Axel Arathorn
Love me or hate me, both are in my favor.

Name: Axel Arathorn
Nickname: None, and don't even try to make one.
Age: He appears to be 26, but is around 350  years old. Different from their Nephilim family, the Archangel Descendents stop aging once they are in 'full maturity.'  So, even though they may appear youthful, they have typically been around for quite some time.

Abnormality: Archangel Descendent/Angel of Death

Nephilim Abilities: Increased stamina, agility, heightened senses.

Archangel Abilities: Axel can kill anyone and possibly even anything using varying means, either instantly, slowly over time, after certain conditions are met, or after a particular time has gone.

Afterlife Transport: He is is capable of taking the souls of others, willingly or otherwise, to the afterlife.

Death Sense: He can sense the coming of death, determining when someone is dead or dying or if others have been killed in a specific location. This may extend to seeing the names and lifespans of those who's faces he sees.

1) Axel can't just go around killing whoever he chooses. He is given the names and locations by his Superior. The only leniency that is given on this is when the person or supernatural is using their abilities for nefarious purposes, then he can make a judgment call, that he later must give an account for. Demons are also fair game.

2) Even though Axel was sent from above, that does not give him immunity against the emotional instability that comes with his calling. Throughout his lifespan, he has led many to the afterlife, somewhere ready and others were not.  This has affected his emotional state.

3) Because he still has human blood running through his vein, he can still die. It just takes a lot more to kill him than a bullet or car accident.  He is still plagued by human needs: food, water, etc. He still tires.

Affiliation:  Nephilim/Indepedent

Theme song: Original Me
Faceclaim: Jaime Campbell Bower
Physical Description: Usually, when people first see Axel, handsome is not the first thing that comes to mind. He does not have the 'movie star' appearance that many people - men or women - are attracted too. His face is thin and made up of sharp angles, pronounced cheekbones, and deep-set eyes that are decorated with dark circles that come from lack of sleep.

His hair is often disheveled. The mop of dirty-blonde locks that sit atop his head usually looks like it has never seen a brush; he has tried taming it, but like his spirit, it is rebellious. His sun-kissed skin reveals that he does not just keep to the shadows; in fact, he enjoys spending time outdoors. The sound of the waves of the ocean can be soothing - the depths of a forest is where serenity is obtained.

Axel's hazel-colored eyes are the perfect mixture of green and brown, swirling together to create a masterpiece is not often seen on mere mortals. There are honey-colored flecks decorating the other colors and are only seen when looked at carefully.

His six-foot frame is not intimidating, and not what one would think of when picturing the one that carries out the execution. He is rather thin, with more of lithe appearance than bulk. He has more of a runners physic than bodybuilders. Because of this, he is agile, quick on his feet, and maneuvers easily.

Axel's attire consists of t-shirts, denim jeans, and, frequently, a black leather jacket. He has a favorite pair of black boots that are scuffed, well-worn, and been around for a while. He does have a special outfit that he wears when he is carrying out orders - it washes easy, doesn't stain.

Distingushing Features:  Axel comes off as more of a bad boy than an angel. He has a piercing in the right nostril, one in his left eyebrow, and a lip ring (that he often plays with when he is deep in thought.)  Several tattoos mark his body. Some of them, like the shackles on his wrist, is just for decoration. Others, like the dots on each one of his knuckles, and the black curves that peek out from the collar of his shirt, were given to him by those that have their own powers. They enhance Nephilim abilities and give him a little more of an edge.

Axel has a very realistic tattoo that covers his entire back from the base of his neck down to his lower back. The intricate designs of the black wings make them look realistic.

It is from this tattoo that his wings extend and retract.  When they are needed, Axel can roll his shoulders and cause them to expand, appearing from his person.  They shine blue and purple tint whenever the sun hits them, just like the feathers of a Raven.  They are incredibly soft to the touch but strong enough to lift his body off the ground.

Personality Description: Axel has always been competitive and standoffish, with very few friends,  because of that he is a quiet individual; someone that would rather listen, than speak.   It is in his nature to enjoy solitude, and he embraces it well.

When he does speak, it is usually in a condescending manner.  He does not even try to impress people, so he does not worry if he is insulting someone or driving them away with honesty and sarcasm.

He is intolerant of people who are uneducated or act like they know something when they very clearly don't.  He has never hesitated to call someone out on their bullshit.   Because of this, making life-long acquaintances has been hard (even when he made an effort), but those that do look past the character flaws of his personality find someone that is loyal, almost to a fault.

Axel would not hesitate to throw himself in front of danger for the people he considers friends.

