Goldfang Hunters
Name: Goldfang Hunters
Nickname(s): Goldfangs, Dior & Yang Investigations
Affiliation: The Hunters (South Branch)
Occupation: Bounty Hunters & PI
Territory: New Orleans
Dinstinguishing Features: Members have at least one golden tooth.
Theme: "Better" by St. Pepsi


Nickname: Honey
Age: 30s
Faceclaim: Anok Yai
Dinstinguishing Features: Her top canines are gold. There is also an intricate tattoo on her back, covered in runes.


Shiloh has gaunt features and tired, golden eyes. Her skin is dark umber and her hair is an extravagant mess of curls. Sometimes, she ties her natural hair into a head wrap, but coils always escape. Although she isn’t very impressive in stature, her body courses with lean muscle. Her slight curves and tendency to drape large jackets over her shoulders - like a child would a blanket - make her very androgynous. She is not afraid to use her handsome looks to her advantage (or her partner's for that matter).


Hunter's Gift (Trickster) - Shiloh possesses illusion magic, which she can inflict so long as she can trigger a chosen sense. She can create illusions to mask or alter someone’s perspective of the world around them, and with the aid of props and atmosphere, simulate more compelling sensory effects. This allows her to confuse, intimidate and outwit others. These illusions can be broken by disrupting the trigger, immense pain, or Shiloh losing her control of the illusion.  She can use her illusion magic to disguise herself, although she will usually adorn herself in a way that complements the illusion she is making, so it is harder to break. Shiloh’s illusions cannot cause someone physical harm, only affect them psychologically. However, a manipulated brain may send sensory or even pain signals to the rest of the body based on perceived stimuli.

Hunter's Training (Researcher) - Shiloh has a fascination with venomous creatures, especially spiders, which she utilizes in her hunting. Using samples gathered from mundane and fantastical sources, Shiloh can create numerous types of potions, tonics, and poisons. Few are lethal, but many have psychedelic effects, relieve pain or induce a desired illness. She has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of supernatural creatures and is good at getting her hands on information she can exploit.

Hunter's Training (Rogue) - Although she is not very strong or durable (only 5' tall), Shiloh is an accomplished acrobatic. Not only is she flexible, but she uses her athleticism to scale architecture, sneak around, and remain otherwise unharmed in a fight. Practicing gymnastics is also very therapeutic to her, especially in high places.


(★) Physically, Shiloh weaker than other hunters. She has to rely on her magic and quick wits to win a fight. (★) While she's a brilliant strategist, she has an exploitable ego. When she starts loosing, she becomes careless, willing to make huge gambles to achieve victory. (★) Shiloh suffers from episodes of crippling depression where she is unable to leave the bed or take care of daily functions. Being with Yang has helped manage this.


Shiloh is a gloomy woman with a rich interior life. Although she keeps to herself, she is no way shy, flaunting her intelligence and opinions freely. Shiloh does not like being told what to do and has a scathing tongue and wit. Despite her cynical nature, Shiloh open-minded and easy-going. She loves a good story and is the sort of friend you can vent to for hours. Shiloh takes great pleasure in outsmarting others, her ego offten blinding her. When faced with defeat, it deeply compromises her self-worth. Vengeance is her greatest indulgence, and she will hold a grudge for a lifetime, even to her own detriment.

Likes: Sleep, sweets, and competative games.

Dislikes: Loosing, authority and eatting her vegitables.


Nickname: May to loved ones. Yang to everyone else.
Age: 30s
Faceclaim: Daniel Henney
Distinguishing Features: His lower canines are gold. His entire body is covered in various scars. If you ask, he'll tell you how he got them.


The sheer size of the man is enough to intimidate most folks, standing at 6'5" and clocking in at over 250 lbs of muscle. Despite his size, the guy always wears a warm, cheerful smile. Yang's hair and eyes are jet black, his hair straight and always styled in a slightly dorky way. His smile is as bright as the sun. While his body is in peak shape from a lifetime of fighting, he possesses an hourglass figure with long legs, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist. He puts on his glasses when he gets serious, even though he thinks they make him look goofy. They do.


Hunter's Gift (Herculean) - Yang was born with inhuman strength that was difficult to control for most of his life. His body is also as durable as it needs to be to withstand this strength. Larger blades might pierce his skin, but blunt weapons and fists rarely hurt him (at least if the assailant is human). He can go toe-to-toe with creatures much stronger than him, but that doesn't mean it won't hurt.

Hunter's Training (Warrior) - Yang has dedicated most of his life to martial arts in one form or another. His incredible strength, even as a child, meant he had to learn how to control and vent this power safely. His fighting style utilizes large sweeping motions and grappling. This best utilizes his size and strength so he can restrain others with the least amount of lethal force. He has a habit of just picking up rowdy people and putting them somewhere else.


(★) While he is capable of performing great physical feats, everyday tasks have become more difficult. Yang takes the knobs off doors if he’s not careful, break dishes, tools and even people by accident. It's especially difficult to control his strength when his emotions get the better of him. They often do. (★) Yang self-harms in the form of overexerting himself physically. Being with Shiloh has helped him work on finding more positive outlets for his anxiety.


Cheerful and warm like the sun, Yang is larger-than-life. In more ways than one. He aches to surround himself in friends and family. His craving for attention and affection makes him anxious. He often comes off as a ditsy and naive, though he plays it up to throw off others. For all his strength of character, Yang has no ability to control his tears, be they happy or sad. His temper escalates quickly and burns fast. He is more inclined to forgive others before he forgives himself. Yang preserves a sunny exterior for the sake of others and allows his anxiety to spiral into self-deprecation. He is willing to push himself past his limits, even to his own detriment.

Likes: Working out, baking and dancing the night away.

Dislikes: Feeling helpless and being underestimated.


For such different people, Shiloh and Yang led similar childhoods. Both were born poor and to single parents who struggled to make stable homes, despite their best efforts. Yang's mother worked double shifts and late nights to make ends meet. This made Yang responsible for maintaining a domestic home. This, coupled with his gentle nature made him the target of endless bullying. Shiloh's father was, well, a hunter. Which complicated her childhood, to say the least. Each became trouble makers in their own, special way. Yang began running with the wrong crowd and Shiloh withdrew from normal, teenage affairs to follow in her father's footsteps.

One day, their paths crossed. Yang was struggling to leave the gang that took advantage of his torrid youth and by extension, his incredible strength. Shiloh was a cocky huntress looking for her first big score. The gang was into some shady, occult business, and the two teamed up to take them down. The chemistry between them was instant. Even if they were as different as night and day. Yang begged Shiloh to train him to become a hunter. When she said yes, he never looked back. Neither did she.

It wasn't long before their passionate affair became a sudden (and drunken) elopement. Much to their family's bewilderment. Of course, the younger lovers never thought too much about the finer details. Rent. Bills. Taxes. They dumped everything they had into starting Dior & Yang Investigations. It was a paper-thin attempt to make living investigating (and hunting) monsters. But it worked. The Goldfang Hunters have since become an unstoppable force in New Orleans. Years later, they continue to prowl the city's supernatural underbelly. Their name is whispered among mortals and supernaturals alike, though some clients are more ignorant than others.