Name: Miriam Black

Alias: Imperfection

High Concept: Augmented Rogue Hacker

Trouble: Nice Men in White are Looking for Me

Powers and Skills
  • Cyberpathy (Machine Control), Hacking
  • Augmented Physique

Other Aspect (Pending):
  • Mistress of the Online World


Bored Rich Girl with Daddy Issues: Miriam spent her formative teenage years starved of attention from her corporate shill of a father.  She seemed to unlock the secret though: the only attention she would get would be the “that’s nice honey” and pat on the head when she spent his money on cosmetic cybernetics and augmentation; but there are diminishing returns on that.  Also, sorry honey but Daddy is far too busy with business so here’s my credit card and you just go nuts with it…

Legal Status

“…Subject is unlawfully at large in violation of a form 54a committal order remanding her into the care of the Psychiatric Institute for Augmentation Disorders until such time as treating physicians deem her no longer a threat to herself…”

The institute was boring… I left.  I bet Daddy’s mad now…