Zelda Colette
Name: Zelda Colette
Nickname: Colly
Age: 20
Abnormality: Human/Magician
Relationship: It's complicated...very complicated

Anyone can pull a white dove out of a hat, very few are capable of creating one from the energies of the world, anyone can fall through a trap door and make it look so convincing, next to no one can fall through the floor, when there is no trap door to go through and appear somewhere else like they were there the whole time. Timing, sleight of hand, creativity and a tiny pinch of magic...ok a lot of magic. These make Zelda more than just a magician performer, but a modern witch that can tap into the universe's mysteries to make herself far more than she allows her audiences to think.

Push her to the floor, a mannequin collapses. Floating off the ground, no strings attached. A lion pouncing out of the wardrobe, you won't have time to question how she did it.

Weakness: Her own humanity is her downfall, she is capable of dying just as any other mortal is. She can count on both hands how many times she has come close to a messy end whenever her performances have gone wrong before she has overextended herself of failed to catch on to an animal's temperament. Fortunately, these dire mistakes have made her more cautious with herself and not to get cocky.

Affiliation: Ashby bloodline
Theme song: Coldplay: Magic
Faceclaim: Hailee Steinfeld
Physical Description:

A full body taken care of for as long as she could remember from both the fun of working out and the gym and showing the guys how it's done therein and only using the best minimalist makeup she could afford to highlight her features, not hide them. Brown eyes that command equally respect for what she does but also a warmth that would let you in at a moment's notice. No extensions on this girl, her heavily maintained hair falls halfway down her back like an angelic waterfall of chocolate.

Her clothing styles come and go like a whim on a breeze. It all depends on two things: Her mood at the time and if she's getting ready to show off her tricks.
She loves street fashion with the likes of modern fabric-based both sleeveless hoodies and sweaters with denim styled leggings giving her legs freedom of both movements and show off her hard work with her muscle toning sessions at the gym.

When not relaxing about the place and it's time to make people's mouth's open with oo's and aah's, Zelda always carries with her a signature performance bodysuit of sequins that divide into a chaotic triple line of colors along with black stocking styled leggings, regardless of what she wears her hair always falls flawlessly down her shoulder to her side.

Distinguishing Features: A small tattoo of a top hat and a rose wrapped around the trim can be found on her left wrist. A recent addition to the tattoo is a small frail hand with an IV drip holding the rim.

Personality Description: Self-driven, confident, passionate and a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, what's not to love? She despises any sort of doubt from either herself or from anyone she comes across for any reason, how do you truly know unless you try. She never truly gives up on anyone she gives a damn for and encourages them to no end, and doesn't stop until they see their labors paid off. A big supporter of the performing arts especially when young kids are the audience, to see their eyes light up with wonder, joy, and awe, it always gives her a warm feeling, for just a small moment in time the troubles of the world are gone and imagination is bursting forth in a vast array of rainbows. For that reason, she can be sometime's found performing in children's wards in hospitals trying to put on a happy face for the weak and desperate in need of hope.

Likes: The awe of the crowd whenever she performs moonlighting as a street performer or for private functions.
The non-believers trying to find fault in her tricks, it drives her and the smug knowledge of knowing that what she does is very real.
The thrill of the next dangerous trick to pull off (she's yet to perform the lion the witch and the wardrobe trick after last time.)
Discovering her family tree has become a recent fascination, she knew she is apart of a very old line of people, it helps take her performances on the road and find any truth to the stories she has heard over time.

Dislikes: Womanizer men, at least have the decency to ask her name and buy her a drink before giving her assets cheeky nicknames.
Getting told she can't do something before she has even tried, being told what she is doing will change nothing, doubt never served anyone but a lazy master.
Dissing her or her family and those she deems as family, finding distant family has become a bit of a side hobby for her, mocking anything about it can easily tick her off.

Any other information you would like to share: She is Archer Ashby's great great great niece, he just doesn't know it yet.

History: Ask her parents what she was like raising her as a baby into a toddler and you'll see pale faces before nervous smiles. You've never known fear until you put your baby down into their cot one second then go run them a bath to come back and they're on the other side of the room clapping and laughing, with no clear evidence of how the hell they got out in the first place. Growing up for Zelda was equally exciting and full of keeping on your toes moments for her family, as she seemed to be more and more capable of levitating cutlery and water beakers in the air just by laughing. The Colette family was no stranger to the supernatural as there were always stories of vampires and other creatures of the night in the family tree, some of the stories were so in detail in memoirs they had to be real, there was no other explanation. Zelda being recognized by a neighboring seer as a bonified magician when she was six years old simply added credence to the stories that the world wasn't as black and white as people thought it was. All this regardless came to a shock to her immediate family considering they were death speakers and realm wardens themselves.

Growing up into her teens Zelda quickly became known as the magical geek, absolutely fixated over anything deemed magician based, whether it was reading about the so-called 'fake' magic circle for the performer all-stars or learning from old text and dumb luck how to make such illusions real. She didn't care if she wasn't deemed popular by set social circles, she was happy doing her own thing with no regrets and by that regard alone she was already a cool kid. The only time her parents had to ground her for using her abilities was because she made a bully disappear for a full twenty-four hours before making them reappear again naked in front of the whole school with no recollection of what they saw. Even then, she had no regrets, sure she might have gone over the top but even by the time she was sixteen years old she was a true believer of going big or go home. She didn't even need to think about what she wanted to do for a living, her abilities, her confidence, her sense of quick wit and style gave her everything she needed to start her journey as a professional magician.

Starting small with kids birthday parties and talent shows, along with the occasional pervert establishing themselves as an 'agent to Hollywood' hoping to get in good with her talents. Every one of those agents ended getting either a punch to the jaw or a swift shin to the groin, Zelda learned to be independent to what she wanted in life only excepting help from those she trusted. One trip to the hospital changed her outlook on life, however. She promised a local reverend to perform for the local child cancer ward to which Zelda obliged at the drop of a hat. After her performance of tricks and illusions she was talking with a very young boy called Link, exclaiming how amazing she was and if what she did truly was real, besides her parents, Link was the only one in the world that knew that was so. She arrived the next day for Link, She arrived with so much energy and fire in her heart, and left with a face full of tears. Link's parents explained to her that he passed away that night, but his last thoughts were of Zelda's pretty face making the unreal, become real, 'like she was an angel to tell me that everything was ok'. Zelda left the hospital with a broken heart and a promise to Link's memory, to take her shows on the road and make everyone's face light up as she did for him in his twilight hours.

At nineteen years old Zelda had to fly back home after her father had a health scare that made her think about life differently more than she already did after her brief encounter with Link. After a long-winded talk, her mother showed her an old tapestry-like line of names, all of their names were attached that went back centuries. One name cropped up that made Zelda confused to no end, beside her great great great grandmother was a name Zelda was pretty sure she heard many a time over the years, Archer Ashby. The same Seer pointed her in the direction of New Orleans with a warning that not all is at it appears to be and there are troubled waters over the bayous. Zelda was no stranger to danger and if it meant finding a long lost relative it would be worth it with every step, besides. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.