Isaias Deveraux
“The hour when night breaks away from the day, my dove, let me go.”

Name: Isaias Acosta Deveraux
Nickname: None
Age:  385
Supernatural Abnormality: Vampire
Faceclaim: Justin Louis Baldoni
Occupation: Architect

Information: Isaias Devereaux holds the second-in-command position of the New Orleans vampire coven.  He was a long-standing member and was there when Archer Ashby held the role that Alianna Lecray now possesses. In fact, Isaias was the first choice when Archer was replaced, but his morals and friendship with Archer kept him from accepting the coveted role.

The man is a supporter of the work Archer has completed with the city and was one of the architects that helped design and produce the French Quarter when it was erected.   He has met with Archer on multiple occasions at the Estate over the years and has even stayed for dinner a few times.

He does not flaunt the connection between him and Ashby, per Archer's request, and is the one that keeps him informed of coven business.  He has expressed that he does not like what Alianna is doing with the power she has, and that he would prefer if Archer were reinstated as the leader.

Unfortunately, Alianna refuses to hand it back over, and everyone knows the history between Archer and the woman.