Zane Guidry
Name: Zane Guidry

Nickname: Lusa Zane (Black Zane); Friends she grew up with called her Lusa because of her hair and she adopted it into her professional persona.

Age:  28

Abnormality: Shaman


Bad Dreamer Nightmares come far easier to her and she has a talent for bringing the worst out in others. Meditative rituals she's learned from her father that would normally induce a dream state do a 180 flip whenever Zane performs them. While this hasn't earned her respect with her father's side of the family, she's made the most of the twisted talent by infiltrating other people's worst nightmares in order to aid them in fighting off some of their most crippling fears. On very rare occasions, just tapping into the dreams of others to trigger a nightmare state counts as a job well done. Some people deserve it...

Herbalist While not an expert in all things that grow, Zane's father did educate her about the materials they use in rituals. From wood to mushrooms to flowers to seeds, she knows how to grow them, where to find them in the wild, and what to, and not to, mix together.

Scrappy Zane is a little bit of something which has made her the target of bullies and general douchebaggery her whole life. The fact she capped off at 4'10" doesn't exactly instill fear and intimidation in others. To protect herself, and to give her a viable option to level the playing field, she took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has since earned a white-bar black belt (expert practitioner) in the art. This little lady's got a freakishly strong grip after years of practice so maybe think twice about offering a piggy-back ride.


Bad Dreamer vol. 2 Traipsing in and out of nightmares might be child's play in other people's heads but Zane hasn't quite mastered the darkness inside her own. She is still plagued by bad dreams, often reoccurring, and has a habit of micro napping instead of sleeping normally. It isn't great for her health or her temperament.

Inheritance There's a ton of shady business along the Guidry/Guidrarsson half of the family tree. While the last three generations are known as traditionalist shamans, stories beyond them include mistreatment of the art, worshipping dark gods, necromancy, and curses. It could just be superstitious crapmola, but maybe those nightmares aren't just a product of a restless mind.

Runt of the Litter To say having two older brothers makes her part of a litter might be a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless, those two goons both scrape the clouds around six and a half feet each while she's stuck chasing their ankles. Zane isn't just short. She barely weighs a thing. While she has gone through pains to compensate, it can still be fairly trivial to physically subdue her.

Affiliation: Ashby Household

Theme songs: C'mon / Krigsgaldr

Rachel Dashae

Physical Description: Zane is a unique balance between defined and ethereal. Her darker coloring is a contrast and a compliment to her delicate features. She has the high flat cheekbones of her mother's Choctaw genes, the pale green eyes from her father's Icelandic genes, and an amalgamation of Native American and Nordic traits. Her little bod is feminine and curvy but also sturdy and strong. Both parents insisted on her keeping her hair long and after one rebellious moment in her prepubescent years, she's let it grow with little more than trimming. Now the thick black locks hang down to her butt.

On the whole, Zane will wear whatever's comfortable and just stylish enough that she doesn't look like a slacker. She'll go through bouts of covering up head to toe and then confidently showing an excessive amount of skin. It all depends on her moods, or her needs, at the time.

She has a few tattoos scattered on her body at random. If any have a purpose beyond 'had the money so why not?', it isn't discernable at a glance. Maybe they have a story. Maybe she was just on a bender. However, the gauge piercings in her ears were absolutely a rebellious act against her own body.

Height 4 foot 10 inches
Weight 97 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Jade Green

Personality Description: Getting to know the real Zane is a near-impossible task. She is very evasive and is a chameleon when it comes to assessing what other people might want and then acting the part. She can be passive. She can be aggressive. She can be shy. She can be confident. She can be cooperative. She can be argumentative. The woman is so used to being what other people need at the moment that she keeps her true self contained in order to put on a convincing show.

Being manipulative wasn't her initial goal when she started adapting to other people's expectations. When she was younger and more emotionally vulnerable, it seemed safer to disguise who she was to avoid disappointing the people she cared about; a habitual mentality that she has come to realize was counterintuitive at best. Now, Zane is a bit more comfortable expressing herself though she still utilizes her ability to behave differently when necessary.

Zane does still project herself as a strong individual and while this is true, for the most part, she's still protecting the damaged, lonely, needy, little girl that's been caged and buried deep inside her. Not that one should even suggest she was any of those things to her face. She isn't above biting out of spite.

