Edward Dixon
(Work in Progress)

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
   – C.S. Lewis

Name: Edward Dixon

NicknameKing Edward Mythgrove, Ed, Eddie, The Boy with a Dragon, HRM.

Age: 30

Abnormality: True Dreamer; Monster Hunter

Weakness: Nightmare Enmity, Many Enemies over the Years, His Own Self-Loathing Holding Him Back, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Defeatism.  Even at his best, he was always a little disconnected from reality.  He sometimes would lose track of time in Mythgrove.  For a while there, he never wanted to wake up, but that's kind of how he got to be like he is now: a hot mess.

Time With Archer:  12 years.  Maybe more.

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZKuzwPOefs

Faceclaim:  Alex Pettyfer or something!

Physical Description: 30 year old white guy.  The interesting parts are the parts that distinguish him.  See the next part!

Distinguishing Features: Drunk a lot.  Often high.  Or zonked on pills.  Sometimes passed out in a bathroom or in his bed.  Has a sword, that's probably weird -- though it isn't his dream sword, that's been lost for ten years now.  Probably has a couple of scars and maybe some bite marks.  Smells like booze even when he's not drunk.  Kind of looks like what a young fantasy hero/champion/protagonist would like like if he really let himself go and got hooked on smack.

Personality Description: Imagine a perfect painting.  Then someone took a giant crap on it, and tried to wipe it off, but only ground it in, so now its got all the perfect painting underneath still, but some really nasty rancid poop all smashed on top of it, and in all the nooks and crannies.  Then advance like 10 years, so that its just impossible to tell where the painting ends and the poop begins.  That's what Eddie's personality is.

What are some of your characters likes and dislikes?
He likes Archer, Archer has always been there.  He protected Archer, then was protected by Archer.  Now he crashes on Archer's couch and sometimes Archer needs to administer narcan to keep Eddie from overdosing.  He doesn't like fuckers and their fuckery.  If you can't tell a fucker from a non fucker, then you're a fucker, and Eddie doesn't like your fuckery, so knock that shit off.  Or else.  Normally, its traditional to include a list of stuff like this is a dating video or something, but who the fuck wants to date a drunk, drug-addicted monster hunter who is afraid of his own nightmares?

Interesting facts not in rest of biography:  This is a trick.  If they were both interesting, and facts, they'd be in the biography.  Let me tell you some interesting lies instead, so as to avoid leaving this section blank.  Eddie thinks that his current situation is temporary.  A part of him thinks he'll get his shit together.  He's just waiting for the right time.  You know, when shit isn't constantly going wrong.  He just needs some time to put his head on straight.  To get over shit that needs gotten over.  For now, things are a bit rough, and its just hard to get sleep between the meth and all the people who need help fighting off nightmare monsters, so some uppers, some downers, greens, reds, blues.  With all those colors, sometimes you need the purple pill too.  Stress, bad diet.  Hey, this never happens to me.  I swear!  Where are you going?  Well, screw you too!

Worst Fears:  Having to face reality.  And having to face his broken fantasies.

How would you like to see your character grow?
I mean.  It's obvious yeah?  He needs to get clean and get his shit together.  It's been so long since he's been to Mythgrove.  He needs something to Dream about.


The supernatural realm.  It is a dimension layered above our natural world, from which spirits, monsters, and magic all originate and still resonate with its powers.  How do magical creatures create energy and mass where none existed before?  How do they affect things at a distance with no medium to carry their power?  The answers lie within that mysterious realm a realm of symbols, of thought, of nightmares and dreams.  Some call it Faerie, some call it Heaven.  It surely might be Hell.  The truth is, all those ideas resonate within the mythic realities above and beyond our own, if one is able to tune into the truth beyond cause and effect, beyond the so-called physical laws of nature.

How is it that men can use magic?  How is it that a vampire might be repelled by a cross held by the faithful?  It is simple, belief, will, even the secret of our own consciousness, all reach across into this mysterious Immateria, and the Immateria reaches back to us.  Some resonate more strongly than others, those cursed, sometimes abominations, sometimes spirits from the supernatural realm (or one of its resonant levels).

