Ezekiel Graves
Name: Ezekial 'Zeke' Graves
Age:   34
Abnormality: Werewolf/Alpha
Theme song: (Optional)
Faceclaim: Charlie Hunnam
Physical Description:  Ezekial is everything that one might picture when the words 'motocycle club' are mentioned.  He towers over the average person, standing at 6 feet 5 inches, and is a waterfall of muscle.

His dirty blonde hair is rarely cut close to the scalp; instead, he allows the unruly locks to fall, caressing his neck. His bright blue eyes often dance with mischief, revealing that if there is trouble close by he either caused it or is going to join in the fun. If one looks close enough, they will see a brown birthmark on the right iris.

He usually sports a five o'clock shadow or beginning of a beard, but he makes sure that it isn't as unruly as his hair. He takes time to keep it neat because he knows the ladies don't want to kiss bear.

His clothing of choice is always the same - jeans, a t-shirt, and the leather vest cut with the Widow Maker emblem on the back. When the temperature is cooler, his jacket has the same markings on it as the vest. Basically, if it calls for a suit and tie, he isn't going to be there.

Distinguishing Feature: He has often been told that his smile changes his entire persona. Gone is the grudge-worthy biker that enjoys fast women and even quicker motorcycles, and in his place is someone still clinging to youth. Someone that just wants to have fun and enjoy life.

His laugh is another. In a similar fashion to his smile, when he laughs, others join in whether they know what he said or not.  It can be loud, boisterous, and reveal that deep down, he is entertained and easily amused.

History: There is not a lot known about Ezekial's past and he prefers to keep it that way - he doesn't see why people need to know about his rough childhood spent in foster care, dead girlfriend, and lost son. Or the other mental and emotional scars that haunt him daily.

All they need to know  is he runs the local wolfpack with a grin on his face and a glint in his eye.  He has been in this position of authority for two years, but so far, the pack has prospered under his supervision and leadership.  They are still well-known in the supernatural circle as trouble makers and rebels that consider the law a suggestion, but they have not dabbled in as much illegal activity since he took over.