The most telling part of Zane's personality is the ongoing war against her own beauty and beauty in general. She knows that she is attractive to some people. She also knows what trouble attraction can cause. She hates the way people treat her because of how she looks. It disgusts her to be judged at a glance and doesn't take a compliment well, even when she's putting on an act. While flirtation tends to be off-putting for her, the majority of her disdain on the matter is aimed at herself. The tattoos, the piercings, an obligatory Emo phase, all of it was a rebellion against her own body; disfiguring herself 'artfully'.

Likes & Dislikes

Acting Once upon a time, Zane loved theatre and the arts in general. She did ballet for a while until the dreaded TuTu Incident of 1999 got her kicked out of class. Then she wedged her way into school plays. She watched every movie she was allowed and quite a few more she snuck into the cinemas for. What started off as a cry for attention became a fascination with the magical ability to be someone else just by tweaking one's behavior. She still loves a good movie and has a bad habit of critiquing performances, sometimes mid-show.

Bad Weather Sure, a sunny day at the beach might be some people's cup of tea, but Zane loves a good storm. The smell of fresh rain and the electrical charge of lightning in the air makes her feel better about life. Sometimes the only time she'll get a good rest is when there's a chorus of thunder to lull her to sleep. Not to mention, running around on soggy grass barefoot in the rain is one of life's greatest pleasures.

Pretty If Zane could somehow eradicate the existence of the slimy chill produced by an unwanted creep breathing in her ear about how 'pretty' she is, she would. Deep down, she doesn't hate the way she looks. She is who she is and she should be happy about that. On the surface is an unhealthy amount of loathing that batters those neutral feelings down. On the plus side, her soured rebukes tend to put people off just as badly as their come-ons put her off. It's a real lose-lose situation.

Prejudice Everyone's got 'em. Being a mixed heritage little girl meant she's had a target on her back since day one. Between stupid racism, being called a 'witch' because of her 'eccentric' father, and dealing with physical and mental abuse from bullies, Zane is quick to anger when she sees someone else being mistreated. It's a real trigger for her and it's rare she'll have the restraint to open a verbal argument against some of the worst offenders. Why talk when it's far more satisfying to jump 'em with a Calf Crusher?


Born and raised in Clifton, Louisiana, Zane's entire youth was an open overlap of so many cultures and beliefs she never knew which side of which line she was meant to stand on. Her mother was a lifelong resident of Clifton, a member of the Choctaw reservation and a loyal member of the baptist church. Her father was a tourist aiming to take the Great American Road Trip, wound up lost, and met his future wife over a heated argument about which route was the fastest one out of the bayou. Once she insisted on driving him back to Alexandria and LA-1, his fate was sealed.

The story of Mama Guidry running away from home and coming back married and pregnant was a tale Zane heard nearly every day. It was damn near a form of greeting among the locals for a while. She didn't know there was anything outside of being the center of gossip and malicious whispers for most of her life. Between the scandal of her parents' love affair and her father's unwillingness to fully acclimate, there was always something to be said about the Guidry brood.

Einar Guidrarsson, who changed his name to Guidry upon passing his citizenship test, had left his home in Iceland and a large extended family all to be with his wife. For all he did give up, he refused to abandon his Shamanistic faith. As Zane heard tell, he spent years raging against the baptist community. As hard as they tried to convert him, he fought twice as hard to refuse. As a result, he became the town pariah and her mother bore the brunt of judgment from their neighbors for as long as Zane remembers.

In such a small community, the actions of both parents trickled down onto their children. Lines were drawn in the sand right inside their own home. Zane's oldest brother, Denny, was a mama's boy through and through. Given that Zane was a daddy's girl, they were at odds from the moment she was old enough to voice her own opinions. Their rivalry put even more pressure on the middle child, Jon, who spent most of his youth as a referee between his siblings.

The sibling war was fueled by Einar's favoritism for Zane. It wasn't because she was his only daughter. In fact, he doted on his boys far more than he did his girl. The attention he paid her revolved solely around her innate connection to his shaman bloodline. The boys showed no such affinity so it became Zane's responsibility to take up the torch. She didn't get dolls to play with. She was instructed on crafting dolls for rituals. She wasn't allowed to take piano lessons because it ate into her training time. If not for her mother's insistence that she have some hobbies of her own, every second of her childhood would have been focused on one day going through the rites and becoming a full shaman.