He was given a divine appointment and works for power much higher than himself, but that does not keep the work he does from affecting his psyche. It is not easy to spend your life leading others across the threshold and into the arms of forever; especially, when they are not ready.  Their pleas haunt him, their desires for just a little more time stay with him, but death waits for no man.

What are some of your characters likes and dislikes?

Reading: He never really got into the technology movement, and while he believes it serves a purpose in today's society, he prefers to spend time lost within the pages of books. He will read anything, from the ingredients in the shampoo at the supermarket, to more intellectual books.

People Watching: One of his favorite pastimes is watching mortals. They think, act, even walk differently, then the archangels, and it is fascinating to him. Often, he will find a coffee shop and remain for hours, watching the people come and go. Some people have called him out on his staring, but it never seems to bother him (he fit right in when he was visiting Germany.)

Food: For someone that is a little on the scrawny side, Axel knows how to put away some food. He always has snacks hidden away somewhere and can often be found at cafes, burger joints, and diners.   He loves to eat and is thankful for a ramped-up metabolism, or he would be the next contest on 600-pound-life.

Music: As cliche as it may sound, Axel enjoys music (doesn't everyone?) He will listen to anything, from classical to hard rock, and everything in between.  He even enjoys a few pop songs. He plays the piano adequately but never plays for anyone other than himself.  Don't ask him to sing, though. He knows that he can't carry a tune.

Dislikes: Bad coffee, boy bands, sleeping without a fan on, stupid people, vampires, mismatched socks, Monopoly (if that's you're favorite board game, get out), pumpkin spice, cats, he'd rather face a demon than snakes or spiders, Medians (they make his job complicated), Keto.


Every person, supernatural or human, has a beginning. They have a moment where they breathed in that first lungful of air. They have a past, with memories of loved ones, or things they wished they forget. Situations that shaped them into who they are in their present time.

Axel Arathorn is no different.

He was born to Zadok and Amythest Arathorn, a royal bloodline in the sight of Nephilim. As a direct descendant of an archangel, Zadok was born with a purpose. His lineage would continue the work of the ones that came before him, and the ones that he bore would carry the same title.  Because their first child was a boy, Zadok and Amythest were required not to bear any more children, which meant Axel would remain an only child throughout his years.

His parents were not the only ones that had set rules which must be followed. Axel did, too.  As angelic beings, Nephilim are raised differently than their supernatural counterparts, but Axel had a more strict childhood than even his heavenly peers.   Since Archangel blood ran through his veins, his training began at an earlier age and was more intense. He was presented as an example for others his age to follow.

From the beginning, his parents treated him more like a warrior in training than a son. The rigorous instruction from those in a position of authority,  and the mantel that he had to carry, all of weighed heavily on his young shoulders - you can't be who you want when you are required to be someone else entirely.

From an early age, he excelled and accomplished all task that was set before him, meeting all expectations. He threw himself into training, with the desire to be the best, and few could match his skill.  Fifteen years after his birth, he was introduced to Azure Kaane, his counterpart.  It was then that he learned he had been created for even more of a purpose than he was initially raised to believe. Together, the two of them would balance out the other: the giver of life and the taker.

After his initial meeting with Azure, many questions buzzed in his mind, but he was instructed to focus on his position and to ready himself to leave Pulchra.  His destiny was to work among the human populace and police the supernatural world, keeping the terrors that wanted to upset the balance in their place.

Eighteen years after his birth, Axel graduated from the Nephilim Institute with high honors and officially stepped into the role of the Mashḥit (destroyer.)  Throughout his lifespan, he has had an impact on the world, which includes wars and other history altering events. Since his accolade, he has been seen in correlation with Azure.  She is the light to his darkness, the calm to his storm, and without her, he would release chaos upon the world.

Connections: If you want a connection with Axel, shoot me a private message.

Being an angel fighting for the greater good does not pay well, but that is not the only reason Axel has what he calls The Van. He bought it, replaced everything under the hood, but refused the touch the outer portions of it.  He wanted it to be a vehicle that no one was drawn too. Something that no mundane human or supernatural would look at twice.

Because in the back of the van is where he keeps a majority of the weapons he uses.  He also stores his motorcycle (see below) in the back. There is also a small cot in case he needs to sleep, snacks for the road, and other odd and ends.

Axel does not prefer fast cars; instead, he tends to keep to vehicles that he can use even in a traffic jam. So, he sticks to motorcycles. While he appreciates the aesthetics of a good Harley, he prefers something with a little more get up and go.   Raven is his baby and he takes better care of her than anything else in his life.

Axel excelled at a majority of the weapons placed in his hand during his training, but throwing knives quickly became his favorite of all. He appreciated the strength that went into the throw, the precision of the aim, and that they could be used at a distance or up close. He keeps several on his person at all  times.