Bianca Maddox
Name: Bianca Kathleen Maddox
Nickname: Bee, Beanie
Age: 24


Light Witch: Like any true member of the Maddox clan, Bianca and her twin, Adeline, are Light Witches, an individual gifted with powers of healing and protection. Priding themselves as a coven that wishes to use magic for good rather than evil, the Maddox and those who serve alongside them shun any and all applications of it that could remotely be used to harm others.

Bianca is no different in this regard; her abilities usually manifest as a soft, white-silver glow of Light around her hands or within talismans and crystals on her person. Once primed with this energy, she can either harden it into physical shields projected around herself or those close to her, or use it to mend flesh and bone, though the extent at which she can perform such feats depends on the severity of the wound and the amount of strength she holds within her.

Curse-breaker: Though a slightly more shunned aspect of Light Magic, Adeline is proficient in shattering curses and rendering bewitching spells null. While the skill is indisputably benevolent in its reasoning, those of the Maddox coven are fearful of it, for it implies that the user enters the mindset of the one casting said curse in order to understand how to break it, or at the very least control it.

Pushing the Boundaries: Through her travels, Bianca found certain spell components that are rumored to bypass magic shields. She's continued experimenting with these components, and researching in as many libraries as she can, in order to find one that might let her circumvent the sigil.


Sigil-Guard: As a part of her Maddox heritage, Bianca was branded with a magical sign meant to halt her from ever casting something with the intention of harming others. In order to do this, the Sigil cuts the connection between her mind and the pool of energy she uses to cast her spells; as a result, she often experiences strong, mind-numbing migraines, selective amnesia and other such conditions. The Sigil itself is a tattoo etched on the back of her neck, depicting a series of overlapping circles enclosed within a greater circle, split at the middle by a single, thick line. A sentence encircles the entire drawing, written in Latin: "Like water and oil."

Untapped Potential: Much to Addie's chagrin, her spells are most definitely not as effective as they should be. Her control over the Light often reaches an unseen barrier whenever she strains herself, a barrier she feels has no connection with what actual limits she has in casting her own spells. It is as if she has one arm tied to her back, yet still she pushes through, hoping that she will never need more power than she is permitted to use.

Wrong Alignment: Bianca was raised among withces who believed in a rigid adherence to rules, believing that following rules means being good. This is the alignment distilled into the sigil; however, Bianca believes stronger in doing good regardless of rules. She's the vigilante to the witch police department, and chafes not only at the restriction to her magic but the restriction of only one way to be good. This created a personality that struggles with any sort of authority but her own.

Time With Archer: None.
Theme song: This is Gospel - Panic at the Disco
Faceclaim: Devon Jade

Physical Description:
Bianca's bright blue eyes are framed with black kohl liner and dark eyebrows, and her pouted lips are rosy brown. Her cheeks are dusted with freckles that only the thickest foundations could cover, so she doesn't bother to try. Her eyes, though mischievous-looking and kind, also hold none of the doubt in her twin's otherwise identical features.

Bianca walks with her head up and shoulders back, and there's a spring to her step like someone who has an utter lust for life. Everything in her sight is a candy, and it's her magical duty to indulge. This includes the bleached white hair, because it's true what they say: blondes really do have more fun.

Sporting a slim waist and fair skin, she usually likes to complement these traits with her wear, preferring to dress in faux leather, mesh, leggings, and clunky Ugg boots that make her legs look awesome. Part of the reason she moved to Louisiana was for the weather, and there's only one sweater in her wardrobe. There's a bright septum nose ring studded with crystals, three piercings on each ear, a choker with a mother-of-pearl inlay, a spiral bracelet on her wrist, and three rings per finger. These, however, are the only visible jewelry. There are lumps on her breasts that hint to further body piercings. All of the jewelry holds stones of varying cuts. She has one of those old fashioned gun holsters strapped to her side, but by the unusual lumps it doesn't seem to hold a firearm.

