Daniel Constan
Name: Daniel Conston
Nickname: Danny, Dandan
Age: 19 (2nd of November)
Abnormality: Fairy

Not as intimidating when you say it out loud like a fanged creature of the night would impose, I'm sure there's something that Daniel could learn over time that could make him less of a threat but for now, if you saw him on the street he looks mortal, walks mortal, talks mortal. There are people that do say his capability to whine is a trait in itself.

Weakness: He knows nothing of his ancestry and the power it promises and to that end, he is very vulnerable in any confrontation and has every other weakness that human mortal has.

Time With Archer: Two Years
Theme song: Daniel's Theme
Faceclaim: Lucky Blue Smith

Physical Description: If one were to hope for any sort of facial hair on Danny's face then one would be sorely disappointed, through trial and error Danny has found that hairless wins every time, both facial and bodily. Still, his near black brown hair is kept in a near-perfect symmetry of messy and control, just the way he likes it. His sense of style in hair matches with the clothes he opts to wear on a day to day basis. Casual but incredibly fashionable all the same, opting for dark blue tops of various styles to oppose his pale blue eyes. 5ft 6" and with the build, enough to be borderline skinny/average his trousers reveal his lack of muscle and standing with skin-tight black jeans (faded depending on the pair and if there is an S in the day) with the accompaniment of grey fabric-based shoes or cuban heeled styled boots. (Typical he has good shoes)

Distinguishing Features: There is a small brown birthmark on his rear lower neck that almost appears to be a small pair of wings.

Personality Description: He may not be a blue skinned demon, he not be a shadow controller or a vampire, but he is all the same one of the more insecure soul at The Ashby Household. A lot of this has come down many of things occurring over the last few years that he has not yet fully come to terms with. His family disowning him for his mortal sin of homosexuality, leaving everything he knew and living on the streets of New Orleans and his ultimate fear of feeling alone and unloved constantly realised every night he slept on the street. For a boy not even in his twenties no one would blame him if he was emotionally inclined, if he had a lot more in terms of  fears of abandonment regardless of how or why.

Danny is well out-spoken and is never ever afraid to speak his mind to just about anyone, that in itself has put him at some risk of trouble with the wrong people, but what is worse? Speaking your mind and stating your piece and letting your feelings felt or drowning in what if's? To this end Danny is spontaneous, if anything catches his eye he'll do it, especially if it's fun (Like bathing in the sun on the roof of the mansion wearing nothing but a pair of speedos, hot right?)

Despite his start in life in a Catholic family Danny is anything but an apostle, hates all religions and particularly hates the damage and damning rift it caused between him and his family because of his sexuality.

What are some of your characters likes and dislikes?

His love for Coffee is pretty much evident in everything he does, there have been many a time someone has walked in on him and he'd be on his seventh or eighth.

Does decaf coffee count as a dislike? (It sits on a throne of lies)
As petty as it sounds Danny cannot handle the idea of having his coffee interrupted unless it passes a rigorous checklist; his coffee stash is gone, Archer needs help washing his back, free coffee samples at the cafe's, half price shots at the clubs

Despite his age and almost immature attitude to most life aspects, Danny does not appreciate not been taken seriously when it matters most. If anything it infuriates him. He can hold a grudge for a long time. And the only time he will ever let go of that grudge is if someone apologises sincerely or makes it up to him one way or another.

Interesting facts not in rest of biography: His addiction to Coffee alone has made him a fair aficionado in that field, knowing the difference in blends from the look and smell of the beans,

Worst Fears: He needs people he cares about in his life more than he would ever admit or they would ever know, his dear best friend forever in Emmie, if someone were to take her away from him, he would be terrified to be in the same position of having no one to give him the support he begs for. Being attention seeking ain't just immaturity, it's his need to know that he actually matters if he's even there or not.

Does your character work outside of the Residence: One-off jobs here and there to help pay off his last escapade which left him owing $100 worth of coffee to pay up, mostly moonlighting as a barman at gay clubs and bars, Archer agreed to pay off half of the debt if Danny agreed to work the rest off himself. (Ain't he a doll!)

History: An originally South Dakotan, born and raised into a strong rooted Catholic family of four; his mother, Amelia, Father, Jeremy, and little brother, Damian. Soon as he was old enough to understand what was being said to him and read, Danny was immediately brought into the rigid Christian fold (when your folks read you the Bible as bedtime stories you know you've made it.) He could not fully remember when he was able to tell when he was different from the rest of the people in his town and indeed family, he couldn't explain it he just knew it, he could see signs, like whispers of his name on the air, dreams of places he feel he had been to before, the sound of a crying baby. But if his parent's attitude to things not approved of by the bible was anything to go by, showing off would have likely ended up a disaster.

At 16 years old life seemed to be treating Danny as well as any could hope for, especially given his hidden abilities, he could see anything going wrong, then one day it did, and it all started with a boy named Bobby, chats at school turned to hanging out turned to meet ups away from prying unwanted eyes. They were so careful being around each other, they both knew that if Danny's family got whiff of what was happening between them. Sadly that was indeed the case, Bobby found them and still too young to know any different told their parents almost immediately. It all went downhill so quickly, his father demanded Danny to never see Bobby ever again and his mother never spoke a word to him afterward. The guilt alone caused Bobby to leave Danny before he could even speak a word about it. Danny could barely stand been in that same house for a year and thus before his 17th birthday, he ran away from home, no note to say why or bye, he just disappeared, from what he heard afterward before leaving the state itself, his parents didn't even mark him as missing to the authorities. Was that all he was to them now, nothing, less than nothing? With nothing left, he did what he could to get by, eventually hitchhiking down to the Louisiana state and into New Orleans itself.

New place, new people, new smells, new life. The latter Danny was hoping for the most, but with next to no money to his name that was never going to be the case. Ending up homeless pretty much as soon as he arrived, fending for himself in a city for nearly 5 months taking as much as he could from dumpsters and using his abilities to put it simply, survive. (Warning Warning cringe alert) It was a week before Christmas and do-gooders were making their rounds along the streets hoping to see if they could perform their one good deed of the year before going to ignore the homeless. Apparently, Danny wasn't meant for this from regular people, it took a charity to approach him and offer him a place in a homeless shelter. The Ashby foundation for the homeless gave Danny a bed, clean clothes and some manner of hope to keep him going until he could land on his feet. Finally a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. (Apologies if that made you throw up)

Moonlighting as a glass collector for bars and clubs as when they needed the help finally Danny was getting some money to his sorry name and at last he could try and enjoy himself, he just didn't know how he was debating this to himself when a barrister on the street handing out free coffee samples, Danny had not tried coffee before, and that one try was all it took. The taste, the warmth, the increased heart rate from the caffeine. Suffice to say Danny had a new friend, and it wasn't a person. Months down the line and Danny seemed to be using every cent he could cough up to fuel this new obsession. It didn't take long for his funds to dry up and the charity didn't exactly approve his request for more money to buy more. He didn't want to give up so easily, not when he had one advantage over every other thief in the city. One night he took the plunge, in the early hours of one Monday morning Danny broke into a coffee shop and helped himself to pretty all the coffee he could serve himself before the morning shifts showed up. They did just that, and they found him, on the floor gasping for air suffering from a heart attack. Danny could not remember much but he definitely remembered waking up in a hospital bed cuffed to the railings with one man in a suit looking down at him, whether it was the medication or the caffeine drop all Danny could say was to comment on how hot this guy was, turns out the man was the founder of the charity, Archer Ashby.