To make things all the more outlandish for a young girl, when it came to light that there was something wrong with her dream walking rituals, her father took it upon himself to one-up the baptist church. He let everyone know that she could fix anyone's bad dreams. He had the stones to declare that his daughter had a true talent their god did not.

This combined with her father's reputation didn't make Zane the most popular kid in school, to say the least. She was teased and bullied often. When she refused to let them rile her, fights started instead. She was held back a year and suspended twice in grade school despite her decent grades. High School, when she began her martial arts classes in Freshman year, was all-out war; first against the bullies, and then against her own precarious position. She was forced to spend a considerable amount of extra work to avoid being expelled.

By graduation, Zane was ready to be done with Clifton, her family, and the whole damned farce of a childhood. The diploma she had earned was tossed onto the passenger side of her beat-up old Jeep and kept her company all the way to New Orleans.

Initially, one of her biggest goals was to stop being known as the miracle child of that back swamp town. The inevitable need to earn the dollars for food and shelter wound up putting that desire on a back shelf. Working part-time cashier at the grocer's didn't pay the bills. Advertising to the otherworldly loving city that she could make all their bad dreams go away did. She took up the persona of Lusa Zane, Dream Healer.

In less than a year, she had enough savings to either buy a car or pay for college courses. Considering the excess cost of insurance and the fact her craptastic Wrangler still functioned, she opted for college. She wasn't much different from most normals when applying. There wasn't a real end goal, she took classes that seemed interesting like Philosophy & Ethics along with the beginnings of a Criminal Justice course and History.

Needless to say, the money ran out faster than she found any direction in her life. The initial novelty of Lusa Zane dwindled. Only three people that wanted to believe in her abilities, possibly to an unhealthy degree, stayed on as regular customers. To further complicate matters, her father found her in the city. Rather than scold her for running away, he got on her case about using their (his) beliefs to make money and for lapsing on her practice.

Between financial struggles, studying for her scattered interests, and her father running her through the gauntlet every single day, Zane couldn't breathe. She was on the verge of breaking when chance put her into Archer Ashby's orbit and the haven of his household - Oscar, Edward, and Emberlyn - opened a doorway for her to escape.

For reasons Zane, to this day, did not understand, she was welcomed into a whole different family. These were not people that hated one another. They did not argue with every other breath. They weren't perfect but, to her, they were the antitoxin she didn't realize she needed.

Under Archer's roof, Zane learned to approach her gift in a healthier mindset. She wasn't forced to use it to prove a point and she wasn't forced to exploit it just to live. To say she came to appreciate it while in the house wouldn't be entirely accurate though she did come near enough to live a bit easier in her own skin.

It was the beginnings of the bridge that would get her away from her tangled up life so she could start fresh under the care of the Ashby collective. Zane needed the change, desperately. That did not mean her transition into a mismatched family setting was easy. For months she felt at times that she was in an elaborate dream, a soap bubble ready to burst the second she got too comfortable or dared to feel content.

True acceptance was not something that she had ever experienced so she did not trust it. As such, to defend herself against what she felt was an inevitable temporary situation, Zane was careful in her interactions with the other members of the household. She acted. She behaved the way she thought they preferred to keep everyone happy. That way they wouldn't have reason to throw her out of their strange haven. It was jarring living 'on' all the time; impossible even. There were times when she was caught out saying or doing something that seemed out of character but she was usually quick with an excuse. Zane worked herself so hard to act as if she was happy there, with the notion that anything less would be an insult to the man that watched over them, that she wound up growing resentful.

With those self-imposed stresses breaking down her armor, Zane had a falling out with the household. An incident during a momentary lapse in judgment and good intentions fractured her fragile foundation. As tight-knit as the Ashby Household was, she believed her mistake would ostracize her. Naturally, she assumed the worst as it was no less than what she deserved and got the jump on the fallout by leaving. She chose to run before she could be thrown out.

Now, four years since abandoning her family, Zane has returned to New Orleans with her sights on her former home.