Distinguishing Features:
Apart from the Sigil tattoo covered by the choker, the only other distinguishing features of import would be her 'died' white hair. Her hair is artificially aged to the point of becoming grey thanks to the Sigil's impact on her body and spirit, another symptom of the Maddox clan's obsession with Light. It is thus that, instead of using a dye, her hair is literally dying to supply the same end goal. Bianca tried dying her hair red once, just to be contrary, but the dye didn't stick.

Whenever she walks by, the person catches a whiff of lavender oils.

Personality Description:
Despite her appearance, Bianca is a bubbly little ball of happy. Her lust for life bleeds over in how she eats, moves, and dances. She's the first one to laugh at a joke, to approach a new friend (because every stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet!), and dance once the music turns on. Unlike her twin, Adeline, Bianca thrives in the spotlight.

This verve can quickly turn sour if anyone, be they in the right or not, decides to put restrictions on her fun. Then she's the first to shout and dominate the conflict, knowing most people in most circumstances will back down before it turns to blows. If it does? Well, she is a Light Witch; she'd just heal herself.

She also can't stand watching someone else getting bullied, or being told to hold themselves back, and will be the first person to stick her nose in and shout at the offenders. Not her business? Don't care! It had to be said.

What are some of your characters likes and dislikes?
Coffee, black. Chocolate, dark. Ice cream, vanilla.

Bianca loves to indulge in food, and she loves to blast music when she's working in her lab.

But most of all she loves magic. She loves the art. She loves artificery. She loves understanding all of the components, emotions, and artwork that go into casting spells, making a talisman, brewing potions, or crafting useful objects. She collects notebooks, potion books, artifacts, spell components, alchemy tools, old books, libraries, grimoires, and lavender. It's her favorite scent, and she makes her own perfume.

Interesting facts not in rest of biography:
Bianca originally came into New Orleans because she heard a rumor of a private library collection; she hadn't heard until a couple days ago that her sister was here. She has no idea that Adeline had been picking up notes believed to be from Bianca that read "follow me". Whoever left them, it wasn't Bee.

Worst Fears:
Untapped potential.
Rules that break the spirit of their intent.
Being manipulated without knowing it.
Spiders. (They just don't move right.)

Times change. Traditions remain.

Bianca and her twin, Adeline, both were born into a family with a tradition of using magic only for good. Stories say they began this practice sometime around the Salem Witch Trials, but, hell, Bianca totally slept through history class. It was full of being lectured at about morality, but morality for a time long gone for circumstances no longer relevant.

Bianca was the louder of the two twins, and Adeline followed her lead. The older they got, however, the more strange Adeline got. She started talking to things that weren't there, finding notes that didn't exist, and calling Bianca "Kathleen". There were witches who noticed and tried to heal Adeline, but none of them worked. There'd been talk within the Maddox clan of maybe doing away with the Sigil. Maybe it was time to put that old tradition to rest; no one believed in magic enough to hunt and murder withces anymore. The age of science and skepticism and amazing special effects gave them a spoke screen.

Those talks stopped when the third ritual to heal Adeline's schizophrenia failed. Their mother decided to continue with the Sigil for one more generation, and to change the day of the branding from their wedding day (when children leave the household for another) to their 18th birthday. Bianca raged against it. She didn't have Ade's condition, so why should she also have her talents declawed!

Mom branded her anyway.

Bianca stole some money and left home in the dead of night. She found a job as a seller in an occult bookstore two states away, and has been on her own ever since doing odd jobs both mundane and magic-like: fortune telling and card reading, even though those involved no real magic. People liked the ambiance enough to pay her, and that paid for the supplies she needed for real magic.

Occasionally Mom and Dad try to contact her, but she made her choker out of reflective mother of pearl. It reflected all attempts to scry on her whereabouts. All attempts to find her were as of yet unsuccessful.

Now she's moved to New Orleans to follow a rumor of a private Occult collection, and isn't aware that her twin left home when she did.