Oscar Ashby
Name: Oscar Ashby. Ozguzun
Nickname: Oz or Ozzie. Occasionally when out and about he goes by Oscar Cole
Age: 22
Abnormality: Demonkin
Abilities/Weaknesses: Ozguzun is a being of frightening strength, once thought of as an imposing killer and master in torture, some would say the best in his field when it came to bending and breaking even the strongest of wills. While several still boasted raw power that easily overshadowed Ozguzun's his abilities were varied and expertly precise, easily bridging that gap with his wits and cunning so even towering behemoth-like foes would be wary of challenging him.

But the Ozguzun of before is gone. Oscar Ashby is a different person entirely.

While still strengthened by the demonic blood pumping through his veins a lot of what he is capable of has been sealed away behind intricately placed and designed sigils all over his body. An overwhelming majority of what he once was has been kept at bay by these markings and even Oscar agrees that this is probably for the best.

This by no means implies though that the young man is weak. What power he still retains past his mystical bindings grants him heightened strength and durability. And while he can still be knocked out or impaired it takes a lot to keep him down for long. Most simple wounds can be shrugged off though more serious injuries like large cuts or gunshot wounds he would need to focus on in order to heal them properly and the more times he has to do it the longer it takes him to recover. Still most small wounds only serve to piss him off and may God have mercy on you should you ever find yourself on the receiving end of his claws or horns.

While conventional methods would have a hard time doing much permanent harm to Oscar that in no way means that Oscar is invincible. When it comes to things that go bump in the night the weaknesses tied to his unholy bloodline as extremely well documented. For instance, while Oscar can step foot on Hallowed Ground it causes him a considerable amount of discomfort the longer he stays and he severely weakens himself in the process. There are numerous rituals found in many religions designed specifically to keep his kind at bay. Holy water. Pure Iron. Sanctified oil applied to weapons. All pose a deadly threat to him. It is because of this above all else that he must keep his true nature a secret to those outside the Ashby Estates.

Time With Archer: 18 years
Theme song: Dangerous, Could Have Been Me
Faceclaim: Stephan James
Physical Description: In his human form Oscar stands roughly 6' 3" and admittedly forms a rather distinctive image to those that cross his path. His tattoos aside he knows that his appearance makes him hard to go unnoticed so he tends to lean into it. Straight black hair is cut short and can usually be seen slicked straight back or to one side and when not hidden behind sunglasses his bright green eyes tend to stare intently at the world around him. Despite his rather intense visage he often has a wide grin on his face, sometimes warm and inviting while most times it looks like he's up to something untoward. Working hard to maintain a rather muscular, athletic build he makes a point to try and dress in ways that compliment that.

In his demon form, when the glamour fall, a lot of Oz's overall physicality remains the same but several distinctive things stand out. What most people tend to notice first is that his height shifts to 6' 6" when you start to include the long, rough, curved horns atop his head that start just above his forehead and curve backwards a bit before sharply turning skyward again before ending in a sharp point. His eyes shift from a bright green to a dull yellow with cat-like slitted pupils as his flesh takes on a strange ashen blue color. His wide grin he commonly wears also serve to show off a mouth full of sharp, pointed teeth and his fingers have grown unnaturally long with pointed claw like nails.

Distinguishing Features: Tattoos. So many Tattoos. While his face has remained relatively untouched nearly every bit of Oscar's flash is covered with intricate tattoo work. The front and back of his torso, both legs, both arms, his hands, his feet, his neck and even up into his scalp there is little space on his body that is not covered in ink. In his human glamour these take on a wide variety of shapes an colors. Some are tied to specific iconography from a multitude of ideologies while other are just symbols of different bands or shows he is fond of. For most of them though he just thinks they look cool. And as these are a part of his glamour a keen eye might notice that every few days one or two of the tattoos will change depending on his mood though the largest ones remain mostly untouched.

Without his glamor though the tattoos tell a different story. These are not artistic. These all serve a purpose. Consisting entirely of sharp or curved geometric shapes and sigils written in mostly forgotten languages in hard black lines. When using his abilities the coloring of these lines can shift when forced to exert himself and push against his bonds. Doing so causes him considerable strain though so he's only seen them change a handful of times.

Personality Description:Oscar is overall pretty easygoing and laid back. During his younger years with Archer he was full of spit a vinegar, mad at the world and everyone around him and not caring who around him got hurt in the process. But after multiple years with a father figure that had the patience only someone who's lived for centuries could maintain Oscar has mellowed out considerably. He still has a bit of a temper from time to time but for the most part he tends to be fairly relaxed. He is also fiercely loyal and protective of those that also call the Ashby Estate their home. He knows his appearance can be off putting for most but if Archer trusts a person enough to welcome them into his home that's good enough for Oscar.

Likes: Fast cars and motorcycles. Street Races. Wine and Cocktails. Documentaries. Cooking Competition Shows.
Dislikes: Traffic. Bad Drivers. Cops. Beer. Hats and Helmets.
Interesting facts not in rest of biography: While He doesn't follow the example of his surrogate father and dress in a suit and tie every day he is very particular about his self grooming habits and the conditions of his clothing. His morning routine is quite involved. He makes sure that his clothes are properly cleaned and pressed and when anything he owns gets torn or gets stains in them that can't be easily gotten out he never wears it again. He will mend and repair if possible and donate it first but he wouldn't dare risk being caught wearing damaged clothes in public.
Worst Fears: Oscar is often worried that one day he will lose Archer. While not his father by blood the main raised him and he owes everything he is today to the man. He considers himself extremely lucky to have been found by the vampire all those years ago and knows that if not for him then something terrible was likely going to happen. This is why one of his biggest goals in life is to assist the head of the household in achieving his. The entire reason he's been able to create his own identity is because of this man and he wants to make sure other people get that same chance. But without Archer's guidance he wouldn't know where to start.

