Harlan Noble

Name: Harlan Noble; the demon Naberius

Nickname: Harley is the standard go-to; he's ambivalent about it. Demons that know him dubbed him Nabs; he doesn't like it. Other demonkin know him as Wordsmith

Age:  35; actual age unknown. Counting years wasn't high on his priority list.

Abnormality: Demon, an Archdemon's favored dog


Unholy Strength The demon is physically stronger than the vessel it resides in. Weaker than an Archdemon but he can put up a hell of a fight against other supernatural beings. If he was forced to get into a physical altercation, that is, which he prefers to avoid.

Demonskin Hard-headed (in more ways than one) and thick-skinned, it takes a bit more effort to physically damage him internally or externally, especially by normal means. General magic is more effective and, naturally, holy items negate his defenses entirely.

Forgotten Talents Forgotten refers to the source of Harlan's favored ability. From a life that was erased during his punishment period in Hell, some core instincts still remained. They call him Wordsmith due to his ability to create powerful hallucinations by writing a word or short phrase and focusing it's meaning(s) against a target. In his humble opinion, breaking someone's mind and spirit leaves greater scars than conventional weaponry.

Harlan partially relies on this ability to hide his appearance though, for the time being, he keeps a few more dependable fae glamour charms at the ready.

Note: strong-willed types can resist, or at least won't be fooled by, the hallucinations.


Baby Steps Like a babe learning to walk, Harlan hasn't been human for so long that being in his newly acquired vessel has left him weakened and awkward while he attempts to get used to the world. He currently does not have consistent control of his abilities. Much to his frustration, they tend to come and go as they damn well please as if they gained minds of their own since leaving Hell.

Paranoia Only a fellow escapee would understand the levels of stress associated with being hunted. Not only is he a target for being a denizen of Hell, but there is an Archdemon that will be missing his right-hand demon if his presence hasn't already been noticed.

Damned While being a demon has it's perks, particularly for power-hungry folk, Harlan's goal is to work his way to a clean slate. Unfortunately for him, old habits die hard and old lives die even harder. There is a great deal of evil in him and the vicious compulsions to go along with it. Asserting control over his better self sounds easy in theory but he hasn't even gotten a solid hold on 'better' yet. Until he gets his feet on that foundation, every good day that gives him a wobbly step forward is going to be followed by a bad day that drags him a dozen steps back.

Affiliation: Independent

Theme song: Distrubia ; The Judge

Faceclaim: Norman Reedus

Physical Description (Glamour): On the whole, Harlan is an unremarkable man. He could easily be overlooked on a busy street. He's of average height, average build, and has average boring ol' brown hair that's just starting to get a few silver hairs mingling in; his beard has gone gray faster for reasons unknown. He's a bit pale but seems healthy regardless. He doesn't burn easily but he also doesn't tan easily either.

Despite all that, there is something about his charisma that bleeds over into his appearance that tends to get him a second glance more often than he appreciates. He has a long, wolfish face with wide-set, heavy-lidded cobalt eyes, thin lips and a ring of facial hair around his mouth. The windows to the soul give away that there is something extraordinary inside the man's shell.

Height 5 foot 10 inches
Weight 162 pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Blue

Physical Description (True View): Since becoming the vessel of a demon, Harlan has been twisted irreparably. Nothing about him appears like the healthy average man he pretends to be.

His body is covered in sinew and leathery, ashen skin. His middle is disturbingly hollowed and concave as if his organs have been either super compressed or scooped out entirely. His ribs visibly stand out against the skin stretched taut across them. Similarly, his hipbones jut out like narrow wings. They stand out even more thanks to the fact his limbs and back are still shaped by lean muscle.

His average boring ol' brown hair is actually long, lank, and completely white.

He unfortunately still has his thin curved horns jutting from the top of his head and curving backward. As well, his mouth is filled with sharp canine-esque teeth.

All his efforts to prepare the vessel weren't enough to conceal his demon traits. Oddly enough, the one thing consistent with his glamour is his cobalt eyes. Whether a pair of soulful eyes in a mutated hellspawn humanizes him or makes him all the more grotesque is debateable.

Personality Description: Harlan is a wily master of deception. He can't control his impulse to lie and manipulate others though he intends to change that. For the most part, he does come across as an amiable sort with some odd quirks. His speech patterns are varied. One moment he can speak quite eloquently, to the point he sounds like he's come from another time, and in the next spew out a chain of trendy sayings that usually don't make sense in context.

He is a quick thinker, an excessive thinker, which is a useful tool in creating a convincing lie. It is also the reason why he sometimes seems agitated or nervous. When he can relax, or at least feels comfortable enough to settle into his own skin, he can be quite cool and approachable. People often call him a good listener, as he can be patient and empathetic, or at least seems to be.
Likes & Dislikes

Likes animals; dogs in particular though cats seem to like him more, lord knows why.

