Jusron Celi'nomir
Jusron is usually a very calm person with few words spoken on a daily basis. When she speaks it often can sound cryptic in the way she uses words. For those who try to find out more about her will soon reach a wall of silence. Some people would describe her enigmatic with a very strong aura where her silent behavior often adds to this perception. Either few is truly known about her or people keep their knowledge to themselves. There are a hand full or rumors about her circling through the ranks of course:

- She is not the oldest daughter of the matron but not the youngest either.
- She killed a male who tried to approach her to court her
- She keeps a closer 'relationship' with a mage of another house
- She is not getting along well with her matron mother
- Her father was killed on command of her matron mother
- She is no priestess of Lloth
- Similar marks like on her hands cover her whole body but her face
- The marks were burned into her flesh as a punishment
- The marks were cut into her flesh during a ritual
- The marks are self-inflicted to get more attention
- She is no Drow
- She has been poisoned by Lloth during a prayer which turned her eyes black
- She prefers women
- She prefers men
- She has no preference
- She hates slaves
- She is tormented by nightmares
- She is able to visit other people in their dreams

Which of those rumors are wrong and which are true or hold a grain of truth, hard to tell.