dream.   It did not take her long to realize what she thought was a nightmare, was her reality: the submersion, the walk she took behind the veil, the spirits she met, and the shadows that followed her like puppies.

When she came back, parts of the veil came with her.

She spent several days in ICU following the traumatic events. During that time, not a single word left her lips.  At first, the doctors were not sure what lasting effects the young girl would live with, or whether she would ever fully recover, but they asked that her parents be patient and give her time.

But, recover she did, and she was deemed a medical miracle by the hospital staff.

But from the instant she returned it was obvious to her parents and sister that she was not the same.  The life that once filled the depths of her eyes was dimmer and there was a darkness that wasn't there before.  Soon after her release from the hospital, she began to wake up at night screaming, sweating profusely, and shaking as if she had succumbed to a night terror.

When she finally confided in her parents, the two people she is supposed to trust with everything in her being, her father immediately began to believe she was lying - craving attention after the accident. Her mother, on the other hand, talked Leonidas into taking her to see a doctor.  Initially, the doctor believed she was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and, over time, she would find ways to cope.

Months passed. Psychiatrists were seen. Pills were given. But, nothing seemed to help the girl and the crazier she began to feel.

Eventually, her father had enough and reached out to an acquaintance of a mutual friend, Archer Ashby.  Mr. Ashby was known to take in and rehabilitate troubled youth.  So, Leonidas contacted him and discovered that Emberlyn was exactly what Archer looked for when accepting people into his program.  Angelina did not agree with her husband's decision on sending their daughter to a troubled youth's home but, like many times before, her desires were not heard.  Leonidas would do anything to keep up the appearance of a normal family, even if it meant hiding his firstborn in the shadows. He offered a large sum of money to Archer to keep his daughter's attendance at the home on the down low and, for the past several years, Archer has abided by Senator Crowley's wishes (even if he doesn't necessarily agree with it.)

Initially, Emberlyn was not sure what to think of the savior that had come to her aide and plucked her from her father's home, but it was Archer Ashby that pulled back the curtain and introduced her to the world beyond her reality.  He took her by the hand and led her down a path where she came in contact with things that you only hear about in storybooks or seen in movies.

Over the years, Emberlyn has found the Ashby Estate to feel more like a home than her previous one ever did. Here she is believed. Here she is helped. Here she is cared for and her voice heard.

Family Connections:

Senator Leonidas Crowley:  Most people that follow the media are aware of the Crowley surname. For the past seven years, Leonidas and his family have been in the political spotlight.  He has worked his way up by rubbing elbows and knowing the right people but that does not mean he is not good at what he does.  Like his father and grandfather before him, Leonidas is the perfect politician.

Angelina Hawkins-Crowley: The daughter of business mogul Gregory Hawkins and everything a politician like Leonidas could want in a wife. She is beautiful, smart, and was raised to be perfect in the crowd he runs with.  Her wealthy father has funded his endeavors under the table for many years, putting even more money into it since the two married.

Adelyn Crowley:  Addie came along two years after Emberlyn and from the very beginning, the two were best friends.  Emberlyn doted on her baby sister from the first day at the hospital and they were inseparable up until the accident. Adelyn also happened to be the only family member that believed Emberlyn and for that, Emmie will be forever grateful.  Adelyn is the only member of her family that Emberlyn actively reaches out to and stays in contact with.

Recently, Emberlyn learned that she can control more than shadows. She has called forth creatures from the darkness and coaxed them into coming here.  She is still learning the extent of this ability, and, so far, the creatures she has summoned have been friendly.

Only time will tell what else the young woman can call forth.