Dislikes the righteous. This pertains to all species of righteousness. Humans tossing around their religious zealotry do amuse him but he still hates them.

Likes fresh air, the bayou, the swamps, and the ocean. He really just likes being outside and will almost always jump at an invitation to join any outdoor activities.

Dislikes the damned. It's all just the opposite side of the see-saw. His fellow demonkin can be just as irritating and single-minded as their righteous counterparts and he isn't a fan.

Likes his motorcycle; a vintage 1971 Triumph Bonneville 650 with a few customizations. That was one hell of a perk inherited from the vessel's life.

Dislikes his vessel's life. Ugh, the monotony humans put up with is a form of torture all by itself. A mechanic. A grunt. A grease-monkey. It isn't an improvement and isn't terribly stimulating to his overactive mind.


Before Harlan, there was Naberius. Before Naberius, there was nothing.

That is to say, nothing important. Surely the life that led him to Hell couldn't have been important or he would remember it. He barely even remembers his period of punishment and even that is little more than an empathic imprint of suffering. There's nothing in his memory of what he did to earn his punishment, only that he had earned it. If there was a family before there's nothing left of them now; not in his memory and not in his learned emotions. He has no concept of being anyone's son; of being a brother; of caring about anyone else at all.

Naberius believes his life began after punishment. He was made and set straight to work by the very demon charged with punishing him. As he recalls, he was a go-fer with baby horns and a damn good one at that. One didn't get by in Hell by jerking against the leash. You learned to run with the leash and snap only when it was beneficial to your handler. Being a demon taught him invaluable team skills while simultaneously teaching him how to use others to climb Hell's corporate ladder.

Had he been left to his own devices, he may have achieved Archdemon status long before the nagging feeling in his gut turned him down a different road. His original handler knew how to give him just enough room to taste a bit of freedom but never hesitated to jerk the chain and bring him to heel when necessary. It was the perfect balance of psychological training and physical brutality that not only kept Naberius loyal, but expanded his own natural talents for manipulation.

That paired with his unique magical skill to torment others with no more than a word or two drew attention from other Archdemons. They asked to borrow him on countless occasions. Both Naberius and his keeper knew the benefit of stretching his leash that much further. The other Archdemons could be spied upon at their own foolish requests. They fought for the right to utilize him, if only temporarily.

And such was life for a time. Archdemon and his pet were an immovable force. Naberius tested his master on occasion but did not feel the need for freedom until a time when his Archdemon inexplicably vanished. A vacuum of power was left behind that the other Archdemons warred all to get a slice of the pie. Naberius being amongst those slices.

He was not one to passively wait to see who won. He scouted his options, chose an Archdemon he believed was strong enough, arrogant enough, and ignorant enough to be his superior and then went on a hellish crusade to ensure the horse he bet on won. His efforts paid off... and got him an Archdemon that spent an insufferably long time gloating. Gloating, while irritating, had the benefit of keeping suspicion off the real victor.

It was in this Archdemon's personal employ that Naberius's increasing desire to be anywhere other than Hell clarified in his mind. Once the thought manifested, once it had a name, it was only a matter of time before a plan unfolded. He learned everything he could about possession. He experimented with the lesser demons that worked beneath him. A stealth hunt to find the (near) perfect vessel was carried out. Quickly thereafter, he worked hard to prepare the boy, then the man, over the years of his life without causing trauma or drawing attention from demons and fanatics alike.

After an arduous and meticulous quest to secure a gateway to freedom, an opportunity presented itself at an ideal moment. Naberius's master ordered him on a hunt for an evasive Nephilim. He was ordered to leave Hell!

Naberius, the Wordsmith, took that order literally. He left Hell and finally sought out his vessel. Thanks to years of planning and preparation, the transition was smooth and painless... for him.

Harlan, hollowed from a lifetime of possessions he believed were blackouts due to an unknown medical condition, still had enough spirit in his shell to be torn asunder by the invasion of a greater demon. It was a mercy that the torment of his soul was the only thing he suffered before he was snuffed out and replaced by Naberius. The physical changes his body went through would have driven anyone to madness.

Reborn as Harlan Noble, the demon Naberius quickly discovered that his seamless transition didn't prepare him for life in the human world.

Current Connections: Harlan (the human) previously met for a consultation with the Goldfang Hunters. He alerted them to his 'problem' but didn't agree with their diagnosis. They parted on bad terms a few days before Naberius arrived.

Future Connections: Shoot me a PM, I'm always up for brainstorming!