Jaclyn Tallows
Name: Jaclyn Tallows / Ruby
Nickname: Lyn
Age: 26
Abnormality: Jekyll-Hyde Syndrome

     Lyn: This is her original form, before the manifestation of Jekyll-Hyde Syndrome. It is, for all purposes, mortal and mundane.

     Ruby: On the flip, Ruby is a nightmare. Strong enough to lift a semi-truck, fast enough to keep up with a vampire, and regenerative enough to be nearly indestructible, Ruby is the one to beware. She is also drawn to the dangerous things in life- drugs, alcohol, fast men, and faster motorcycles. Her control over Lyn grows every day, as does her thirst for violence and the extreme joys of life.

     Ruby is uncontrollable, and leaves Lyn exhausted when an episode is over. The spans of time while 'Ruby' are like watching her body through a window pane, she can only observe. The time spent in that persona is stretching, Ruby taking her nights while Lyn sleeps.

Time With Archer: 18 months
Theme song: Rival - Satisfy The Rage
Faceclaim: Jessica Perez

Physical Description:
     Standing at nearly five feet, nine inches, Lyn is a tall woman. Her build is naturally slender, though takes on a definitive bulk of lean muscle when Ruby is in possession. Her hair is styled in shades of blonde, and her eyes are typically a soft, silvery blue. When stress triggers Ruby, they turn green. Both aspects of her personality are very distinctively different.
     Lyn prefers to wear clothing for comfort. Colors pepper her wardrobe with loose skirts and worn jeans. Her hair is usually tied back into a ponytail or twisted up with pins.  Ruby prefers to wear clothing for shock value. Half her closet is full of dark hues, leather, and things that most decent people wouldn't wear in public.

Distinguishing Features:
     Her most distinguishing feature are her eyes. They flash with ever malleable color, Ruby always right below the surface. In a single conversation, they can bleed from blue, to green, to something in the middle as she ever struggles with keeping Ruby at bay.

Personality Description:
     Before Hyde manifested, Lyn was a shy and quiet young woman. Her studies in literature led to a Masters in Library Sciences. Long nights were spent toiling over old texts. As such, she can read Latin and a spattering of Latin-based languages. Introverted and calm, her life was organized. Ruby's appearance was a wrecking ball. The first morning she woke in a strange man's bed made the guilt begin. It was ever an internal struggle between her strict morality and Ruby's want for excitement. Ruby is, the exhibition of all her suppressed wants - vain, jealous, violent.

What are some of your characters likes and dislikes?
     Lyn's quiet lifestyle lead to similar pursuits. Reading, taking long rides on her bicycle, yoga and meditation at the local gym. She didn't enjoy large crowds of people and avoided most social situations that made her stand in a room full of strangers. She is deathly afraid of deep deep water, and refuses to go anywhere near something her feet can't touch the bottom of.
     Ruby has almost non-existent patience. She can't stand useless prattle when there is action that can be done. She is impulsive in the worst sort of ways, the embodiment of leaping before looking.

Worst Fears:
     Lyn's worst fear is losing herself. That some day she will fade entirely and only Ruby will remain. She is also deathly afraid of deep deep water. Drowning is terrifying, and she refuses to go into anything that would be over her head.


In 1885, a book was written in a short span of six weeks, recounting the tale of a Dr Jekyll, whom had, through a serious of experiments, found the secret to dark impulse. Formulating a serum, he was able to physically transform into the creature come to be known as Mr. Hyde. Stronger, faster and more agile than his human counterpart, Hyde also had a taste for the darkness. It culminated in murder, and Dr. Jekyll, unable to control or live with the creature he had made, confessed his tale to someone that could tell it and no one would believe. Shortly after, the prominent doctor was found, death by suicide.

His legacy, however, did not die.

Mr. Hyde's antics provided a child, the manifestation of his bloodline in 1896. The child grew, had a family, and in his middle forties was faced down the end of a pistol in a robbery. His own Hyde emerged. It was then that the secret of their cursed bloodline was discovered. However, with the path scattered through cousins across multiple continents, the family was unable to contain or even share this information. In 1901, the newest Hyde took his own life, unable to cope with the ever growing darkness.

1963, another manifestation, another tragedy. The first female to manifest Hyde abilities. Her time was even shorter, the madness swallowing her in mere weeks.

Then Jaclyn.

Stress is the trigger. Not normal stress, like missing a flight or being late for an exam, but deep, impactful fight or flight response. She was walking home from work, the world dark and snowy, when a figure moved out of the shadows. It came toward her, burning eyes, reeking of death. Just before curled claws snatched to take her away, Hyde was triggered.

The blonde female transformed, the wicked and curled smile of her counterpart the only clue that this hunt was about to go poorly before she nearly tore the young vampire apart. It retreated, and Ruby was well and truly born. When Lyn awoke the next morning, it was only with a hazy understanding of what had happened.

Then the dreams. Violent, bloody dreams. Dreams of going to the bar, of drinking shots and picking fights. Dreams of anger. Then one day, while telling a group of teenagers to be quiet, the voice began, snap their necks, that'll shut them up. Horrified, Lyn retreated to the bathroom, where a pair of green eyes glared back at her. Come on, Lynn.. don't be such a little bitch. They don't respect you, make them. She took an early day and went home.

The voice didn't stop.

Archer found her, half-mad, and on the brink of murder. He diffused the situation, took her away, and put her in counseling. Too volatile and unstable, it is only now that Lyn has been starting to integrate with the others. She still has issues, and a long way to go, but Ruby is ever always there.