Thus, when fear spreads, when doom is felt in the hearts of men, and the lament of millions fill the world with nightmares each night, the Supernatural Realm feels it.  It feeds off it.  Those things within it that are like nightmares are drawn to ours.

But sometimes, no matter how bad the world seems, someone dreams of something better.  Someone with a natural talent to resonate with the Supernatural.  A True Dreamer is born, and new worlds are forged from the beyond.

Edward has been Dreaming since he was a child.  And his Dreams were so powerful, they leaked into our world.  He was known as The Boy with a Dragon, and the Nightmare Things learned to fear Edward.  At night, he would travel to his Kingdom, the Kingdom of Mythgrove where he was the Boy King.  He had the power to command Qindyr the Fearless, a dragon of exceptional power, and he was taught how to fight with Stormkiss, the legendary Sword of Kings.

And he grew up.

First a teenager.  He fell in love with a Princess.  Princess Rosalyn Whitehall. She was a fellow Dreamer, and their Dreams, for a time, came together.  Every night, they would spend together on adventures.  But then, she found someone else. Someone that was there with her during the day.  A rift grew between them.

Then a darkness came to Mythgrove.  It was called the Calamity.  The earth broke, and things, dark wicked things, came up.  Villages burned across all of Mythgrove, and the Dream that had once been bright, turned dark.

Edward sent word to Rosalyn, that Mythgrove needed the help of Whitehall against the monsters.  But she sent a message back.  "I don't want to see you anymore, Eddie.  It's not fair to either of us anymore."

Mythgrove fell.  The Calamity took it, and what was once a bright and happy Dream became a nightmare -- and then, worst of all.  Eddie stopped Dreaming.

As a child, he had come to Archer's attention.  Edward's Dreams were exceptionally powerful, and sometimes the things within Mythgrove were able to come into our world.  Edward had quite the talent for summoning forth Qindyr as a young boy, and then also the blade, Stormkiss, as a teen.  Whenever nightmare monsters threatened the innocent, Edward, The Boy with a Dragon, was always ready to fight them with his Hope and Innocence, bringing light to the darkness, and often a Dragon to a Fang-Fight.

But when Edward's dreams started to falter, when he started to grow up, rather than being helpful to Archer and others like him who were trying to keep the peace, and live in harmony with the mortal world, Archer found himself needing to help Edward instead.  The boy had made many enemies in the Supernatural world, including the Somnum Exterri, a secret society devoted to spreading Nightmares throughout the world in order to empower some seriously dark magic.

Edward found himself unwilling to Dream anymore, and eventually turned to drugs and alcohol in order to numb himself into unconsciousness, rather than risk having to face Mythgrove again.  He lives under Archer's protection, and occasionally uses his skill with a sword and his knowledge of the occult, as well as his connections in the magical underworld developed when he was known as The Boy with a Dragon.

He's now 30 years old.  Something of a monster hunter.  But mostly just a drug addict and drunk.  He owes Archer his life many times over, but he's so miserable and self-pitying that he's never really thanked him.  To admit how far he's fallen would be to admit what he lost, and why.

People say that you lose your sense of wonder and start getting old when you grow up.  But growing up had nothing to do with it.  It's when you give up.

Do you really need to know who his mom and dad are?  We're going to save that family shit for chapter two.  All you need to know for chapter one was his family was lower-middle class, white, christian, and his parents were way more cool than any of that shit would lead you to believe -- I mean, they had to be cool to raise a Dreamer.  No, there were no family tragedies that were responsible for how Eddie turned out.  It was all his own doing.

But that's not to say there isn't more to his family.  I mean, why else would it come back in chapter two.  No, you see.  Eddie has niece.  And she has quite the imagination.

I've already given away too much!  Wait for chapter two for that, just like everyone else!

Connections and Shared Histories:

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