Archer Ashby
Name:  Archer Ashby
Nickname: None. He was raised in a different time where nicknames were not as common.  He prefers the formal, given name for himself and others.
Age:  He appears to be in his early 30's but he has walked the earth for more than 200 years.
Abnormality:  Vampire
Theme song:
Strengths/Weaknesses:  From the moment he woke up with the curse, Archer has discovered he has many strengths that his human mind could have never comprehended.  He has enhanced strength, agility, senses and speed after he consumes the blood of mortals.

Death may call for him like a siren but it can't entice him easily. Since his body is already dead, human sickness such as cancer, flu, and other diseases can't harm him. To ride the world of his presence, one must sever the head from his body or burn his entire form to nothing but ashes.  Of course, this means someone must catch him first.

Sunlight is another weakness. He will not combust when stepping out into the sun but it is not comfortable either. As the rays caress his flesh it causes pain and eventually agony if he stays within its reach for longer than necessary (currently, he has a powerful friend working on an elixir to make the pain bearable when he is in the light.)

Faceclaim: Daniel Gillies
Physical Description: There are none alive today that knew his father personally but photos of the Ashby patriarch reveal that his eldest son is a replica of him. From the raven-colored hair that is styled on his head, to his dark, abysmal eyes that seem to peer into the very depths of an individuals soul.

His skin tone, once sun-kissed from hours of time outdoors, is ashen from his death so many years ago.  The color contrasts perfectly with his dark hair and eyes, which he is thankful for because had he been blonde like his siblings and mother, then he would appear washed out and colorless.

One thing he did not inherit from his father was height. The man towered over his business partners in a way that was unsettling, but Archer received an average stature from his grandfather.  He stands right at (or a little under) 6 feet.  His frame is not bulky and due to his frozen state, it never will be.

Archer is rarely seen in anything other than a tailored suit. This is the clothing he feels most comfortable in, especially since he is usually swamped with business meetings and other engagements that require him to be presentable.

Distinguishing Features: He has had many comments on his eyes throughout his many years on the earth. They are dark brown, almost black, and deep windows that sometimes betray the very emotions he works hard at concealing.

Another is his voice - when Archer speaks, people listen. His tone can be smooth and welcoming but he also knows how to demand attention. His words are often eloquent and reveal that he has been around for quite some time.  He rarely raises his voice because, honestly, he doesn't need too.

Personality Description: There are many people in leadership positions that have stoic demeanors and, at times, can come off as unwelcoming or bothered by the presence of others.  Archer has never been that type which is one reason his father's business blossomed during her control.  People enjoyed speaking to him and he welcomed their conversation.

Archer will talk about anything and nothing is beneath him. The more people engage him the more obvious it is that he has both wisdom and knowledge far exceeding that of mere mortals. He uses both of these are tools to help his when guiding and counseling those that need it.

He does enjoy laughing which is a personality trait that he inherited from his mother. Some of his fondest memories of her are when she was laughing, so he has refused to let this world steal his joy.   Before he became the monster he is, he desired a large family and the laughter and activity that came with having children.

What are some of your characters likes and dislikes?
Reading and Studying: Archer has always had a thirst for knowledge. It is one positive he discovered about being a vampire and living forever - he had endless time to drink in as much information as he can. Whenever he is not working or instructing, he is in the library or on the veranda with a book in his hand. He does have electronic reading devices but he prefers the weight and smell of real books.

He has several degrees from years of college; a majority of them are in psychology.

Learning different languages:  He doesn't necessarily 'like' learning new languages but it comes with having businesses all over the world. He speaks French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. He has tried to learn German but has yet to master it and, by now, believes he never will.

Influencers: He does not like people in power (supernatural or human) that use their position to influence others; especially when it is used to bully people into having the same beliefs or ideas.  He has seen this too much during his life and it never gets easier to experience.

Laziness: Archer believes that there is a lack of work ethic in society. He has lived for hundreds of years and he has seen the good and bad as the times fluctuate. While there are many good things about the times, he sees laziness in people that were not always there before.

Interesting facts not in rest of biography: Archer may seem like a calm, content individual but he still has the curse of a monster running through his veins. His temper is not easy to access, but woe to those that hurt the people he considers family. He will not hesitate to step up and use the abilities the curse gave him to lash out - no one intentionally hurts his family, or those in his care, and lives.

His favorite animal is horses.   Other than the library, the stable is his favorite place on the property. When he is with the horses is one of the few times people see him in jeans and a t-shirt. He does not go in there just to spend time with him, he cleans stalls, polishes saddles, and even changes their shoes, all things he learned when horses were a mode of transportation.  A requirement for all of his homes is having enough land for horseback riding. It is a way for him to get outside of the walls and into nature, even if it has to be done at night.

He is the oldest of four children born to business magnate, Alden Ashby.  Like his father before him, he was groomed from an early age to take over family businesses when the time came, which he did at the age of 25 when his father passed away unexpectedly from heart failure.  It was at this time that he stepped into the role of caretaker for his mother, three younger siblings, and owner of his father's corporations.

With the help of his father's friends and colleagues, Archer managed to not run the company into the ground. In fact, it blossomed under his care.  But, time moves forward, empires rise and fall, and life happens - along with joys and sorrows.

At the age of 30, Archer met his future wife - the daughter of his father's friend.  Gracelyn brought peace to his life that he did not even realize he was missing. Six months later they were married and nine months after their wedding day they welcomed their child - Elanore - to the world.  For a moment, Archer had it all: power, a beautiful wife, and a perfect daughter.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Archer stumbled onto something that went bump in the night. A life and part of society that you only hear about in horror stories that you tell children to get them to obey.  The darkness fell over him, pulling him into it to a point where he could not get out without making the wrong people angry.

Powerful people tend to attack without caring about collateral damage. Unfortunately, this collateral damage had names - Gracelyn and Elanore.  The life that Archer once knew was burned to the ground and he was left going through the ashes in hopes of salvaging something, anything, from his business and family.

That's when the cravings started.

The years that followed were difficult, to put it lightly. The vampire that turned him had no desire to help him figure out the new world that he had been cast into against his will.  Because of that, there is many innocent people's blood on his hands and the screams will torment him until he finally says goodbye to this world.

Eventually, after many years of trial and error, he began to gain ground and was able to control his cravings.  No longer was he a monster that killed to fulfill his own desire.  He rebuilt his business and started many more. Asher changed from person to person, all the while attempting to hold steadfast to his moral code. At times, it was (is) difficult not to turn off that part of his brain where his humanity lingers and allow the monster that lies beneath the surface to take control.

As he moved through the darkness, faced demons, and saw a different side of reality, he came to see that there were others out there like him, others that were peculiar and burdened with a life that didn't ask for.  This realization has led him to where he is today: A caretaker and friend to those that are friendless.

Archer welcomes peculiar people into his home and helps them when no one else will- gives them a start that he never had.