Along a similar vein he is scared of what may happen if his past nature were to come to the surface. He has no direct memory of what he was like before coming under Archer Ashby's care but he has done enough research and has been told enough by his father to know that kind of power unleashed on mankind could be catastrophic. This is why he doesn't fight against the bonds placed anymore, why he's accepted the tattoos as a part of who he is and has made them a part of his glamor, albeit with different designs. Perhaps those binds could be loosened over time but not all at once. He very much prefers the man he is now compared to the man he used to be.

History: Brandon Foster was born to a happy home with two loving parents. From the moment he was born his parents were sure that Brandon was something special. His mother and father doted on the tiny child, though admittedly begrudgingly at times when he would wake them in the middle of the night because he was hungry or uncomfortable in a wet diaper. But children grow up so fast and as many parents do they would one day find themselves missing those days.

And that becomes doubly true when your child is abducted by a cult at the tender age of two years old.

A nationwide manhunt was held but no leads were found. No ransom note was sent. No demands were made. One night the Fosters were went out for the night to celebrate an anniversary and when they came back  that night they found the babysitter dead and Brandon gone. The Fosters had no enemies and were nobody special. They weren't wealthy and as far as they knew they didn't know anybody that would kidnap their child just to hurt them. So why?

Why is because Brandon was special. Or the bloodlines of his parents meeting to create Brandon is what made the child special. It made the young boy the perfect candidate for a ritual, a very powerful ritual meant to bring a powerful darkness into the mortal realm. This spell was so complicated that it took another couple years to fully prepare. In that time Brandon was held captive, left in poor conditions and barely cared for while they prepared him, brainwashed him so that he would not fight what was to come but instead approach it willingly while also following special instructions of what was to be done to make sure the spell was a success.

And so when the day finally came everything was set. Everything was in its proper place and Brandon, now four years old, was placed in the center of the ritual circle hidden from prying eyes in an abandoned barn. Everything was set and with no interruptions the spell went off without a hitch until the very. Unfortunately this sect of the cult had mistranslated a portion of the spell. They had believed they were preparing Brandon to become the perfect sacrifice. Instead they had made him in a vessel for the darkness they were trying to summon. But when trying to contain such a powerful being inside the body of a child there can be complications.

The boy's earliest memory is feeling like his very essence was was being torn to shreds and reshaped. For a few brief moments his entire existence was nothing but pain as he screamed his way into existence. After what felt like an eternity  the child was able to open his eyes, blinking away blood filled tears as the tried to make sense of what he was seeing. The large building that had been around him was reduced to splinters and all that was left of the cultists were their smoldering remains which had been ripped apart by some terrible force. The kidnappers were not the only casualties that day though. The soul of the body's former owner, Brandon Foster, was consumed by hellfire. This left Ozguzun alone, shaking in pain as he curled into a ball on the ground, his skin turned a grayish-blue color and a small set of horns freshly sprouting from his forehead.

Thankfully the vampire got to him before the police arrived.

The trauma of the event had caused young Oz to lose all memories of the being he had been before taking on this new form. Whoever he had been before, whatever machinations or schemes he may have been seeing through, all his lofty ambitions and alliances. All of that was blocked from his mind, leaving behind only a scared, small child. Confused and scared by unfamiliar surrounding and people, young Oz hated Archer at first. And honestly who could blame the boy. To him Archer was the cruel man who kept him locked inside all day. He was the man that brought him to see strange people who would inspect and examine him. The man who brought in special people to poke at him with buzzing needles that left horribly itchy marking on his skin he wasn't allow to scratch. He hated him and rebelled wherever he could. He would warn the other people Archer brought home with him that he was a cruel, evil man. But instead they praised him. Thanked him for what he did. It made no sense.

As he grew older though that anger shifted to understanding as he came to understand what had happened. What Archer had gone through in order to make sure that the darkness residing within Oz wouldn't hurt other people while also ensuring that the young demon wouldn't harm himself as well. He was given basic schooling within the walls of the estate while also working with Archer and a few others he would bring in to better control what he could do. He would learn about the demon he had been before and, likely to Archer's relief, Oz decided he didn't want to be that person. He didn't want to follow that path any more. He wanted to create his own path. But he also knew he wouldn't be able to make it on his own yet. He needed Archer. He respected Archer and was grateful for everything he had done for him.

One of the best days of his life was when Archer asked Oscar if he would like to use the Ashby surname when out in public.

When Archer made the decision that he would be moving his estate once more to New Orleans Oscar did not hesitate to follow. Granted by normal standards the young man was still too young to be on his own but even then Oscar would have followed his father anywhere. And so he stayed at the Ashby homestead for several years, helping wherever he could as Dad continued his mission of helping wandering lost souls. And that was enough for a time, until his twentieth birthday when he decided he needed to travel. He had spent his whole life barely straying farther than a few miles from home. He didn't know anything about the world outside what he'd read in books or seen in films. He loved his father and believed wholeheartedly in his mission but he didn't know who he was outside of that. Who he wanted to be. And so, with his father's blessing and support Oscar Ashby left for a time to better find himself. The trip was initially only supposed to be for a few months but he decided he wanted to see more. To meet more people. He would still keep in touch with his father, letting him know that he was fine. He would find short temporary jobs to help support himself as he traveled though on more than one occasion he would have to call up his father for financial support. For a while it doubtlessly seemed like Oscar was never coming back.

But now, two and a half years later, it seems the adopted demon son is coming home.