Sarilina Erisadel'kor
History: Sarilina was born to the Matron Mother of the first house and as such she was born into wealth, privilege and power. But things were not as easy as they were for her sisters. From the day she was born, it was obvious her father had not been just another drow male who's look her mother had fancied. Her father had been some denizen of the abyss, most likely an Incubus, judging by the bat-like wings the child was born with. This set her apart from her sisters, and she quickly found that while her demonic nature gave her several advantages, her sisters were often plotting against her. Despite this she managed to endure and even thrive, often sticking close to her mother, who seemed to treat her as she would any other of her daughters, perhaps even favoring her slightly.

Things changed when it was time for Sarilina to join the academy, to become a priestess of Lolth and be a vessel for the dark mother's will. Her own mother brought her to the academy, and stood with her as the leaders of the school passed judgement, telling her in no uncertain terms, that she would not be trained. The term 'half-breed' was tossed around, and when they left, Sarilina was devastated and her mother was livid. The matron mother of the first house is not often denied anything, and this was something that she had seemed to care a great deal about.

It wasn't long after that when Sarilina seemed to disappear from the public eye. She'd been a fairly common sight in the upper class who's who of the city. But all of a sudden, she was never there anymore, and rumors began to surface that her own mother had killed her after she failed to secure a spot at the academy. Of course those within her own house knew this to be false, they were aware that Sarilina was alive and taking orders from her mother, going into the underdark with their caravans and hunting parties and learning from them as she did so.

It's only recently that she's returned to the public eye, at least somewhat. Now a fully grown young woman, and the veteran of several battles in the caverns of the underdark, her mother has decided to keep her near home, and frequently uses her as nothing more than a trusted messenger, something Sarilina endures with a stoic disgruntlement, knowing full well that there's no point in trying to deny the wishes of her mother.

Appearance: It's said that all the children of the 'Hag Queen' are beautiful, and certainly in the case of Sarilina there seems to be something to that. While her beauty might come more from her demonic father than her rather unfortunate looking mother, there's a general consensus that she is a lovely young drow female, with a heart shaped face, long silvery white hair, a slender athletic build and pleasant curves in all the appropiate places. Of course anyone who looks at her will immediately also recognize her supernatural ancestry. The two great leathery bat-like wings on her back are easily visible. Also unusual are her eyes, which are blood red like many drow eyes, but hers have strange black lines in them, almost like cracks of darkness in the red marbles of her irises.
When it comes to gear, she nearly always wears her form-fitting leather armor which is enchanted to add additional protection and suits her well. She also has a small collection of magical items and trinkets beyond her armor. The two most important of which were both made by her mother. One is her favorite weapon and her most prized possession, the other she considers little more than a cursed item and longs to be rid of.

The weapon is her longbow, carved from the bones of a dragon and enchanted by her mother, it tends to hang from a special clip on her right hip, as she's unable to carry it on her back as most would do. The weapon requires considerable strength to be fired and if Sarilina wasn't part demon she doubts she would have been able to draw the string at all. The weapon also requires no ammunition, as it brings forth flaming arrows whenever the string is drawn. It's undoubtedly a work of art and she takes excellent care of it.

The second magical item bestowed by her mother, is the choker around her neck. Something she's had for as long as she remembers, possibly from the day she was born for all she knows. It's forged from silver in a slender spiderweb motive around her neck, coming together around a brightly glowing ruby which sits on her throat. The thing seems to be enchanted to grow with her, for if it hadn't it certainly would have killed her long before now. While it doesn't truly cut off her air, it presses against her throat permanently and makes her feel uncomfortable. Added to this is the endless frustration that her mother won't tell her what it's for, or what it does. She's gone as far as trying to tear the thing off with all her considerable supernatural strength, but to no avail. She longs to be rid of it and despite her mother's wishes, fully intends to destroy it when she can.