Megan Collins
Name: Megan Collins
Age: 23

Abnormality: Lycan, infected at age 18
Supernatural Abilities:
Regeneration, Hunter’s Instincts, Supernatural Speed (even for a Supernatural).
Weakness:  Silver weapons, wolfsbane, She's much smaller in size than normal Werewolves in wolf form (also physically weaker). Still lacks much of her control when the full moon is out, has migraines and blackouts at those times. Megan also likes to do recreational drugs. She can go without, without suffering withdrawals but when she can afford it she’s often looking for her next joint.

Faceclaim: Alla Bruletova

Physical Description: Megan is an attractive young woman with a curvy yet athletic build. She has long blonde hair and light sparkling blue eyes. She stands at about 5’ 7” and she likes to keep up her appearance, when she can, as her life doesn’t always afford her the amenities or opportunities. Currently she’s been traveling and living on the street, so while she does her best to keep up her appearance she has limited resources.

Personality Description: Megan had a rather normal childhood, though she was at times very rebellious. She’s always had a quiet confidence about her though she’s also always been a reserved person, even a bit of an introvert at times. She’s not a very trusting person, though she is lonely and has been for some time. She has been accused of being bi-polar at times, due to extreme emotional reactions, but she’s just a very emotional person at times. She’s simply looking for acceptance these days and a place to belong.

What are some of your characters likes and dislikes? Having been born in Miami it’s no wonder Megan has a love of the water, having grown up a bit of a beach bum. She loves swimming and has even dabble din scuba diving and snorkeling in her youth. But her first love is and has always truly been music. She’s a natural talent and can play several musical instruments. She’s also an excellent singer and can hit a large range of musical notes. She loves booze, and has been known to overindulge, when she can afford it, of course.

How would you like to see your character grow? Megan is looking for a place to belong, a home and quite possibly a family to feel safe around and with (though being as distrustful as she is, it would require time for that feeling to acceptance to sink in.

History: Megan was born and raised in a middleclass family in Miami. Her younger years were as happy as most but the family came into trouble as she entered her teen years, at which point she rebelled. Her relationship with her parents suffered as the they separated and broke the family apart. Still, she did her best and while her grades certainly suffered, she managed to graduate. Already being a talented musician thanks to a natural aptitude for it she applied to U of Miami hoping to get into their musical program, but she was refused the financial aid. She left home then, blaming her parents and she fell in with a rough crowd, living on the streets. She did work as a busker, making enough money to eat and clothe herself but it wasn’t an easy life.

Then she met Marcus. Marcus was a charming older man of means and soon they developed a relationship. Unbeknownst to her he was a werewolf and finally one night he bit her and infected her... Marcus tried to control her afterwards as he did several others, but Megan was more than he could handle. Her anger and frustration at being used and then being put through the pain and suffering of transformation was intense and after transforming one night she attacked and killed Marcus. When Marcus’s other thralls found out they hunted her until she had to flee Miami, fearing for her life.

She traveled for a few years, never staying in one place too long and always looking over her shoulder until she finally made her way to New Orleans, where she settled for now. She’s currently living on the streets, but she can make enough money busking to feed herself and occasionally spend a night at a nice hotel where she can get cleaned up and get a good night sleep. She’s heard stories of a man bringing supernatural’s together for safety. She doubts the rumours are true, but for the time being she hasn’t found a better option.