Johnny Lovato
Name: Johnny Lovato
Nickname: Johnny, technically. Legal name's Jonatán.
Age:  Mid 30s, early 40s.
Supernatural Abnormality: Lycanthropy

● Regenerative: Wolf has regenerative properties. You need special equipment to keep it down permanently.
● Hunter: Wolf has killer instincts. A natural hunter; stalking, tracking, and unfairly good at sneaking given its lethality.
● Apex predator: Strong. When the moon's at its height, horrifically so. Wolf's tanky and can take a beating. Wolf's smarter than the average animal. Very, very good at biting and really enjoys it.

● Silver.
● Pure iron.
● Wolfsbane.
● Fire.
● Lacks control/full faculties.

Theme song: (Optional)
Faceclaim: Javier Bardem
Physical Description: Johnny's usually more or less well-kept. Always ready to go somewhere to act professionally. Chronically put together, if not a little cheap and/or sleazy looking. You know, the kind of guy who came into money and spent it all on too strong cologne and dress shirts that show off his chest hair. Right now, he's rolled into town looking like he's nursing a week-long hangover.

His dark hair is pushed haphazardly back, sans gel. He's growing a whisper of a mustache (not on purpose.) His eyes are dark brown. They look nearly black with how his eyes are hooded. He has a neat, easy smile that doesn't quite reach them. He's about 5'10", with an average build. Like an office worker who tries to make time for cardio a couple times a week.

Distinguishing Features: None that jump out, usually. Cops might cite a scar on his hand. Right now he has two black eyes and gauze over his nose though. That's pretty distinguished.

Personality Description: Johnny is a shifty little shyster that has something bad to say about everyone. But he's enough of a social climber that he probably, usually, won't. Unless the person deserves it. Or what he's thinking is just really funny (to him.) People who are perceptive, or unfortunately well-versed with his brand of interactions, have described him as "superficially charming," a "shameless flatterer," and "a mouthy smart ass." With reviews like that, it's a wonder he doesn't run for office. He always has something smart to say.

The illusion of charisma, quick humour, and ability to schmooze is the only reason he's made anything of himself. Certainly wasn't the intelligence or self-control that did it. There's something almost comical about his general bearing. Offset by something also kind of dark and smarmy. Not unlike a disgraced door-to-door vacuum salesman who's trying to ply your grandma to buy this outdated Hoover, while there's a body in his trunk outside.

What are some of your characters likes and dislikes? Likes: drinking and the beach. And drinking on the beach. Dislikes: polyester, bad drivers, and being a werewolf. Life isn't fair sometimes.
Any other information you would like to share: He's very bad at being married and is on his fourth divorce. His condition is of the curse variety. It's linked to emotional volatility and moon phases. It's not fun. The affliction seems to have a mind and violent impulses of its own. Johnny is new to all this and pretty freaked out. He's not good at controlling it.

History: Johnny grew up pretty rough. Most of his childhood memories revolve around him, and those around him, getting their asses beat. Or screamed at. Mother was manic depressive. Old man was bad tempered, drank too much, and a certifiable P-O-S all around. Johny's older brother OD'd. This was when he was about 15. He dropped out of school soon after to run the streets. Slept out there sometimes. Got in a lot of fights. Did time in juvie for disorderly conduct and assault. He was getting a pretty decent rap sheet up until he smartened up - not that he turned the other cheek or something. He just got smarter at avoiding cops and learned pretty quick what kind of evidence was executable.

The older guys took him under their wing, and he managed to worm his way up the ranks fast. Shallow charm and a capacity for violence (he never knew anything else) can take you places. Around this time he coaxed May Yang into cahoots. He would describe May as a friend. Ironically, acted as a guide and protector even though the guy was like almost seven feet tall. All that was up until May, as Johnny would generously describe it, stabbed their associates in the back like some kind of narc. Less like a phoenix rising from the ashes of betrayal, and more like a really stubborn weed ruining the sidewalk, Johnny bounced back without real long-lasting consequences. As time went on, he adapted to whatever was profitable and wouldn't get him busted. By the time feds were wise to black market dealings and cracked down on his less slippery partners, he'd moved onto oil scams, credit card defrauding, among other things. Needless to say, he has a great reputation.

At this point, it would be nice to say he started to turn things around. Had a wake up call. Alas, that isn't the case. Johnny seems to be one of those partially lucky, partially sly, crooks that nothing ever sticks to. As he got older, his place became more bossing people around, supervising financials, and making sure nothing blew up in any of their shady business dealings (again, a lot of credit card fraud. The internet is the land of milk and honey, far as that goes.)

Karma decided to kick in pretty recently. Better late than never. While his associates were more privy to it, Johnny regarded a lot of the occult stuff he heard about as stupid superstition. He didn't think much about it since May split off. Up until Johnny saw some guy turn into a big wolf. Or a big wolf into a guy? Admittedly his recollection is pretty hazy, due to the general debauchery that precluded the event. Apparently, something about that exchange was transferable.

That was manageable. Kind of. To be honest, the first two weeks were really distracting. And as more time went on, it just got worse and worse. Johnny got sloppy. It's really hard to focus on work when you're worried about turning into a big, hungry wolf in the middle of the office. Some evenings he felt completely amnesiac. Again, you try to focus on a paper trail when you wake up in a muddy bedroom and might've eaten your neighbour's cat. Suffice to say, cops and federal agents finally got something they could prosecute. Johnny accidentally thwarted arrest by - in an unprecedented maneuver - turning into a big wolf and eating a lot of cops. Not his proudest moment.

Currently, he's scared shitless and on the run. He knows from his contacts that Yang went off to New Orleans, and it's ideally a place he can get more information. Namely about how to break the curse. He doesn't really want to make a habit of eating people. He's probably considered armed and dangerous by FBI's most wanted, but he's been trying to avoid the news.