Justus Veridian
Name: Justus Veridian

Nickname: Jay

Age: Veridian appears to be in his late 20s, but nothing in the supernatural world is as it appears, is it?

Supernatural Abnormality: Unknown

Theme song: Roses

Faceclaim: Eddie Redmayne

Appearance:  Justus is not a supermodel, by any means, but to some he is attractive.  He stands at even 6 feet. His build reveals that he cares about his appearance, with a lithe body akin to a swimmer or runner.  The way he dresses often complements it, and while he doesn't necessarily 'dress to impress', he makes sure he is put together.

His lightly tanned skin reveals that he enjoyed spending time outdoors, and the warmth makes his freckles stand out - the imperfections dust his sharp cheekbones and the bridge of his nose. His lips are thicker and straight; white teeth compliment a charming smile.  He does wear thick, dark-rimmed glasses. The spectacles frame his gray-green eyes, the color changes based on what he is wearing, sometimes appearing more gray while other times an ethereal green.

His dark brown hair has natural blonde highlights and tips that most people pay good money for.  Often his locks are styled messily, but they fall across his forehead and cast shadows over his eyes when left alone.

Personality: His demeanor definitely doesn't match his appearance.  When people see Justus, they imagine a confident, knowledgeable person, someone with an Ivy League degree. While the latter is true, he lacks in the confidence department.

The young man often sinks into his chair and tries his best not to be noticed. He prefers to be a spectator rather than joining in the activities. When he does speak, it is usually awkward and filled with stutters.  He has a hard time looking people in the eye and avoids contact by letting his gaze wander.

He can be friendly, but it takes other people to make the initiative. When he smiles and laughs, it reveals a more laid back person resting beneath the surface, but that someone is held at bay by insecurities and second-guessing.